These Are The Top 10 Filipino Songs Now in Metro Manila FM Radio

MOR 101.9 Pinoy Biga10 Countdown March 07, 2017. Here is the latest countdown results on MOR 101.9 Pinoy Biga10 Countdown March 07, 2017

Included in the countdown is Somebody – BoybandPH.

Also included in the countdown is Baliw – Maymay Entrata & Edward Barber.

Also, check out At Ang Hirap – Angeline Quinto.

Making its way in the list is Dito – Inigo Pascual.

And then there is Why Can’t It Be – Kaye Cal.

Check out the complete list below and check back this site for more of the latest chart results.

Now I am not hating on the weather, just think about it, well, this weather thing is really getting serious, climate change is real says Leo.

Anyhoo, in the ever changing climat of music, we got fresh hits here.

Get this song from (a Filipino boy group ) and why did I miss this.<br/
Anyway, the new track to check, booom, is Somebody .

Get (oh my God) the song now from Amazon MP3 or iTunes only and not website named after a zipper, site that wants to share monsters , site that claims to have exclusive rhythm and blue tracks or site that is named after a feline and site that is named, awesome as ever, after a feline. Somebody – USER3 (New Song) Add This To Your Playlist



I don’t think my phone can handle this much app, oh come on, yup uninstalling these so-so streaming services.

I won’t miss it, but this one I can’t afford.

And excited of course to find out that there is a new song from this artist (by a Filipino boy group ) and we here at the office thinks its superb.

The title, booom, is Somebody .

The (oh my God) song is catchy, something you would want to store on your iPhones for life.

But hey who uses mp3 players these days. Streaming is in!

Make sure to download this on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Forget about site that wants to hurt your back, site that is named after a feline, Bitsite that rhymes with current, site whose name is a green colored character from a comic book, site that wants to share monsters or website that is in flames,, awesome as ever, those are crap.



Somebody – BoybandPH

Download NowClick to play

Baliw – Maymay Entrata & Edward Barber

Download NowClick to play

At Ang Hirap – Angeline Quinto

Download NowClick to play

Dito – Inigo Pascual

Download NowClick to play

Why Can’t It Be – Kaye Cal

Download NowClick to play

Titig ng Pag-ibig – MayWard & McLisse

Download NowClick to play

My Morena Girl – Hey Joe Show

Download NowClick to play

Hinahanap Pa Rin – Morissette

Download NowClick to play

Kung Pwede Lang – Alexa Ilacad

Download NowClick to play

Fly Tonight – Ylona Garcia

Download NowClick to play

One thought on “These Are The Top 10 Filipino Songs Now in Metro Manila FM Radio”

  1. Hello good eve! Please play Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor.” It’s music video is trending for more than a week now. Please…thanks


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