Queen of Pinoy TV-Radio Commercial Jingles

This is probably the cutest TV commercial produced this year. The concept itself, the production, everything about the commercial pulled it off. But what really catches the attention of many is the rendition of the Apo Hiking Society classic “Ewan” which was sung in different dialects.

And one of the voices behind this TV commercial’s jingle is no less than seasoned jingle singer and composer Jeraldine Buena. The name Jeraldine Buena may not ring a bell, but in the TV ad industry, Jeraldine is the queen of TV and radio ad jingles. She has sung numerous TV and radio commercial jingles for years now and collaborated with the country’s top production houses, biggest brands and recording superstars like Sarah Geronimo. And in the EQ Diaper commercial, Jeraldine Buena sung the chavacano part which went “quierre o, quierre o, hende este broma..”

Jeraldine Buena or Jingle Buena is also the owner of VoiceWagonServices.com – an international vocals and voiceover company. Jeraldine has provided station jingle vocals for US stations like Surge 92.1 and have also sung jingles for a popular British radio show – The Love Show With Bernie Simmons. Jingle Buena is also taking on the world of voiceover imaging both for TV and radio. Just recently, she voiced the catchphrase of the Sharp TV ad which went “iyoto!”.

Aside from the Mahal Kita EQ Diaper TV Ad jingle, Jeraldine’s voice can also be heard on the Tropicana Twister jingle “Live, Love, Life, Tropicana Twister”, Tanduay radio commercial jingle, Mega Sardines, BPI Credit Card TV Ad and on backup for the Jollibee Spice Burger TV Ad with Sarah Geronimo. All jingles that Jeraldine Buena voiced are produced in the studios of Hit Productions (www.hitproductions.net)

You can listen to Jeraldine Buena’s previous jingle projects on http://www.voicewagonservices.com. In the meantime, read about Voicewagon’s new project for a movie trailer theme at http://www.radiojingles.co.nr

Jollibee Spice Burger Commerical with Sarah Geronimo on solo and Jeraldine Buena on back up vocals.


2 thoughts on “Queen of Pinoy TV-Radio Commercial Jingles”

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