What To Do When Registering A Domain Name For Your Radio Station Website

Registering A Domain Name for Your Radio Station Website

In this article:

  • Learn why Myspace, Friendster or Facebook is not enough
  • How to create domain name for your station monicker
  • And where to go for reputable domain name registrars

Most radio stations today are counting on free web hosts and especially social networking sites to promote their programming and to get hold of a competitive listener market. And while social network websites like MySpace, Facebook and Friendster help radio stations keep their listeners updated of the latest having your own domain name or in short, “own website” will bring in more benefits.

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How To Make Sweepers & Liners That Jump Out Of The Speaker

How to Make Sweepers & Liners That Jump Out Of The Speaker

One of the biggest challenges of producing a station liner is how to effectively turn a 3 seconder into a memorable station imaging piece. Recently, I made some liners for DJ Sky of Sky FM Online, the task is to make a series of liners with just a simple copy, bearing only the words “DJ Sky on Sky FM”.

Since it’s short, the produced ID should be made quick and tight, yet audible enough for the listener to digest the message. When it came time to record the liners, I made different reads and takes. I went from fast to slow and choose only the best voice tracks.

When it was time to enhance the raw voice over, I needed to apply industry-standard tweakings to make the liners pop out of the speakers. On the illustration below, you’ll see the original waveform of the raw voice track.

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The Most Important Personal Characteristic of A Sales Person

Sales Tip from the RAB Training Academy:

By Mike Mahone, Executive VP, RAB Services

At a recent RAB Radio Sales Training Academy program for managers, one of the students asked me what I thought was the most important personal characteristic of a successful Radio salesperson.

At lot of ideas came to mind, including the desire to succeed, commitment to the job, willingness to work hard, ability to overcome obstacles, eagerness to have performance measured and rewarded, etc. But it occurred to me that one of the key traits of the best salespeople I know is having an insatiable curiosity.

Great Radio salespeople always want to know more! More about marketing and advertising; more about Radio; more about their competitors; more about the industries they’re calling on; and most importantly, more about the wants and needs of their clients and prospects.

Someone once said that “knowledge is power.” Actually, that’s not true. Knowledge is potential. Applied knowledge is power. But when applied properly, knowledge provides the momentum that drives success.

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Why Pinoy Radio Stations Are Superior Over American Stations

Why Pinoy Radio Stations Are Superior Over American Stations

If I am to compare the present state of Philippine radio stations against US stations, I say Pinoy stations are way superior. Programming wise and sales wise, Philippine stations are more effective. Here is a list to explain.

1. Our music programming is far better than theirs.

Here in the Philippines, there are five formats that thrive Newstalk, Hot AC, AC, CHR and Contemporary Christian. In America, there is a radio station for each conceivable format. However, our playlists here in the Philippines are not limited to Top 40 songs. Programs are more diverse and the choice of music being aired are far broader. You don’t get to hear the same song in the next 30 minutes here in our country.

2. Our shows are more localized.

Syndicated shows are good, they keep listeners hooked, improve sales and lower expenses. But programming consolidation kills program localization. That is why most major FM networks in the Philippines prefer to have their stations programmed locally. Yes FM’s Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper are famous in Manila, but they have local hosts for their morning shows at Yes FM Davao.

3.  Our station imaging and branding are more creative.

Radio monikers in the US sound the same wherever you are. Of course it also happens here in the Philippines. But come on, these radio station names are just so unique Wow Nindota Ah!, Radyo Natin, OK FM, Bigsound FM, Thunder Radio, Lovely FM, Campus FM, Barangay LS, My Only Radio, For Life 101.9 and Lupig Sila.

4. Our radio talents here are more talented.

Our disc jockeys here don’t just make bla blas on air. They do sales, they prepare the news, they produce commercials and promo spots.

This is perhaps the reason why our disc jockeys are in demand abroad. I know a pinoy DJ who now works at E fm in Sri Lanka. And if you happen to know Supermario, he used to be at Yes FM Manila, today, he’s a very popular jock at Power 98 FM in Singapore.

Another reason why our radio industry in the Philippines is still very healthy compared to Americans, is the fact that we are not plagued with media competition. iPods sure are a hit in the country, but our radio stations are not threatened with their existence. American stations do, in fact, iPod is not only their biggest threat, they have internet radio and satellite radio. Philippine radio stations do not keep a top 40 playlist that’s why our listeners don’t get bored. Our stations produce creative, original and local flavored shows that’s why our listeners stick. And best of all, we’ve got killer talents! So even if iPods and mp3 players become so affordable, people will still listen to terrestrial radio here in the Philippines.

What’s happing in the radio world, elsewhere:

Sales Tip from the RAB Training Academy: Seeing the Client and Keeping the Agency Happy

John Potter, VP/Director, RAB Radio Training Academy

It makes sense to call directly on the client even if the client has an advertising agency. We not only learn of clients’ objectives first-hand, but we build relationships.

So what happens when the agency tells you to stay away from the client and deal only with the agency? “If you call on the client I’ll never buy your station again!” Here are just four ideas:

1. Some sales managers tell salespeople their job is on the line if they do not call on all clients, whether there is an agency or not. The salesperson can now say: “I respect that you are asking me to not call on the client, but I can lose my job if I don’t.”

2. Softly tell the agency: “The client belongs to both of us and I must maintain contact with them as well as with you.”

3. Stop by clients and thank them for their business. If the agency is unhappy, you can assure them you were only thanking the client.

4. My favorite explanation to your agency: “I am not going to present specific information to the client. I present that to you and your agency. But if I talk to the client and learn the client’s objectives directly from him/her, I will be a better resource to you by bringing you only the most relevant recommendations.”

These don’t work all of the time, but we must try to get to clients to maximize revenue.

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99.5 Campus FM Aircheck

99.5 Campus FM Aircheck

I pulled a Campus FM off air montage last night, I caught Jimmy Jam on the air from 5-7 pm. He was having this cut-by-the-vocals ‘syndrome’ which is of course common among DJs. It was like at the top of the 5 pm drive when Jimmy Jam introed a Linkin Park song only to be caught by the vocals. I am always been a big fan of Jimmy Jam, but I believe the guy has an excellent talent in reinventing himself. Not because he was absent for a while in a CHR radio, but his style is just so 90s. (I’m sorry)

Big deep voices on the radio are not obsolete, they sound best in promos and liners. These days, what sells and cuts through in DJing are the boy-next door type of DJ voices. Gone are the days of the old Rick Dees or Casey Casem style of disc jockeying, so I should say my dear friend should reinvent himself.

Not in a way, that he should sound like a 16 year old kid. It’s just that the usual DJing stuff just don’t cut it anymore.

Anyway, I’d like to commend 99.5 Campus FM for a having a decent radio station imaging. Nothing beats a simple non-processed voiceover liners that say the words “99.5 Campus FM Is The Number One Hit Music Station in Metro Manila”. The traffic promo was nicely done, just lengthy though.

Check out the aircheck here.

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Not being a devil’s advocate, just want to hear the best sounds on Philippine radio. After all, that’s what we are known to be — good talent.

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