Mix FM Davao Stops Online Radio Streaming

Pinoy Online Streaming Radio Stations, Red Hot Mix FM DavaoWhen I listen to pinoy online stations, there are only three stations I listen to — iFM 93.9 Manila, 96.3 WRock (which of course is now down) and Red Hot Mix FM 105.9 Davao. Their streaming capabilities have recently been down. In fact, the Red Hot Mix FM streaming link at eRadioPortal.com also had some problems.

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2008 Predictions for Radio Imaging

You think you’ve had enough of those 2008 predictions? Well, I’ve also come up with my own predictions this year for radio imaging and production, as well for programming. Last year, the trend for radio imaging was to go street lingo! Love Radio’s “Bisyo Na To!” catch phrases are still doing well. In Cebu, ABS-CBN’s 97.1 M.O.R. is topping the survey with their catchy “Lupig Sila” and coming in second is GMA’s 99.5 RT with “Nindota Ah!”

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Can Radio People Manipulate Radio Ratings – Surveys?

It is without doubt that the ratings-survey blues that both ABS-CBN and GMA Network, including AGB Nielsen Philippines are facing right now are really making a huge wave of doubt about how surveys are made here in the Philippines. Both networks have already aired spots stating their position on the issue. While we should leave this to the court, we can’t help but think how credible are the ratings results and surveys conducted in our country, especially for the radio broadcast industry.

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WRock Website Soon To Re-launch

Hi there guys, it’s been a while since we haven’t updated this blog. Thanks for always giving us a hit. So far, your most favorite click is the WRock streaming link. Unfortunately, the site is still down and parked. And one of the people behind WRock network also emailed us about the site’s whereabouts. Well, the WRock people told us that their website is going to be up and running soon, we don’t know yet how soon is soon, but fans of the best loved adult contemporary station in the Philippines will surely gonna be enjoying the songs of WRock 96.3, especially those who are living abroad right now, they kind of missed the feel of WRock music.

Thanks to the team at 96.3 WRock for the update.

Queen of Pinoy TV-Radio Commercial Jingles

This is probably the cutest TV commercial produced this year. The concept itself, the production, everything about the commercial pulled it off. But what really catches the attention of many is the rendition of the Apo Hiking Society classic “Ewan” which was sung in different dialects.

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Make Your Advertisers Happy this Christmas

By: Radio Kikay

It’s the time of the year again when advertisers flock in. I mean the
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Love Radio Tambalan Album, Nakalurkei!

Finally, after a long wait is over to the maximum level eclavou! I could not imagine myself talking that way, but needless to say, the Tambalang Nicole-Hyala and Chris-tsuper has now become a household and FX staple. Just recently, rumors have been circulating about a Love Radio Tambalan album that will include songs sung by no less than the Tambalan themselves – Nicole-Hyala and Chris-tsuper. Continue reading Love Radio Tambalan Album, Nakalurkei!

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