Pinoys Pour Support for Jai Waetford, AU’s Next Greyson, Bieber and Ed Sheeran?

Here is the latest social media review for the track:  Jai Waetford – Don’t Let Me Go


So much love from Filipinos are pouring in for new comer Jai Waetford. His track Don’t Let Me Go is going viral now. He’s been dubbed like the next Greyson Chance, little Ed Sheeran or next Justin Bieber, but who is  Jae Waetford?

Jai Waetford is a 14 year-old contestant from Campbelltown, New South Wales who sang two songs at his audition. The first song was “Different Worlds” by Jes Hudak and the second was an original song titled “Don’t Let Me Go”. Waetford’s family and friends inspired him to audition for The X Factor.

He lives with his mother Alana Dow and grandparents Hannah and Roger Dow. He does not have a relationship with his father, who lives in Switzerland. Waetford has been compared by many to Justin Bieber. He plays guitar and writes his own songs. Waetford taught himself how to play guitar from watching videos on YouTube.

He cites Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Elvis Presley, Guy Sebastian and Stevie Wonder as his musical influences. Prior to entering The X Factor, Waetford was a student at Campbelltown High School of the Performing Arts.


Elephantzz96 says – His audition was way better when he said myseeeeelff. That’s what drew me in to like him. He didn’t even do it in this song. What. So disappointed.

Emily Hall thinks – “He is the next justin beiber sounds like justin beibber when he was younger singing on the streets he ahs so much potential at this age and singing like this and making lyrics likethis at his age he is gonna be a popstar”

Carlo Lim comments – “Oh, the next Greyson Chance. I just hope puberty wouldn’t ruin your voice.. It’s perfect already.”

What do you guys think of the new song? Let us know what your thoughts are and post your comment below.

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