Will 99.5 Campus FM Be Successful? Questions About the Return of Campus Radio

I was so damn right when I guessed that Campus Radio will be returning today as Campus FM. Please refer to my blog post on March 13, 2008 here “Campus Radio Returns Easter Sunday as Campus FM?”.

99.5 Campus FM SuccessI also would like to congratulate jsbata at PEX for guessing the right dial point for Campus Radio’s return. Please refer to his post here. But above all I would like to congratulate Real Radio, Jimmy Jam, John Hendrix, the Campus Radio fans, to those who helpe in the petition and everyone responsible for the return of the legend. Hats off! Now, the buzz about the return of Campus Radio was unquestionably hot. It turned out to be a very successful publicity stunt, so again congratulations to all of you. In the coming days,  you will start raking serious money. You have successfully grabbed, combined and built a good market.

The questionable part however is that will this Campus Radio/Campus FM-return frenzy stay for long. Will this give Real Radio high ratings? Will Jimmy Jam and John Hendrix and the rest of the Campus FM staff live up to the expectations of the listeners? Will it turn out to be a real HIT this time? Will Jimmy Jam and John Hendrix become a victim again of MASS TERMINATION?

The answer? We will never know.

The Latest in Radio Production Land:


2 Days To Go Before Campus Radio Relaunch

Campus Radio Relaunch

It’s midnight of March 21, 2008 when I wrote this post, just barely two days before the re-opening, re-broadcast and re-launch of the new Campus Radio. Easter Sunday definitely means the start of the new school year.

Meanwhile, here’s a fresh radio sales tip from RAB, great to use when sales drive resumes on Monday.

Team Approach – Use a team approach toward marketing. Include input from manufacturer brand managers and field marketers, category managers and store ops. When learning about a retailer, determine key initiatives and destination categories in order to find the most powerful decision makers and create programs with the best chance of gaining approval.

Source: John Munson, Morrison and Abraham, jmunson@morrisonandabraham.com, 781-986-2100. If you liked this tip, you will love Morrison and Abraham s industry trainings and sales tool called Sellers Source.

The latest buzz in radio imaging and production:

Jesse McCartney Is Leavin Teeny Bop Songs

Jesse McCartney is surely stripping off his teeny boppy appeal with his latest single called “Leavin”. “Leavin” is a rhyhtmic pop music track that’s sure to be a big hit this summer here in the Philippines. In the U.S. the Jesse McCartney song is slowly gaining more frequent rotations in the spring playlist.

The video for Leavin has indeed made Jesse McCartney leave his cutie approach with sexy scenes. The song Leavin itself is  also a testament of McCartney’s drive to get into more mature music making. In fact, you can hardly hear traces of the old Jesse McCartney sound which I found awfully resembling Aaron Carter or his brother Nick.

Check out the video or better yet add an mp3 widget of this new song for your Facebook, Myspace or Friendster here. If your station has not been playing this song lately, well, you better do.

Get MP3 widget code of Leavin by Jesse McCartney on ProfileLayouts.Blogspot.com

Playlist Update For March 2008: Spotlight on Taylor Swift ‘Our Song’

Fresh country pop star Taylor Swift tops this month’s most promising hit makers. Taylor Swift who became a household name with her single “Tear Drops On My Guitar” is back with another country cutie track called “Our Song”. C heck out the video.

In the meantime, here are the rest of the March 2008 Playlist Update this month here on RadioJingles.wordpress.com:

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Radio Sales Tip: How To Avoid Client Snubs On The Phone

How To Avoid Client Snubs Via Phone

Okay, let’s face it, making a radio sales transaction via phone is one of the most dreadful experiences any radio sales person has. Once, you get the other line ringing you get to have that uneasy feeling that your prospect client might reject your call. Now, here’s a good tip on how you can avoid getting phone snubs. Remember to be courteous and be smart, don’t try to sound too much of a radio sales person. Here’s a good advice from RAB.

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A Good Script for An Optical Radio Ad Commercial

A Good Script for Optical Radio Ad Commercial

One of the most annoying ads I get to hear and produce even myself are ads for Vintage Vision International, a chain of optical clinics. Radio stations from Visayas and Mindanao are more familiar with this. More often than not, the client would provide the script. But can they think of another?

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BBC DJ Forgets To Turn On Mic

During the last four days, news struck the radio world when community radio DJ volunteer Andy Greener forgot to push the mic button and instead spent an hour talking to himself. Good thing, there were songs and jingles that backed up Greener and saved his radio career. Here is the news clip from www.BBC.co.uk

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