The Origin of Slipknot Finally Revealed

The Slipknot are considered among the best heavy metal band in terms of live performances and more. With their extravagant and disturbing masks , often inspired by the great horror classics, they have become an icon of the genre. The group was formed in 1995 in Iowa , the US federal state, and is still active with the release of their album We Are Not Your Kind . But why are Slipknot called that ? What is the path that led them to have this name? Let’s find out together in this article.

Why are Slipknot called that? All band names

As often happens in the world of music, as to delineate the personality of a group, the name of the band changes over time, until it reaches a definitive one. It must be remembered that Slipknot members like Shawn Crahan ,  Joey Jordison  and  Paul Gray (who died in May 2010) had already formed a prototype of what would later become the group. They also managed to publish several demos that aroused interest on one side and the other confusion for their lyrics.

In this first period, which goes from 1993 to 1995 – the year in which the band was officially formed – there was no real identifying name for these guys from Des Moines , in fact there were several. These include Ones , Pyg System , Meld and only at the end Slipknot.

The meaning of the name

The term Slipknot  can be translated as ” slipknot “, these are characterized by being very robust in response to the tension of the string. Although they are often called knots “of the hanged man”, since they were used in cases of suicide or in executions that included hanging, the choice of the name could be attributed precisely to their great sturdiness . The band has always stood out for its aggressiveness and power , finding in their name ‘Slipknot’ their identity that made them famous until today.


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