The Edge 95.9 Hits Iligan City


The Edge 95.9 Iligan City


The City of Majestic Waterfalls, Iligan City, in Southern Philippines has a new FM radio station. The Edge 95.9 uses the slogan “Your iPod Radio, The Sound of Today and Tomorrow, On Top Of Everything”. The Edge is the sixth FM radio station in the city.

FM Stations in Iligan City:

  • 90.1 WOW – RGMA
  • 95.9 The Edge
  • 102.3 I FM – Radio Mindanao Network (RMN)
  • 103.1 Wild FM – UM Broadcasting Network
  • 105.5 Yes FM – Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC)
  • 107.1 Love Radio – Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC)

Listen now at

94 thoughts on “The Edge 95.9 Hits Iligan City

  1. good evening The Edge 95.9
    naa unta ko ask og pa help sad about panawagan about sa gamit nga nawala.
    unsaon? kai taga ozamis paman ko gud. thank you by the way.
    god bless and more power :)

  2. reques song: changes in my life and always be my baby by david cook
    thankz..and at last, nakita ko na rin site nyo.. :)

  3. hellow 1 good noon sa inyo? may i aply as one of dj in your station1 im leoven and im the best anchor for dspc 2012. thank you and god bless

  4. finally found a radio station were i came from:)) great lovely music away from home…

    from Essex, England

  5. ” if you go, i go, if you stay, i stay if you cry i try to put some smile on your face” what is the title of this song??? can any one tell me??

  6. pwede nlang palagi yung DJ na pang hapon??? wag na mag salita pls lng… love ur choice of musics, but opposite the DJ… bisaya bya ning iligan dba?? unsa nag-assume mo na dghan foreigner naminaw?? come on…. hope this comment will enlighten u….

  7. this radio station is a joke..!! the DJ’s are very trying hard,,, why not speak in bisaya if ur struggling to speak in english .. ..????????

  8. this radio station suck..!! the DJ’s are very trying hard,,, why not speak in bisaya if ur struggling to speak in english .. WTF..??

  9. Namasin lang ko, kong kinsa man tong nakaila kay kent ian gansan ang iyang amahan si isaias gansan diha sa kauswagan lanao del norte…unta magkaestorya ta ken, si ate gina nimo ni imong igsoon sa inahan,unta naremember pa ko nimo..sobra 10 years na ta wala nagkitagagmay pa mo adtong una…..palihog lng mao ni akong email ad: Salamat

  10. Good morning!!! Yesterday, the Buligan Family in Sta. Filomena worked with PAWAG (Philippine American Women’s Association of Georgia) to package, deliver and hand out over 700 food packages and much needed items to people in need in Purok Ilang-Ilang and the relocation center at Sta. Filomena High School. Coordinating the effort was Brgy Treasurer Cecilia Buligan Santos, Former Brgy Kagawad Antonio “Tony” Buligan, SK Kagawad Krinx Buligan, and other members of their family.

    I would like to thank all of them for their efforts as it was a success and much appreciated.

  11. im always listening to this fantastic fm radio.bro.michelle u know ur very captivating of all the dj’s u can always relate to ur listeners…keep up the good works guysssss…..

  12. Kapag Nabundol mo ang isang police na nakamotor kahit walang nangyari sa kanya physically at kahit sa motor nya…kylangan ba sabihin ng nabangga mo “POLICE aq! akin na license mo at rehistro ng car mo at lahat ng interview, lahat ng mura sinasabi nya sayo kahit nanghingi kana ng paumanhin para ok na ang lahat pero hindi parin xa umawat with all the mura at galit binato nya sa hubby q…(kasi nagmamadali lang malate na ang mga anak q sa school), pero lakas luob parin nya sinasabi na POLICE sya, mybe it’s God will narin hindi namin nakuha name at address nya” The questions: 1. Ganyan ba talaga ang mga POLICE sa ILIGAN CITY?.. 2. Kaylangan ba takutin ang mga sibilyan katulad sa ganyang pangyayari?… 3. Ganyan ba talaga ang reputasyon ng isang POLICE…? 4. Is he a Police man?…
    MGA SIR! gumising naman kayo huwag nyong ipagmamalaki na police kayo at gaganyanin nyo na ang mag tao sa Iligan City! Kung ganyan kayo VERY LOW RATE KAYO SA AMIN!

  13. This is the best radio station in Iligan City they have a live stream where you can hear them online too. I’m always listening this radio station for 24hrs. This is great. All your musics are amazing and new especially the acoustic songs. Keep up the good work EDGE!!!

    • for me may iba pang the best na radio station,kasi ang edge fm masyadong ma o.a mag english,sometimes pa wrong grammar…

  14. edge fm.. the newest FM radio in Iligan City but mostly dj’s are not good it sound “badoy” on air. I don’t know what’s the standard qualifications of dj’s they are looking.. the dj’s needs alot of practice. they ran out of comments and english words. It’s not what Ive expected to listen a Class A radio station just like Killer Bee stations, Y101 cebu, & Monster radio. I always go for live streaming of fm stations in cebu or manila than listening to your radio station. sori tnx

  15. Nice choice of music. Awesome. Cool.
    But the DJs… ahhh… uhmmm… hmmm… nevermind. Not all though, almost all.

  16. hey you rock us here goldilocks iligan….. were following ur station everyday…. love all the music, listening until dawn……… from Goldilocks Family iligan..plz gr8 us… tnx

  17. awesome.we can understand your station.not only manny pacquiao can give enterntainment even your fm station.i bet you are popular at your country

    rain here from nevada

  18. hi,

    we posted something at the other page commenting about zayda macarambon..does she existed? it seems like she’s just a dummy..i bet from other station who claimed a lot of awards BUT recently they’ve been following edge’s true edge you maybe small but you hit them harder than they expected..okey lang yan kasi 4 months pa lang kayo but you already made a milestone in radio.paano na lang kung mag one year kayo? sila nga matagal na pero some of your jocks has a share why they were number 1 but next year i bet you guys can make history.lahat kami na mga listeners nyo promise di kami magbabago.

