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How To Use Radio ID Floaters

For starters, floaters are little imaging tools that usually run between 5 – 10 seconds. Floaters are usually dry VOs of DJ names, show names, station monicker, station catch phrase or any special effects that will add hype to the music.

Floaters are cliche and only a few stations use floaters today for the main reason that they disrupt the listening pleasure of the listeners. Overuse of floaters can jar the listeners. If floaters are fired over a lyric, the result is really frustrating, as the words of the floaters compete with that of the song’s lyrics.

With this, floaters should be aired at the intro, outro or anywhere in the song where the instrumentation is prevalent. Floaters should only be played once in a song’s duration. Playing them frequently in one song, will again tire the song, the listeners and the floaters themselves too.

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First HD FM Station in the Philippines

Radio Mindanao Network has announced the commencement of HD Radio™ Multicast broadcasting in the Philippines, using a Nautel HD Radio FM transmitter. Station iFM 93.9 DWKC in Manila became the first commercial station in the country to broadcast with HD Radio technology as a limited test in 2006. This month, the station added another first when they expanded to full power broadcasting three digital audio channels in its current single frequency, using HD Radio multicasting capabilities, in addition to their traditional analog signal.


DWKC is operating their facility in hybrid mode, using their existing 35kW transmitter for the analog signal and a new Nautel 1kW HD Radio transmitter for the digital signal. The system includes Nautel’s M50 digital exciter as well as Importer and Exporter. Design and installation was provided by Broadcast World Philippines, one of the country’s most respected and experienced system integrators.


Three channels of digital programming are being broadcast by RMN in their HD Radio multicast operation. “We are excited and proud to be the first broadcaster in the Philippines to offer this advanced technology to our listeners,” said Engr. Charley S. Canoy, Vice-President for Engineering of RMN. “Our HD Radio multicast gives RMN listeners even more choices in radio entertainment and information. We look forward to incorporating this technology throughout our network in the coming months and years.”



“Radio Mindanao Network has a long and honored position in the Philippines of leading the industry, and Nautel is pleased to be part of their landmark achievement,” said Peter Conlon, President and CEO of Nautel Ltd. “We look forward to working with RMN in the future as they continue the advancement of broadcast technology in their country.”


“The leadership demonstrated by Radio Mindanao Network in their adoption of HD Radio multicasting is a boost not only for digital radio, but for the broadcasting business in the Philippines, Asia and around the world,” said Perry Priestley, Director, International Broadcast Business Development at iBiquity Digital Corporation. “Creative, dedicated broadcasters who are investing in revolutionary technology are good for continued healthy growth of HD Radio broadcasting and the radio industry in general.”


The Radio Mindanao Network was founded by Henry R. Canoy in 1952. The group, which will celebrate its 55th anniversary on-air in August 2007, owns and operates more than 50 AM, FM and TV stations throughout the Philippines.


From RadioView.Net



103 1/2 Max FM (DWKX 103.5 MHz Metro Manila, formerly Heart 103.5 and K-Lite 103.5) is an FM station owned by Advanced Media Broadcasting System (a subsidiary of Quest Broadcasting Inc. through The Radio Partners) in the Philippines. The station’s studio is located at Jollibee Plaza, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


In November of 2006, the management of K-Lite decided to reformat and reorganize the station. In December of the same year, it presented the new format (Heart 103.5) with new on-air personalities. They even transferred their studio to Jollibee Plaza in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


History & Programming


as K-Lite (1995-2006)


Seven of Manila’s best disc jockeys set out to form a radio station that would best the much-established and well-known old hands of the industry. The new station occupied the full air time formerly handled by the defunct gold standard music station DWCX (103.5 CS) and changed its call sign to DWKX. K-Lite started airing on October 23, 1995. Within a few months, it became the favourite radio station of the young professionals and more outspoken listeners.


