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Following a five year break, the now three part gather, En Vogue, is back with another song, “Deja Vu” off of the up and coming collection, Electric Cafe.

The Boombox reported that the gathering who caught the hearts of R&B/Soul significant others amid the 90s with melodies like, “Free Your Mind,” the single “Hold On” and the track “Lies,” is back with another single off of their expected undertaking.

En Vogue, whose present individuals comprise of unique individuals, Cindy Herron-Braggs, Terry Ellis, and the freshest part, Rhona Bennett, has discharged the single “Deja Vu” as the lead single off their first collection in right around five years.

In spite of the disbandment of two of the first gathering individuals, Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones, the trio is as of now on visit as indicated by the forthcoming booked dates posted on Bandsintown.

In 2015, the gathering attempted their fortunes at a rebound collection under a restrictive contract with Rufftown Entertainment, as reported by Billboard. The name later sued the gathering charging “rupture of agreement, carelessness, impedance and misrepresentation,” after then individuals, Ellis, Herron-Braggs and Jones, marked with another name without satisfying the two collection and visiting contract with Rufftown.

The proprietor of the mark, Rene Moore, clarified in the claim how he paid Herron-Braggs, Ellis and Jones generally $190,000 in a 2010 arrangement that secured the gathering’s development, expense of travel and studio time, however the commitment was never satisfied.

Presently, the women are back with a mid-rhythm hit discharged under En Vogue Records/En Vogue Enterprises. Herron-Braggs discharged an announcement to Singersroom on staying pertinent and their development in the music business.

“Whether it’s old-school soul or testing partiality and bigotry with “Free Your Mind,” as a gathering, we are reliably advancing musically and staying important with the times,” she told Singersroom. “We discover complete opportunity and satisfaction when we hit the stage. It’s a definitive association with our fans. It’s about the vitality you get, the adoration, and the response from the message in the music.”


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