Jonas Brothers Burning Up iTunes mp3 Downloads

Jonas Brothers - Burning Up mp3 player

Download Burning Up mp3 and widget here * UPDATED: Bandwidth issue resolved

Jonas Brothers is ready to Burn Up radio hitcharts once again with the upcoming release of their hit “Burning Up” from new album “A Little Bit Longer”. The said album will take off August 12, 2008.

According to the boys, “Burning Up” will start selling via American radio outlets on June 20, 2008.

The Jonas Brothers are also doing a single for a Disney original movie Camp Rock and the song is called “We Rock”. Selena Gomez and Timbaland will be featured in the song’s video to be realesed June 20.

Burning Up Live Video

Burning Up Disney Music Video Plug


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  2. sus canciones son lindas, me encanta como tocan

    soy su fan NUMBER 1!!!

    ojala que vengan a PERU, los esperamos con los brazos



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