Gimme More Britney Spears : New Single Leaked Out and This image is taken from

Fans and the not-so-fans of Britney’s bizzare behavior will start feasting on her new studio album, with the “leak out” of her fifth studio album’s “Gimme More”.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the track is “up-tempo club cut produced by Timbaland protégé Nate ”Danjahandz” Hills (Justin Timberlake, T.I.). ”Gimme More” was also reported as the name of the music video that Spears was spotted shooting in July. (Representatives for Jive, Spears’ label, did not return calls seeking comment.)

”People are going to love [the new single],” raved the source. ”It’s like when Justin came back [with FutureSex/LoveSounds] — she’s got a whole new sound. She’s funky.”

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Let’s Go Down South

We’ve added seven new streaming stations here at Radio Jingles.This time, we’re going down south. So for those who missed CDO and Butuan, enjoy the treats.

  • Killerbee CDO
  • Killerbee Butuan
  • i-FM 99.1 CDO
  • Real Radio Bislig
  • Love Radio 96.9 CDO
  • Yes FM 104.7CDO
  • Home Radio 93.5 CDO

  • ReelWorld Resing for Wow FM New York now on

    Playlist Update for August 2007


    Photo from WikipediaThe “High School Musical” kids were expecting big things for the just-premiered “High School Musical 2.” But they weren’t taking the big ratings for granted, either. Now, the accompanying soundtrack looks likely to debut tomorrow (Aug. 22) at No. 1 on The Billboard 200.

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    We’ve added new playlist items on our playlist update page. You can view the new playlist items here.

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    PROD GOD replaces the VOICEOVER LORD


    Star 94 is switching from James to Foxx. Yes, or could it be? Rumor has it that Dave Foxx, Creative Services Director and the centennial voice of WHTZ Z100 New York, will be replacing Brian James as the official imaging voice for WSTR Star 94 Atlanta. As a response to competing station WWWQ Q100 FM, Star 94 aired a summer promo that went “thanks for making us Atlanta’s #1 Top 40 Station” which was voiced by Dave Foxx. Aside from this, there have been other Foxx-voiced promos aired at Star 94 and Foxx’s works have been given much exposure while Brian James’ imaging is getting less.

    WSTR Program Director, Dan Bowen, can have all the discretion in the world to change the official voice for the station. Especially in a tight market like Atlanta, Dave Foxx is definitely a fitting voice for a CHR station that wants to sound fresh.


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    Monster News Imaging Service from Jones TM

    JuggerNaut Plus

    Jones TM has just announced the metamorphosis of American News Talk Radio imaging. Introducing the Juggernaut Plus from Jones TM (

    Juggernaut is the first true “Imaging Service” for News/Talk radio.  More than a disc of jingles or sweepers, Juggernaut is a full-spectrum imaging service that covers every aspect of News/Talk programming.  From traditional news, sports and weather themes, to promo and production elements.  The 5,297 themes and elements in Juggernaut weld the diverse programming on News/Talk into one solid brand.

    Listen to demo here

    RadioJingles News Widget for Myspace, Friendster, WordPress …


    our radiojingles blidget -- add this on your profilepageHow about getting the latest juice from the jingle world and the radio imaging universe right from your own Myspace, Facebook or Friendster profile? has come up with a cool widget, that lets you display the latest radio jingle news on your page. Aptly called – RadioJingle Blidget, you can place this anywhere on your profile page, About Me, Interests, Hobbies, just as long as MySpace or Friendster will allow it. Now, you’ll never miss out on the hottest jingle imaging news.

    Here’s the code for this blidget, copy paste this on your About Me, or anywhere on your profile where widgets are allowed.


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     <embed src=""  name="InsertWidget_67cb0e50-b102-410d-ab69-26f3991f3ed6"  width="170px" height="418px" quality="high" menu="false" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" align="middle" /> </object>

    Ann DeWig Versus Kelly Doherty

    Thanks to Van for providing us mp3s of iFM’s pwede jingles. We don’t have any permission, however, to post the jingles. But we hope to have some soon. Thanks any for the kind words Van.




    Ann DeWigKelly Kelly KellyOur team at didn’t have a hard time looking for a perfect title for this weekend’s article. We are just so amazed by the influence of these two great VO stars. We particularly love, Ann DeWig. We are alwasy blown away but how she delivers her VO lines. And the fact, that she’s heard from all three jingle companies ReelWorld, IQ Beats and Jones TM, Ann is really a big star.


    During the last couple of years, we’ve also been astonished by how this new female voice wows the radio land with her sexy sultry voice. Kelly Doherty is the official voice behind all Z100’s promos. What’s interesting however is that Kelly’s voice is confused as being Ann’s.


    Hmmm.. check out the full article at




    This is only a teaser, but we’d like to give you a hint on what’s cooking next week at We’ll be posting a resing of a very popular ReelWorld package. In addition to some ReelWorld ONE updates. Plus more ear candies for jingle anoraks.




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