The Edge 95.9 Takes Iligan City By Storm


Iligan City’s 1st Top 40 Station in Years


Just barely weeks after its launch, The Edge 95.9 became an instant hit in the bay area.  The station is the first Top 40 FM radio since years. We learned from Iliganons that after Bay Radio and Rocky 98.3 closed shop years ago, there has not been any English-format stations in the city. It seemed like Iligan City was deprived of the pop songs until The Edge launched this year with the leadership of Iligan City’s radio icon Bro Michell.

The Edge 95.9 – my iPod Radio, plays Top 40 songs mixed with pop recurrents. In fact, this station was somehow formatted like the popular Jack FM in the US. But with a more youthful appeal.

Here are some feedbacks The Edge listeners:

Well Finally, They put an English Fm Station in Iligan, If you could see the list there like what you wrote the FM Stations in Iligan like 90.1 Wow Fm, I Fm 102.3, 103.1 Wild Fm, Yes Fm 105.5 and 107.1 Love Radio, Their Format is all Pang-Masa Radio Stations, Good thing they put an English Fm Station in Iligan so we won’t have the oversaturated format of Pang-Masa Fm Radio Stations in the Philippines that we have now — Rafael

hi peeps! we stayed here for almost 2 years,with that span of time i don’t listen to fm stations until such time edge 95.9 fm existed..thanks it’s no more boring days for me and my family..thank GOD ,you don’t play korean songs or the like..keep up the good work.i’m your avid fan,count me in — Kirk

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18 thoughts on “The Edge 95.9 Takes Iligan City By Storm”

  1. edge fm.. the newest FM radio in Iligan City but mostly dj’s are not good it sound “badoy” on air. I don’t know what’s the standard qualifications of dj’s they are looking.. the dj’s needs alot of practice. they ran out of comments and english words. It’s not what Ive expected to listen a Class A radio station just like Killer Bee stations, Y101 cebu, & Monster radio. I always go for live streaming of fm stations in cebu or manila than listening to your radio station. sori tnx


    1. I think the DJ’s are quite good in their use of English Language on EDGE-FM and I am an American from New York USA so I think that gives me some kind of qualification for my opinion. I personally made a guest on-air appearance at Iligans DXMA EDGE-FM late last year and was quite impressed In many hours of off-air conversation with the air staff and management of this station if I had been blindfolded, I would not have known the difference if I were in a station here in the USA or in Iligan City, Philippines ! I am not a multi lingual person myself and if there is a heavy foriegn accent use of English, I would not be able to keep up with a conversation.

      The basic format of EDGE-FM as far as I know is for a young sound with a young air staff of both Guys and Gals featuring todays trendy new sounds to appeal basically to college age listeners.

      The way DXMA continues to acquire new advertisers and retain existing ones is a good indication they are on the right track and so far seem to be a real ” winner ” with regular listeners and advertisers.

      DXMA EDGE-FM serves Iligan City in a way many of those that reside there may not realize. As Iligan City and other destinations in The Philippines are making an effort to make The Philippines more of an international tourist destination, by webstreaming around the world, potential visitors and tourists from English Speaking countries such as the UK and USA may have an auditory taste of Iligan. They can hear about places of lodging, food, entertainment, things to do and places to go wnehn visiting Iligan City. This is a great promotion for Iligan.

      You can see one of my travel website reviews at :

      I think EDGE-FM is doing a very good job !


  2. woo… Chill out guys… I have friends from both sides also… I look forward that this should caught the management’s attention and a proper action should be done. Don’t wait for the other people to storm this topic with comments. This is getting serious and should be properly taken care of. I respect both sides…


  3. zayda,
    it is so obvious you were just asked to comment on this because you don’t know who you are referring to.if you’re studying law, you will lose in your seems your making us muslim and christian fight with your accusations.if you are good enough visit my office at the mezzanine 2nd floor tibanga iligan city. we listen to this station 24 hours, i haven’t heard brother michelle talk,only her commercials.i challenge come your the only muslim as you claim you are heard it? or maybe you don’t understand english well.


    1. I don’t think sarcasm is necessary Atty. Maranda. She was only stating her point of view. Your condescending tone only makes matters worse. It seems to me that the main reason you made a comment was to advertise that you are a lawyer looking for clients. Not classy, but I hope it’s effective. But hey, don’t get me wrong, that’s just me. I don’t wanna be running around with a defamation law suit coming from you.

      Moving forward, let’s all be careful on what we say on air. I am saying this as a muslim and someone who had a DJ stint way back. It’s not easy to censor your own language esp. if it’s improptu but it is possible. All media people should act as their own MTRCB. If it sounds vague and/or offensive, might as well don’t say it and avoid the wrath of your listeners / viwers. Otherwise, you have to take the consequences and make sure to wear a cowhide skin. Now lighten up guys! 🙂


  4. hi there zayda,

    this is brother michel.i was informed from my people that you commented on me about the eid’l fitr stuff..first, i don’t do boardwork..second, i don’t have partner when i go boardwork..third, i don’t make fun of the muslims coz i was born in marawi city dansalan college to be exact. third, before you bark clarify it first..i have muslim jocks with my team so i guess we don’t make fun of them.finally, brother michel is not a male…so hoping this clear things out..pls publish this.


  5. reply to Zayda

    It seems unfortunate a comment like that has been noted. I have studied Iligan City from the opposite end of the earth for about 5 years and have visited several times. I agree the comment you mention is a bit ” off color ” as from the many things I do know about Iligan is that it is supposed to be a place for everyone Muslim, Christian, Lumad and just about any other beliefs people wish to follow can live peacefully and in harmony in an Oasis like Iligan City. These are the impressions I have always had when visiting there.

    AS the EDGE – FM 95.9 Iligan is now streaming to the rest of the world at a time when The City of Iligan is working very hard along with many of its residents to promote Iligan Tourism to the rest of the world, 95.9 Edge-FM could play a big part in that.

    I have always felt very welcome in Iligan City by Christians, Muslims, Maranos, Lumads and who ever else resides there. Let’s hope this incedent was a one time error.

    Iligan Citys EDGE-FM 95.9 is now streaming worldwide on >

    Regards to Everyone


  6. Thanks to the webstream on Ustream, I am listening to Iligan Citys 95.9 The EDGE-FM here in New York USA. That is about as far away from Iligan as someone can be.

    I am listening through a complete full sized stereo system here connected to the audio output of a PC and the sound is Great !

    On previous visits to Iligan City, I always brought a radio with me but I could not find any English Speaking stations. Now I will be listening to The EDGE 95.9 when I come to visit again !

    Thanks EDGE-FM 95.9 for bringing more of Iligan to me from half way around the world !


  7. i just want to call the attention of your dj michael..he should refrain from saying or doing things on air that can be offending to your listeners. a while ago, this individual michael made some dismissing comments to one of his co-hosts when that co-host graciously greeted his Muslim friends on their eidl Fitr. how could he impatienly dismiss what his co-host was doing by saying, move on, that’s not important when this co-host could not remember what particular Eid was being celebrated or to be celebrated by his friends who are muslims. when he tried to explain just that, that he is just trying to greet his muslim friends, this monster michael dismissed him by saying eid its not important..he is supposed to be a public figure by being a radio host, he should be more responsible with his pronouncements. he is putting your station at a jeopardized situation to your muslim listeners, there are quite a number of us.he should be less arrogant. i shall make this michael a personna non grata to us muslims. bastos siya.he is a perfect example of the very people who advocate trouble between us muslims and christians, or is he even worthy of being labeled a christian. i know that a truly christian person is God fearing, peaceful and never arrogant.


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