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Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed Debuts, Third Album is Her Last?

The Hannah Montana girl is back with another promising hit – “Can’t Be Tamed” the first single to flagship her third and last album of the same title? Ahuh! Miley said after finishing this album, she is taking a break, accordingly to get “more inspiration”.

Her reason for the hiatus is so that she would have time to explore a variety of musical genres and grow up, along with her fans. – Wikipedia

That’s awesome! Or probably just  a publicity stunt. But Cyrus predicts that her new album will be a great summer compilation. She adds her latest influences include Timbaland, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. Miley should really take a break after this album!

So, here’s the video! Enjoy! Official video here

Download an MP3 Preview of Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed here

In order to survive this world, you need to re-invent yourself.

JoJo, Not Bothered By Being Compared to Charice

Charice joins Jojo On The Radio, 102.7 KIIS FM

Pop-RNB singer Jojo, who was recently in the country for a concert, shrugs a shoulder when asked about being compared to Charice Pempengco. Jojo said in an article that she is excited to see Charice’s career and she is cool with the International Filipino singer remaking a song original recorded by her.

The song “Note to God”, written by Dianne Warren, was given the first interpretation by Jojo in her 2006 album – “The High Road”.

“I thought it was interesting that they made her record a song that was already on someone else’s album. But she did an incredible job, and I have nothing but respect for her. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her album. I’m excited to watch her career,” JoJo said.

Lady Gaga Finds Greyson Chance A Talented Kid!

Lady Gaga finds the YouTube star Greyson Chance a talented kid, this she said in a live phone interview with Ellen Degeneres. Ellen, who is fond with meeting and interviewing internet stars, flew in the 12 year old web sensation to come over to her show. Chance performed Paparazzi, which earned him praises and criticisms.

Many find Greyson Chance a close match to Justin Bieber.

Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’ To Dominate The World Again

Eminem has always been explicit and self-centered in most of his songs. Self-centered in a good way that is, his songs are a like a window to the private life of this Grammy Award winning rap artist.

His latest hit song “Not Afraid”, lifted from the upcoming Recovery album did come as a shocker when it landed no. 1 on its Billboard Hot 100 debut. It’s 1 of only 2 rap songs that had hit number 1 on its release.

With the same feat that Eminem achieved, I can’t help but associate this song to our country’s recent policitical scene. After the Elections, the first automated that is, I have felt such a great deal of pride, a sense of victory, yet somehow there are hints of hesitation.

With the almost all of the returns already tallied , many of the young voters, whose bets weren’t doing well in the canvassing, demurred to the idea that a former President’s son is closing proclamation.

Many Presidential candidates have conceded, a good example to voters to settle down and except reality. The battle is not yet won, in fact, it hasn’t even gone half way. This is just the beginning.

I’m not afraid to take a stand
Everybody come take my hand
We’ll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just let you know that, you’re not alone
Holla if you feel that you’ve been down the same road

Listen to Eminem’s New Song “Not Afraid”
Eminem – Not Afraid (Produced by Boi-1da) by Hypetrak

Wild FM 92.3 Davao Radio Aircheck

Wild FM Aircheck

Found on my archive, a 2007 off-air montage of Wild FM 92.3 Davao. Wild FM has a very good set of imaging. In CDO, Wild FM use CHR-like imaging for their hot ac “masa” format. In Cebu, Wild FM is more of a college-top 40 station.

Wild FM’s jingles are a syndication of a package produced by Thompson Creative. Listen to the audio below.

2007 Aircheck of Wild FM Davao

Original KIIS FM Package by Thompson Creative

Radio Gives Tribute to Michael Jackson

The World Remembers Michael Jackson and Radio
The World Remembers Michael Jackson and Radio

Mixed emotions, moments of mourning, an unexpected loss, some call it the death of music. The passing away of Michael Jackson was mourned by the whole world. As quickly as the news spread, media – TV, print and radio responded.

TV coverage here and there, headlines hug almost all dailies, viral emails, videos, and Tweets rapidly spread, but it was radio who did amazingly. Right after the announcement of his death, radio stations across the globe quickly turned their regular programming into an all Michael Jackson radio show.

Listeners phoned in their radio station, confirming the news, on air personalities gave the public an up-to-the-minute report of the tragic news. The world once again turned to radio. Proof only, that there are things  only radio can do.

A Montage of Radio Promos Stations Use In Remembering The King of Pop, Produced by Production Vault

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