Mega Hits Returns to Wise Buddah Jingles

Mega Hits
Mega Hits

Portugal’s Mega Hits celebrates 15 years of broadcasting with a brand new custom ID package from Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging.

As part of the Radio Renescenca Group, Mega Hits is one of Portugal’s leading CHR stations.

The team at Wise Buddah created a package full of power and dynamism, to match a punchy playlist packed with nothing but Top 40 hits.

“Wise Buddah know perfectly how to reach our goals. They have been open minded since the beginning, and each year they still surprise us – it’s so good!

The new jingles fit like a ‘suit and tie’ on the Mega Hits sound!”

– Mega Hits’ Programme Director Nelson Cunha

“We love this time of year! Getting that sunshine vibe working with Nelson and the guys gives us is always the best way to beat the Winter blues!”

– Wise Buddah Creative Director Jem Godfrey

The package comprises 15 Main IDs, 15 Ramps, 15 Shotguns, 15 Instrumentals, 6 TOTH, Vocal Toolkit plus Information Elements and planned updates.

To hear the package in full, visit:

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