Offering the best of adult contemporary music and spicing everyday music fare with daring, thought provoking talk, Manila’s “First InterActive Radio Station” became a reality. Through the years, K-Lite aired quality talk shows including the groundbreaking program, Talk Back with Joshua (replaced by Vince in 2005) and Jinji, as well as Nightlite with Li’l David, Monica and The Blade, Sportslite with Anthony Suntay, Twisted with Jessica Zafra. K-Lite made radio talk shows a staple in FM radio.


The station changed its format to attract more audiences from different demographics. From “Right Kind of Lite” format in the late 1990s to “Best Music of the 80s, 90s & Today” in the turn of the century to “Manila’s Lite Alternative” in 2003 to 2006. K-Lite began playing alternative rock and sometimes hard rock music on a more frequent basis.


103.5 K-Lite made promotional events that meant more than just parties. The station brought their loyal listeners to get front row seats to the Grammy Awards, International concert tours and celebrity events, and later on, serving free Starbucks Coffee to the call centre agents in the past few years. K-Lite also made its milestone as the very first radio station that covered The Dodgeball Cup on The Morning Brew.


Disc jockeys of K-Lite made their final broadcast together on November 30, 2006 to give thanks to their beloved listeners.


as Heart FM (2007)


On January 1, 2007, Heart 103.5 debuted on the airwaves as “Easy Listening the Way it Should Be. The format was easy listening (a mix of contemporary alternative & R&B). They later switched their slogan to “Easy Listening. Redefined.”


The lineup consisted of the shows as “THE RIDE” with Janice & Migz from 6-10am, “THE WORKSPACE” with Micky from 10am-2pm, “THE PITSTOP” with Claudine from 2-4pm, & “SUNDOWN” with Tanya from 4-8pm. Past shows: “THE CHATROOM” with Lia from 8pm-12MN & “THE FLIGHT” with Mikey from 12MN-4am.


Heart 103.5 had a number of promotional events in the span of six months (Heart Cinemania Premieres, Drives & Jives Stickering, Heart on Air & Ice, Voices for Albay, and others). But in May 2007, Heart 103.5 sponsored “The Best Damn Thing” Contest where they sent one of their loyal listeners to Hong Kong to meet Avril Lavigne in person for a special Asian Launch of her album “The Best Damn Thing” at the Hong Kong Convention Center.


Also in May 2005, Heart 103.5 won the award for Caltex Fastbreak to the NBA Promo as “The Best Radio Station in Execution of a Promo” beating out other competing radio stations (Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, Hit 99.5, and Cross Over 105.1).


On June 18th, 2007, the Heart personalities made their final broadcast as a group.


Though Heart lasted for only six months, due to management & other issues it was reformatted as “103 1/2 Max”.


103 1/2 Max FM (2007)


“At exactly 9:00 p.m. of June 19, 2007 (originally planned 12:00am July 2nd, 2007), Manila was surprised as 103.5 presented a new format that sounds more mature. Music covers both old and new his but with a new station name: 103 1/2 MAX FM. Their slogan is “In Tune with Manila!!!”


Disc Jockeys, Newscasters, Hosts


as K-Lite (1995-2006)


“The Right Kind of Lite”


* Joe Schmoe

* Martin Gil

* Paul Reno

* Dick Rees

* Joshua

* Don Henry

* Jinji

* Monica

* Jay Latin

* Lannie Chan

* The Blade

* Li’l David

* Lindy

* Sonny B.

* Billy

* Vince

* Amy Godinez

* Jessica Zafra

* Anthony Suntay



“Manila’s Lite Alternative”


* Vitto Lazatin

* Ron South

* Janice Racelis

* Micky Deles

* Mylinda

* Anjanette

* Melissa

* Hilary

* Karen

* Alan Ranch

* Carl

* Carlo Tirona

* Eric

* Nigel

* Borgy Manotoc



as Heart FM (2007)


* Claudine Najera (formerly Jam 88.3)

* Janice Racelis (formerly K-Lite)

* Micky Deles (formerly K-Lite)