    • ooppsy live update. . . you ain’t gonna change you say?! lmao, they’re changing song genres now. . . i guess changes are needed to keep it breathing, aw hahaha no harm meant just comment with a twist just like the sudden twist in music… =)

  19. i love ur COUsTIC FEVER every night… all songs u play at night are so heart stoping.. from oldies to goodies and to besties XD…
    GoD Bless..

  20. you surely hit me! the musics that you are playing are extravagant..
    it is good! hope you will keep it up and GOD BLESS.. :) mwapz..

  21. you surely hit me! the musics that you are playing is extravagant..
    it is good! hope you will keep it up and GOD BLESS.. :)

  22. during sunday,kasagara ipa sounds sa other station ky grbe ka karaan…but sa inyo,karaan man galing xa pero,mka relate pod ko…..god bless you…

  23. talk show please on weekend para maiba nman.meron nga talk show sa ibang station wla nmang “K” as in karapatan.go na talk show for a change.

  24. whoa! i love your format,it makes me wiggle and your alternative slot.keep up the good work.all praises for you guys and bro’ michelle too.congrats

  25. we are happy to hear from you guys here in iligan city.i must say iliganons are making names on radio,dancing and singing.whoever the brains behind edge fm we salute you.i can’t express my words so loud,one thing for sure we love you.your studio is very hi tech and your location is “sosyal”.

  26. now the competition you ( edge fm ) made them sweat,hahahahaha was that your id? ” to make the competition sweat? “,happy to know edge fm is here in iligan.congrats to all the people behind it.bro i am intrigue about you with all the praises i read.wish you all the best and the rest of the edge fm jocks.

    P.S. when will you host another talk show? i heard it last friday but you said on air you were just testing the terminal box or started the talk show before on bay radio then wild fm,why not try it on edge fm we are your followers coz we can learn so many things from your words.

  27. hi edge…u guys rock..keep up the good michelle i love your cutting edge program..different from other station.dont forget to greet us your avid listeners from msu-iit and imcc students.

  28. Well Finally, They put an English Fm Station in Iligan, If you could see the list there like what you wrote the FM Stations in Iligan like 90.1 Wow Fm, I Fm 102.3, 103.1 Wild Fm, Yes Fm 105.5 and 107.1 Love Radio, Their Format is all Pang-Masa Radio Stations, Good thing they put an English Fm Station in Iligan so we won’t have the oversaturated format of Pang-Masa Fm Radio Stations in the Philippines that we have now

    • hey, thanks for the info. im not really familiar of the radio history there, but as far as my memory serves, Bay Radio, Rocky 98.3 were high end stations there before right? When they went off the air, do you get signals from CHR stations in Cagayan de Oro, which stations did you listen?

  29. hi peeps! we stayed here for almost 2 years,with that span of time i don’t listen to fm stations until such time edge 95.9 fm existed..thanks it’s no more boring days for me and my family..thank GOD ,you don’t play korean songs or the like..keep up the good work.i’m your avid fan,count me in

    • Korean songs? Really? wow, I thought the Sandara Park days are over. Iligan City really needed a breath of fresh air then. wow, 5 masa stations in one market, thats so saturated.

  30. hi! i heard it first from my friend about this radio station ” edge 95.9 fm “.it’s not rocky 98.3 , that radio was way too noisy and mono..this is more on bay radio 95.1,FYI brother michelle was their program director that time,they excelled from the market.for the second time around brother michelle pulled it off again..according to my friend tito from wild fm cdo, brother michelle was a very big help of wild fm iligan,for how many years wild fm didn’t make it no.1,when bro michelle was hired,they became no.1 .all the positive vibes for brother michelle and edge 95.9 fm, soon to be dominating the airwaves in iligan..i’m also a jock from other station and bro’ is my idol ever since..NOW, my favorite station is edge 95.9 fm MY iPOD RADIO.- shadow

      • yeah!ur right!but there are times nagiging oa ang dj nila na ang kanyang totoong pangalan ay darryl patlunag..pero may tanong aku pwede ba mag dj ang may anak????kasi sa pagkaka alam parang di pwede..seguro malakas appeal kaya malakas kapit nya sa boss nya lol….pwede palitan ang dj kasi masyadong wrong grammar mag english eh!boring talaga!

    • if bro michelle is your idol then no wonder her jocks are also like that. you have to be a good teacher to have good students. and if this standard goes on then iligan city will always get half baked jocks.

      in my time, we only play music and are allowed to use the mic when the pd is satisfied with our training. start by writing down your adlibs and always always remember to ” TALK WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY AND NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING”

      they will be dominating the airwaves alright because they ll be in the air just floating around with nobody listening to them.

      you can only claim to be number 1 when you can beat DXIC and thats even an AM station.

  31. hi, this is my first time i appreciate radio station here in iligan city..beautiful concept.fresh michelle is genius, she knows how to catch the feelings of iliganon.good thing you transfered to a new station..i admire you. your jock logan is also doing great on air.i love the concept of your studio.keep it up..

  32. I tell you, The Edge 95.9 rocks! Not just because they have the latest hits, but they also have the coolest DJ’s in town! They all have it guys! From classic to rock! Whatever song you request, voila! They can play it.. Now, I realize I’m very lucky to be an Iliganon.. :D

  33. This is the best “Radio” station here in Iligan City, the music are fresh! two thumbs up for this station:)

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