Ann DeWig Versus Kelly Doherty

Thanks to Van for providing us mp3s of iFM’s pwede jingles. We don’t have any permission, however, to post the jingles. But we hope to have some soon. Thanks any for the kind words Van.




Ann DeWigKelly Kelly KellyOur team at didn’t have a hard time looking for a perfect title for this weekend’s article. We are just so amazed by the influence of these two great VO stars. We particularly love, Ann DeWig. We are alwasy blown away but how she delivers her VO lines. And the fact, that she’s heard from all three jingle companies ReelWorld, IQ Beats and Jones TM, Ann is really a big star.


During the last couple of years, we’ve also been astonished by how this new female voice wows the radio land with her sexy sultry voice. Kelly Doherty is the official voice behind all Z100’s promos. What’s interesting however is that Kelly’s voice is confused as being Ann’s.


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This is only a teaser, but we’d like to give you a hint on what’s cooking next week at We’ll be posting a resing of a very popular ReelWorld package. In addition to some ReelWorld ONE updates. Plus more ear candies for jingle anoraks.




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How To Use Radio ID Floaters

For starters, floaters are little imaging tools that usually run between 5 – 10 seconds. Floaters are usually dry VOs of DJ names, show names, station monicker, station catch phrase or any special effects that will add hype to the music.

Floaters are cliche and only a few stations use floaters today for the main reason that they disrupt the listening pleasure of the listeners. Overuse of floaters can jar the listeners. If floaters are fired over a lyric, the result is really frustrating, as the words of the floaters compete with that of the song’s lyrics.

With this, floaters should be aired at the intro, outro or anywhere in the song where the instrumentation is prevalent. Floaters should only be played once in a song’s duration. Playing them frequently in one song, will again tire the song, the listeners and the floaters themselves too.

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MicroJams — How They Battled Out

Nearly 20 months, after the inception of MicroJams the radio broadcast and imaging industry heard little about Dave Kampel’s baby. Unknown to many, Kampel and the team at MicroJams continued to pump more air on the balloon, and its network of clients have now spanned across the United States.

Davel Kampel surely made many high jumps as obstacles along the way pressed him and the entire MicroJams squad.

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Welcome ReelWorld Asia

We’d like to welcome Ricky H. Brataatmadja to the Radio Jingles family. Ricky H. Brataatmadja is currently the official representative for ReelWorld Productions, Inc. in Asia and the Pacific.


Ricky will be responsible for accepting and handling inquiries, orders and transactions from countries like Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia among others.


You can contact Ricky H. Brataatmadja at broadcastone [at] In conjunction with our network expansion in Asia, I’d like you to say hello to our new radio friends in Malaysia and Indonesia: Fresh FM 102.5, 105.8 Ozon FM, 97.5 Otomation Radio and Fly FM Klia.


For stations in Asia and Pacific regions, you may add us up on your list of friends via . For imaging companies, producers, voice over artists and radio stations in the US, UK, Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East, you can add us up through


Add us up too on through


Amp’d Jingles from JonesTM: not for CHR but Rhythmic AC


There is heavy talk in the Jinglemad community recently about the release of the new Amp’d jingle package from Jones TM ( supposedly for the station WIOQ Q102.


I used the term supposedly because I haven’t really heard the cuts in the package aired online at We presume that the station’s calls is WIOQ since Jones TM used exactly the same logo posted on WIOQ’s site.


What really has been the subject of discussion about the Amp’d jingle package from Jones TM is the delivery of the vocals. One post at Jinglemad said that the vocals sound absurd and ambiguous. For instance, a cut that has the lyrics “another jock free weekend” was sung as “another dog free weekend”. We believe the Jones TM singers unintentionally do it, but on other cases, it sounded more like “another drug free weekend”. (Please visit the site and preview the cuts in the clear) In fact, the lyric sheet of the package has the lyrics read “another drug free weekend”.