* Tanya Hotchkiss

* Migz Anzures


Past Heart FM DJs


* Lia Cruz

* Mikey Preysler


as Max FM (2007)


* The Sarge (former Magic 89.9 Station Manager)

* King DJ Logan (from Magic 89.9)

* Tetta News (from Magic 89.9)

* Bryan Scott (from 99.5RT/HIT FM 99.5)

* Drei Ball (from Magic 89.9/commercial model and actor)

* Johnny Z

* Chris Riley

* Carl McFly (from K-Lite 103.5/Killer Bee/Mellow 94.7)

* Micky (from K-Lite 103.5/Heart 103.5)

* and many more…

100.3 Hit Radio : The Oldies Rhythmic Station

Sounds like a CHR station for you, but it’s not. It’s 100.3 Hit Radio from UMBN – the Network behind Wild FM stations in the Philippines.

Hit Radio plays the music from the past, from the 60?s up to the eighties, delivered in dynamic pop-style by modern-sounding deejays.

Because of its unique format, Hit Radio holds a special spot in a varied class of radio listeners from young adults to mature listeners.
Listen live to 100.3 Hit Radio now!

Click to access live audio stream. Requires iTunes, Real Player or Winamp. Or visit Hit Radio’s website here.

Wild FM Blazes On A New Trail

 From UMBN Press Release:

Trend-setting UM Broadcasting Network (UMBN) blazes another trail, this time in cyberspace with the re-launch of this website Get updated on your favorite stations’ events. Tell us what’s on your mind. Vote on our music charts. Listen real-time via live streaming 24/7. All these and more are now conveniently possible, from your laptops, smartphones or PC. Wherever you are in the world!

Our home page ( opens with the corporate identity of UMBN, parent-company of Wild FM network, with FM stations in :

• Davao City
• Cebu
• Bacolod
• Cagayan de Oro
• Butuan
• Iligan
• Gen. Santos City
• and Valencia, Bukidnon

The home page also features HitRadio (UMBN’s other FM station, formerly known as Oldies Radio). HitRadio plays the hits of the 60s, 70s and the 80s.

Links conveniently connect to individual stations’ own pages with features on stations’ recent and upcoming events, jocks/personalities’ profiles, photos and articles and music and charts. In the works are interactive forum that will allow you to voice your comments and opinions.

The possibilities are beyond imagination. We bring radio to the world of the internet. In this wired world, WILD FM and HitRadio are never too far away.

Listen to Wild FM’s original jingle package from Thompson Creative here. Learn more about Wild FM here at their website.

Race on for ‘fave’ FM station

From Inquirer:

By Pocholo Concepcion
Last updated 00:05am (Mla time) 05/07/2007
MANILA, Philippines – What does it take to be a “favorite radio station?”

Is this decided by the kind of music that a station adopts for its daily programming? Or by the format? Or maybe the deejays, how large a following they command among listeners? Or does it all boil down to the much-valued Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) survey, the results of which are trumpeted by whichever station takes top spot for a certain period?

These days, at least three FM stations in Metro Manila are goading listeners with intermittent promotional plugs, each one starting with, “What’s your favorite radio station?”, followed by the station’s tagline.

Love Radio 90.7: “Kailangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan? Bisyo na ‘to!” (

Yes FM 101.1: “Derecho, Yes FM, Yesterday pa!”

WRR 101.9: “Alam mo na ‘yan, 101.9, For life!”

Love Radio claims it’s been the number one FM station for four consecutive years, based on KBP surveys that the deejays read on the air from time to time. The accuracy of said surveys may be questioned by the competition, of course. Apparently, the more binding proof is determined by what is heard in buses, jeepneys and taxicabs, in the malls and also in offices where radio music is played.

The operative word is “heard” – because a cab may be brandishing a Love Radio sticker, but the driver is listening to Yes FM.


In any case, Love Radio does seem to be top dog at the moment, at least among stations that count on the teeming masses to be their faithful audiences. Consider: Yes FM, WRR and, lately, LS 97.1, emulate Love Radio’s street-wise Tagalog and running gag-fest broadcasting style.

