106.7 Dream FM To Sign Off, Energy FM Takes Over?

106.7 Energy FM?

Smooth Jazz radio 106.7 Dream FM is reported to close shop come July 2011 to make way for Energy FM’s arrival from the 91.5 frequency.

Recently, a new radio station Big Radio occupied the dial point (91.5), which is owned by Manny Luzon of Ultrasonic Broadcasting System, the same company that operates Energy FM and all its sister station across the country.

Listen to 106.7 Energy FM

Legally known as DWET FM, Dream FM is owned by TV5. TV5 also operates News FM 92.3, but the frequency is licensed to Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

Energy FM Exodus

Rumors have it that Energy FM will take over 106.7 in July. But this, yet, is to be confirmed. No official statement has been made by Ultrasonic Broadcasting System as of this post time, regarding the exact destination of Energy FM.

However, a graphic has been posted on Facebook announcing the major change of the station. The material went “Whuaaaaat? Nagulat? Baket Anong Meron? … Abangan” (What? Shocked? Why, what’s going on? … Watch out!).

Teaser of Energy FM's Transfer

The image was posted on a Facebook page named 106.7 Energy FM. It went accessible on June 1, 2011, but was later closed around 5 pm the same day. The creation of the page suggested that Energy FM could be occupying 106.7, although the Facebook page was not confirmed as official. Later, the official 91.5 Energy FM Facebook page was also shut.

Energy FM Facebook Page Before Shut Down

Dream FM Fans Don’t Want Energy FM

Followers of Dream FM, after hearing the rumors, expressed their opposition to the format flip, leading to the creation of a Facebook page named “Ibalik ang 106.7 Dream FM at KOOL 106 at itaob ang Energy FM” (Bring Back 106.7 Dream FM and Kool 106 and ditch Energy FM).

The Politics

In the event that Energy FM broadcasts on 106.7, its implication will be is that Energy FM will no longer be an entity of Ultrasonic Broadcasting System. Or that it might work like TV5 is “franchising” the brand.

TV5 Buys Energy FM?

TV5 owns the 106.7 license, so bringing in Energy FM would mean that Ultrasonic would have to give it up.

It is to be noted though that TV5 already has a “masa” station – 103.5 Wow FM. And while it is common for networks to have redundantly formatted stations in the same market (example: MBC has Love Radio, Yes FM), what TV5 actually needs right now, in order to be competitive, is a nationwide “pang-masa” FM music station to go with its News FM network.   TV5 does not own or operate Wow FM. It is owned by The radio Partners, the owners of Magic, Jam, Wave and RT. (Correction by Paul Mckey Eugenio
henyotayonglahat@yahoo.com). Updated June 4, 2011.

Is the entire Energy FM network franchised to or sold to TV5?

105.9, a frequency just vacated by UR 105.9, is also rumored to be the landing dial point of Energy FM. 105.9 is owned by Rajah Broadcasting Network, operator and owner of RJ 100. But if Energy FM is to launch to an even greater heights, then it has to aim and shoot for the stars. TV5 will be a better choice over Rajah Broadcasting Network.

There are several possibilities implicated by Energy FM’s exodus to 106.7.

  • TV5 acquires the rights to operate Energy FM to air on 106.7
  • TV5 buys all Energy FM stations in the country.
  • Or that TV5 and Ultrasonic will be co-operating Energy FM

But whatever the truth is, one thing is certain, that Energy FM will be back.

Where do you think Energy FM will land? 106.7 or 105.9?

Listen to 106.7 Energy FM

23 thoughts on “106.7 Dream FM To Sign Off, Energy FM Takes Over?”

  1. I’ve noticed new Masa Stations such as Wow Fm, Win Radio and Big Radio overplaying the songs of April Boy Regino, Michael Learns to Rock, Air Supply etc. I’ve already seen it overplaying Di Ko Kaya Tanggapin by April Boy Regino several times, I believe this overplaying trend must stop, nakakasawa kung yon na lang yon


  2. When I transferred here in Laguna to study in university, I was excited to be able to listen to Dream FM. In Ilocos Norte, we used to have Dream FM, but it was shut down. Now, after just a month of staying here, Dream FM has shut down. When I try to find smooth listening Metro Manila stations, I find Dream FM as a station that has a distinct sound. But now, Energy FM takes over (damn it! another masa station) and I’m forced to listen to Crossover, which is now the ONLY jazz station in the Metro Manila area.


  3. I only program two music stations in the car’s FM tuner – Dream 106 and Crossover. Wish Dream airs again even at a different call sign and no. on the FM band. So few choices of music station in this category which is my personal choice .. and I guess of some others too. Getting to be sad on the road now.


  4. Whoa! WTF? It IS the only Jazz radio station that I tune in to after a hard day’s work to relieve stress and now you’re telling us it’s finally bowing out off of the airwaves? Take a hike you fools!!!


  5. I’m really upset about the current trend of radio stations going “masa”. We already have seen many statioins adopting this format and polluting the airwaves: Tagalog speaking jocks, corny and albeit inane jokes, talk and banter bordering on censurable topics (sometimes the topic is not really censurable per se but the way the jocks do the talking makes it censurable). What we need are stations that would uplift the standards of the masses. I believe that media has this social responsibility; instead of them giving in to the “wants” of the masses, they should be the ones to raise the standards.


  6. Well, if Energy FM moves to 106.7, we will not have a jazz station in Metro Manila anymore. This is gonna be the big problem for our phillippine fm stations.


    1. XFM went off the air 2 years ago, and if Dream FM goes off the air at the end of the month, Crossover will be the sole jazz station in the Metro.


  7. TV5 doesn’t own Wow FM. It is owned by The radio Partners, the owners of Magic, Jam, Wave and RT.


  8. I don’t think that 106.7 Dream FM will close shop. There’s no announcement from the Dream FM management. Energy FM can’t move to 106.7.

    Well, RJ Jr. has recently decided to give up the 105.9 slot for UR to relaunch online as UR Face Radio. However, the frequency is still airing it until the end of June. Therefore, there’s a possibility that Energy FM will move to 105.9.


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