Which leads us to our second point, the importance of lyrics sheet. We understand it’s an error and humans are subject to such. Chris Stevens of JonesTM represented the company in that discussion and made it clear that the lyrics sheet was also unintentionally written as such. This however gives us a negative connotation that the company may not be upholding coordination. Coordination is something that is very important especially in a company whose main source of living is services.


If Jones TM staff and members are not well coordinated, even with such simple lyric sheet issue, then Jones TM could very well do the same for their clients.


My question is: how do Jones TM lyric sheet writers create lyrics sheets? Do they write the lyrics of each cut according to what they hear? Aren’t the lyrics sheet writers given a master copy of the lyrics which are sung by the session singers?


Unless of course, if the master copy of the Amp’d lyrics really had the actual words “another drug free weekend” on it.


But then again, Jones TM has made themselves clear about the vocal clarity issue of the Amp’d package through Chris Stevens and we thank them for that.


In fairness with Jones TM, we commend the instrumention and the tracks of the Amp’d jingle package. This project however is a collaboration with Wise Buddah in London. That’s why you will be hearing more UK-ish tracks in the package, which we think is not true to the unique sound of US CHR stations.


We think that Jones TM should sell this package as a rhythmic AC imaging, not as CHR.


This is actually a lesson not only for jingle companies but also radio for programmers. When you buy a jingle package make sure you are around in the entire process from correctly singing the exact lyrics to the finishing touches such as the effects. Be involved in the whole process.


When shopping for jingle imaging, don’t just go for hippy effects and trendy tracks, go for the clarity of the vocals. After all, that’s what jingles are supposed to do. How could a jingle package image your station if it fails to sing your call signs clearly?  




Cut # 3, which has the lyrics “another jock free weekend” was already corrected as of the release of this post. It no longer sounded “another drug free weekend”. However Cut # 4 sounded like “More Music More of the Time, FM 102.9 … THANK YOU!”



Was it “The Q”?

First HD FM Station in the Philippines

Radio Mindanao Network has announced the commencement of HD Radio™ Multicast broadcasting in the Philippines, using a Nautel HD Radio FM transmitter. Station iFM 93.9 DWKC in Manila became the first commercial station in the country to broadcast with HD Radio technology as a limited test in 2006. This month, the station added another first when they expanded to full power broadcasting three digital audio channels in its current single frequency, using HD Radio multicasting capabilities, in addition to their traditional analog signal.


DWKC is operating their facility in hybrid mode, using their existing 35kW transmitter for the analog signal and a new Nautel 1kW HD Radio transmitter for the digital signal. The system includes Nautel’s M50 digital exciter as well as Importer and Exporter. Design and installation was provided by Broadcast World Philippines, one of the country’s most respected and experienced system integrators.


Three channels of digital programming are being broadcast by RMN in their HD Radio multicast operation. “We are excited and proud to be the first broadcaster in the Philippines to offer this advanced technology to our listeners,” said Engr. Charley S. Canoy, Vice-President for Engineering of RMN. “Our HD Radio multicast gives RMN listeners even more choices in radio entertainment and information. We look forward to incorporating this technology throughout our network in the coming months and years.”



“Radio Mindanao Network has a long and honored position in the Philippines of leading the industry, and Nautel is pleased to be part of their landmark achievement,” said Peter Conlon, President and CEO of Nautel Ltd. “We look forward to working with RMN in the future as they continue the advancement of broadcast technology in their country.”


“The leadership demonstrated by Radio Mindanao Network in their adoption of HD Radio multicasting is a boost not only for digital radio, but for the broadcasting business in the Philippines, Asia and around the world,” said Perry Priestley, Director, International Broadcast Business Development at iBiquity Digital Corporation. “Creative, dedicated broadcasters who are investing in revolutionary technology are good for continued healthy growth of HD Radio broadcasting and the radio industry in general.”


The Radio Mindanao Network was founded by Henry R. Canoy in 1952. The group, which will celebrate its 55th anniversary on-air in August 2007, owns and operates more than 50 AM, FM and TV stations throughout the Philippines.


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