DXPR Pagadian 603 kHz RMN Still Number 1, Listen to Live Streaming

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RMN in the Crossroads City of the South remains to be the leading AM station in the market, lording DXCA, the station owned by political clan of the Cerilles in Zamboanga del Sur.

In 1978, RMN’s significant extension project was propelled which incorporate the overhauling of the specialized offices of its current stations and the foundation of extra AM and FM stations. Among the stations that were added to the program of RMN stations were: DXVM-FM in Cagayan de Oro, DXXL-FM in Davao, DYXL-FM in Cebu, DWKC-FM in Metro Manila and DXKR-AM in Marbel, South Cotabato. DWHB-FM in Baguio opened in 1980. DXDR-AM in Dipolog and DXPR in Pagadian was included 1981.

DXPR Radio Station 603khz AM Power: 5,000 Watts Origin: Pagadian City
Schedule: 5AM – 6PM Weekdays, 5AM – 8PM Weekends
Alejando Gesta: Station Manager
Ragdi Dagumo: Program Director

Moonyeen Claros: Traffic Secretary
Luwalhati Belen: Reporter

Richard Villaronte: News Director
Elmer Maghanoy: Special Project

Tirso buknoy Dumapit, Angelito damukloy Taborada: Collector
Eduard Buco: Tech

Oliver Cabayran: Tech


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