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Can Other Stations Play ABS-CBN Christmas ID Songs?

ABS-CBN 2010 Christmas Station ID

With the increasing popularity of ABS-CBN’s Christmas Station IDs and its official theme songs, listeners are now pouring in radio air play requests of such hits as “Star Ng Pasko” and the new “Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning Ang Pilipino” (2010 Official Theme). The question is can competing radio networks play these songs?

ABS-CBN, the leading TV and radio network in the Philippines is known for its catchy and heartwarming Christmas Station IDs. “Star Ng Pasko” (Star Of Christmas) is among the most popular theme songs. This and other original compositions are produced by the network and performed by its own talents. The songs, although associated with the network, has generic lyrics that convey message of unity, hope, faith, love and family.

It’s definitely an issue of identity. The Christmas Station IDs will be aired hourly on all of ABS-CBN satellite TV and radio stations. And if a competition station plays any of the songs, that would indirectly identify ABS-CBN. And what kind of radio station would want to promote a rival network?

In the end, however, it’s the call of every listener-pleasing radio station whether or not they will play a song that is directly associated with a rival company.

Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning Ang Pilipino (This Christmas, Filipinos Will Shine)

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Radio Stations Play Gin Blossoms Hits Again

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They were such a hit band in the 90s, but disbanded in 1997. No word from them since, “till we hear it from them” again!

Gin Blossoms is back and they are back with a new album. Radio stations are picking up “No Chocolate Cake” – their newest album released last September 2010. Lead singer Robin Singer, who was featured in an episode of LA Ink on TLC, was happy to see the band together. He revealed that their breakup wasn’t really for life.

The 90s alternative band Gin Blossoms will perform in Manila and Cebu. The band, who’s famous for such hits as “Till I Hear It From You”, “Follow You Down”, and “As Long As It Matters”, will be playing those hits once more along with new tracks from their new album “No Chocolate Cake”, November 18 for Araneta Coliseum Quezon City, and November 20 for Waterfront Hotel Cebu.

Radio stations are again playing their biggest songs, stations like Magic 89.9 and internet radio station

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Listen to their new track Somewhere Tonight – Gin Blossoms

Ryan Seacrest Reveals Life of 35-Year Old Justin Bieber in Jacksonville

Ryan Seacrest of 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles is a big fan of Justin Bieber, he and many other millions of fans of the YouTube superstar makes life of another Justin Bieber painful. He is a 35 year old private individual who lives a quite life in Jacksonville until his life was never the same when the web teen sensation made worldwide phenomenon.

The cons? He couldn’t sleep well since phone constantly rings. Receives unsolicited mails and sometimes hate mails. The PROs? Finally people got to say his name right. Before, people would call him Justib Bye-ber!

Ryan Seacrest shared this news on his show on KIIS FM and on his website at

High OPM Royalty Fees Pushes Recording Companies To Revive Foreign Songs

APO Hiking Society - OPM Group

In the Philippines, revival of foreign songs or songs recorded in the US mostly, is rampant. OPM Artist (Original Pilipino Music) Nonoy Zuniga, in an interview with ABS-CBN, appeals to local composers here to find ways to make royalty fees attractive so that recording companies will be encouraged to revive classic Filipino music.

It is estimated that 60 percent of the music produced locally now are remakes of foreign music, songs like “Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen” revived by Jovit Baldovino.

In an effort to revive the local industry, the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas and Filipino Composers Development Cooperative (FILCOMDEC) joined to form ClickMusic’s business model works like iTunes, where music fans can buy songs individually, instead of an entire album.

Its website will be launched in September this year.

ClickMusic will also be launching the first KBP Pop Music Festival, with the aim of discovering new talents.

In the meantime, President Aquino pushes a directive that will strengthen mandatory airplay of OPM music on every radio station.

The KBP Code, under Music sections, item number 1, states that:

All stations shall actively promote the growth and development of Filipino music. Radio stations are encouraged to schedule OPM’s in accordance with existing provision of law and the KBP rules and regulations (4 OPM’s every clockhour).

NU107 Holds 1st Cebu Inter-BPO Rock Competition

iCall - Cebu's 1st Inter-BPO Rock Band Contest

NU107, San Miguel Beer, and Pier 1 Restaurant is holding the first ever inter-call center rock band competition in Cebu City on July 25, 2010. Call centers or BPOs (BPO – Business Process Outsourcing) are among the most active in concerts and music events in the province of Cebu, which prompted the station to come up with this competition.

DJ Mikey Bond of NU107 told us, “this is the first ever rock band competition for call centers. This competition was conceptualized by our Station Director.”

Listen to the promo below or log on to for details.

NU 107 Hosts Independence Day Rock Concerts

Indie Bands Gather to Celebrate Independence Day

NU107 Cebu, Home of New Rock and The Outpost bring you the Indie Days Year 2 – The best of Cebu Indie Music on Independence Day.

Two nights of rock out celebration, on June 11, greet the Independence Day with bands like Cattski, Chisca, Zara Smith, Undercover Grasshoppers, Cuarenta, LUi, Juress, Frontline, Lowela, Pandora, Outerlid Break Off and Sefyla, Broke.

On June 12, shout freedom with Shuffled, Skunky Muggles, Santing Scalawags, Skankin’ Brews, Mungkanghan, Zafra, Purple Helmets, Bethany, Who’s Next, Fervent, God Save Me, Rescue A Hero, Aggressive Audio, Uno, PG-18, Missing Filemon, The Line Divides, Still, Happy Days, Powerspoonz, Smooth Friction, The Insects and Sheila.

Show up at The Outpost Lahug before 7 pm. No tickets necessary, entrance is free, dude! This event is sponsored by Soundballoon.

This 2 night event aims to pay tribute to Filipino bands who have given awesome contribution to the local music industry, a salute to bands like E-heads, Rivermaya, and more.

Indie Days Promo produced by Mikey Bond