To challenge the winning tandem of Love deejays Chris Tsuper and Nicolehyala (“Tambalan ng Isang Balasubas at Isang Balahura”), Yes FM has posted Tito Potato and Mama Sugar in the intensely competitive 6 to 9 a.m. drive slot, while WRR has Martin D and Billie (“Tambalang Mabangis, Inyong Mga Kabagis”) on board from 8 to 10 a.m.

A little sluggish

Tito Potato and Mama Sugar have yet to match the snap and spontaneity of Chris and Nicole. And while WRR’s Martin D is engaging, with his solid, textured voice and comic timing, the jokes he throws around with Billie are at times a little sluggish.

For example, this one scripted like a radio drama:

“Naku siguradong uutangan na naman ako nito, di naman nagbabayad!”

“Hi, kumusta, lalo ka yatang gumaganda ngayon. Pautang naman ng P100…”

“Ayoko nang magpautang sa ‘yo; nakakasira ng pagkakaibigan ‘yan…”

“Ganu’n ba, e di galit na tayo simula ngayon, hindi na tayo magkaibigan. O, pwede nang umutang?”

Similarly, Yes FM should try to crank up the hilarity. This joke was heard a few nights ago:

“Sumakay ng elevator sina Brownie at Bruno. Tanong ni Brownie: “Magkano ang ibabayad natin?”

“Sagot ni Bruno: ‘Ano ka ba, Brownie, para kang inosente a, bakit magbabayad ka na, hindi pa nga tayo binibigyan ng tiket?”

Fast talk on LS

The former Campus Radio WLS 97.1 now goes by the call sign ’97. 1 Barangay LS, Forever! – with fast-talking deejays like Johnny Baby working at sounding cool with street lingo, but ending up just a tad cutesy:

“Ang oras po natin, alas nine o’clock ng morning!”

In a press release announcing its new name and strategy, the Barangay LS station manager said the move was meant to deliver what advertisers wanted. That supposedly meant sponsors nowadays would rather put money where deejays clown around and crack jokes throughout the day.

But the jokes, not a few of them sent by listeners, tend to fall flat:

“Anong kulay ng prutas?”

“Anong shampoo ang nakakahilo?”

“Anong net ang hindi ginagamit sa sports?”
“Spray net!”

A fourth station, right beside Love Radio on the dial, likewise subscribes to the Pinoy talk-and-humor approach. The bandwagon effect is beginning to insult listeners’ intelligence, as if everyone tuned in is presumed to be a dimwit:

“Hi Pangga, may energy ka ba? 91.5, Energy FM! It’s … joke time”:

“Ano ang pagkakaiba ng elepante at langaw?”

“Ang elepante, pag namatay, nilalangaw. Pero nakakita ka na ba ng langaw na namatay na ine-elepante?!”

And the music?

What happened to the music?

In the 1970s and ’80s, the jocks of DZRJ wooed and won listeners by playing some of the most engaging and enlightening music that was not necessarily on the charts. At one point, RJ even became a top-rating, album-oriented radio station because it was playing music not heard elsewhere.

The only station that succeeded with a joke-oriented format then was WKC 93.9, whose former station manager at the time was Mike Enriquez.

But, of course, times have changed, even if there’s more variety today with several stations playing jazz and acoustic rock, and the rest retaining Top 40 formats.

Jacinto says his current modified retro hits (“The Greatest and the Latest”) format on RJ 100 is very successful. And incidentally, NU 107, the only modern-rock station in the city, has maintained a large fan base without changing formats since it started operating in 1987. Proof is the rabid audience response to its annual rock awards.

In other words, listeners will always have their own different preferences and hardly anyone can claim there’s a dominant “favorite radio station” at present.

One good thing that’s come out of the competition is that all the stations are now playing more Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Just recently, Barangay LS featured seven local artists within the same hour, far exceeding the old KBP requirement of four OPM songs per hour. Cheers!

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