Download Liners and Sweepers for Charity FM and B97

B97 and Charity FM free liners and sweepers

Charity FM and B97 recently came to RadioJingles for fresh sweepers and liners. Check out the produced IDs at RadioJingles Forum. You, too, can also request for liners and IDs for your radio station. Just post register and post them up here. All previous requests are posted here.

6 thoughts on “Download Liners and Sweepers for Charity FM and B97”

  1. Hi! I am just a hobbyist transmitting a low powered FM radio for our small community in Davao City, Philippines. I had a hard time making good station ID and sweepers. Can you help me? its 99.9 FM. I nicknamed it “the alternative radio,” in fact sometimes I add “your lucky radio.” I would appreciate it very much if you could help me.

    Thanks and God bless you.



  2. hello, i want an id station with sweep and fx, for online radio only, radio name=for you fm – motto=where the music`s first.. than people next , thank you


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