David Archuleta Crush mp3 download preview: Archie Crushes David Cook?

Crush by David Archuleta download mp3 widget

*This post is opinionated.

Why David Archuleta’s first hit single can “crush” David Cook:

  • Archie’s fans can’t wait for his big act
  • A sweet revenge for not allowing Archie to win on AI? 😉
  • It’s Archie’s first single outside of American Idol

This week, David Archuleta made a world premiere of his first hit single Crush on Z100 – New York’s Number 1 Hit Music Station. David Archuleta was having wet hands during the interview with Elvis Duran – the morning show host of Z100.

Crush has all the makings of a big hit. Here is why, it is been so long since America and the world heard and saw David Archuleta performing. The news that American Idol held back the supposedly Thank You concert of Archie in *Utah dismayed a lot of fans, thereby, increasing the thrill atmosphere.

Indeed, there is no way to make David Archuleta go head to head with David Cook. Both have unique styles of performing. In fact, both compliment each other. However, with David Archuleta now being a step ahead of David Cook in terms of releasing a record outside AI, one can’t really help but say David Archie’s on his way.

Download the mp3 preview of Crush by David Archuleta

Here is the YouTube video of the David Archuleta interview during the world premiere of Crush on Z100 New York.


21 thoughts on “David Archuleta Crush mp3 download preview: Archie Crushes David Cook?”

  1. David has delivered an amazing first single to his fans, and the public. It is rhythmic, David’s superior vocals soar and are identifiable throughout, has a catchy beat.. Hey-> I watched lotsa American Bandstand back in the day 🙂

    His older fans like me find themselves humming along unconsciously, and the verses transport the listener back to those bygone days of school girl and schoolboy CRUSHES… It has an appeal across a very broad spectrum of listeners, and should effectively silence the detractors and critics who didn’t believe he had mainstream appeal. CRUSH is the catapult for David to continue his growth and evolution as an artist – I ANTICIPATE MANY MANY YEARS OF OUTSTANDING MUSIC FROM HIM.


  2. Ahhhhh! That was a great big part of heaven that just landed on Earth! David, you are amazing, you have once again left soft spots all over my heart. May you and your family be blessed in all the bright days ahead. Get some rest and don’t forget to drink lots of water! Hugs


  3. Congratulations to David. I see him being a huge success, but as others have said, DC can also be successful and I wish him well.


  4. AMEN! Finally somebody recognized the tremendous talent of DAVID ARCHULETA the only American Idol,the BEST SINGER OF SEASON 7 and in the history of AI.He will overpower DC as he did on the show because his success now will depend on us his fans not on the manipulator producers or judges like PAULA/SIMON.SHAME on all of you.
    Congratulations DAVID,as of today the world in music is YOURS only YOURS BABY.


  5. Please, Please, Stop, trying to compare David Archuleta and David Cook. These two fine young men do not see each other as competitor’s only FRIENDS. Yes, they have different styles, along with the other hundreds of other artist out there. Let us just love whom we want and support whom we want and not put either down. I love David Archuleta’s music style, voice and spirit that he brings into the world. I also respect David Cook for being a good singer even if his type of music does not appeal to me. I hope we can all learn from Little David when he said, “there is no reason to hate anyone”! Remember both said during AI that they were not competing only trying to do their best and they did!! There is nothing cliche about that.


  6. The competition is over so no more comparisions please. Cook is a good rocker singer, although my heart lies with David Archuleta. He is amazing….and the best is yet to come!!


  7. IMO, Wecannot compare David Archuleta and David cook because they both have totally different styles and also genre. Both of them are extremely talented and will achieve a successful career in their respective genre.


  8. yeah correct, there is no way to have David Archie compete with David Cook since both of them have different styles.

    But id like to note this, that David Archuleta is more talented. He can do a lot of styles, he can do POP, POP ROCK, RNB, SOUL. In fairness to David Cook, he has got many fans all over the world. But in terms of saleability, David Archuleta appears to a broader market because David Archuleta captures not just the female dominated music market, he also captured music lovers across all ages and races.

    Go David Archuleta! Go!


  9. im loving this article. wishing only the best for my one and only IDOL – David James Archuleta 🙂 i wish DC success too. im not into his music but i do believe he’ll be successful in his own genre.


  10. “David Archulete’s Crush will also overshadow the popularity of David Cook. No offense to DC’s fans, but come on, David Cook’s style is so cliche. There is only one Chris Daughtry in the world. Until David Cook makes his own signature in the music industry, I don’t think he’s gonna make it.”

    Are you serious? All I can do is laugh at your ridiculous opinion.




  12. OMG.!
    i agree.!
    he’s going to make it on TOP.!
    and all of us, his fans, is gonna make that happen.!

    can’t wait for his CD.!


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