How Can Two Identical Stations Have Different Ratings?

How is it that two stations in the same market playing nearly identical playlists have drastically different ratings?

The answer actually lies in their radio imaging. Radio imaging is the branding of your radio station. Imaging is the audio art that identifies your station in the listeners mind. In the beginning this work of art is fragile and flexible, easy to bend and shape as the station evolves. Eventually the image hardens, and the mold has been set …

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KS95 2007: A Spin-Off To KS95 2005

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The Return Of KS95 was crafted as a companion and sequel to our KS95 2005 package.  Zone’s original KS95 station logo was developed into 15 primary cuts with all the trimmings, shotguns and mixouts provided; 4-voice vocal group is standard.

KFWB: Color Radio Jingles Once Again

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XM Satellite Radio will turn back the hands of time from one to six PM on Friday as it showcases the legendary KFWB Color Radio personalities and playlist from the sixties on the 60s XM Channel.

As usual the 60s channel main man, Terry Motormouth will spearhead the said special program aptly called Sonic Sound Salutes. Terry will be playing most of the playlist item during the era of KFWB Color Radio. To make it more authentic, actual recordings and radio jingles are going to be aired.

Among the Color Radio KFWB personalities that will be honored are Gary Owens, Wink Martindale, Jim Hawthorne, Gene Weed, Bill Balance, Ted Quillin, Elliot Reid, B. Mitchell Reed and Bruce Hayes.

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103 1/2 Max FM (DWKX 103.5 MHz Metro Manila, formerly Heart 103.5 and K-Lite 103.5) is an FM station owned by Advanced Media Broadcasting System (a subsidiary of Quest Broadcasting Inc. through The Radio Partners) in the Philippines. The station’s studio is located at Jollibee Plaza, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


In November of 2006, the management of K-Lite decided to reformat and reorganize the station. In December of the same year, it presented the new format (Heart 103.5) with new on-air personalities. They even transferred their studio to Jollibee Plaza in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


History & Programming


as K-Lite (1995-2006)


Seven of Manila’s best disc jockeys set out to form a radio station that would best the much-established and well-known old hands of the industry. The new station occupied the full air time formerly handled by the defunct gold standard music station DWCX (103.5 CS) and changed its call sign to DWKX. K-Lite started airing on October 23, 1995. Within a few months, it became the favourite radio station of the young professionals and more outspoken listeners.


Offering the best of adult contemporary music and spicing everyday music fare with daring, thought provoking talk, Manila’s “First InterActive Radio Station” became a reality. Through the years, K-Lite aired quality talk shows including the groundbreaking program, Talk Back with Joshua (replaced by Vince in 2005) and Jinji, as well as Nightlite with Li’l David, Monica and The Blade, Sportslite with Anthony Suntay, Twisted with Jessica Zafra. K-Lite made radio talk shows a staple in FM radio.


The station changed its format to attract more audiences from different demographics. From “Right Kind of Lite” format in the late 1990s to “Best Music of the 80s, 90s & Today” in the turn of the century to “Manila’s Lite Alternative” in 2003 to 2006. K-Lite began playing alternative rock and sometimes hard rock music on a more frequent basis.


103.5 K-Lite made promotional events that meant more than just parties. The station brought their loyal listeners to get front row seats to the Grammy Awards, International concert tours and celebrity events, and later on, serving free Starbucks Coffee to the call centre agents in the past few years. K-Lite also made its milestone as the very first radio station that covered The Dodgeball Cup on The Morning Brew.


Disc jockeys of K-Lite made their final broadcast together on November 30, 2006 to give thanks to their beloved listeners.


as Heart FM (2007)


On January 1, 2007, Heart 103.5 debuted on the airwaves as “Easy Listening the Way it Should Be. The format was easy listening (a mix of contemporary alternative & R&B). They later switched their slogan to “Easy Listening. Redefined.”


The lineup consisted of the shows as “THE RIDE” with Janice & Migz from 6-10am, “THE WORKSPACE” with Micky from 10am-2pm, “THE PITSTOP” with Claudine from 2-4pm, & “SUNDOWN” with Tanya from 4-8pm. Past shows: “THE CHATROOM” with Lia from 8pm-12MN & “THE FLIGHT” with Mikey from 12MN-4am.


Heart 103.5 had a number of promotional events in the span of six months (Heart Cinemania Premieres, Drives & Jives Stickering, Heart on Air & Ice, Voices for Albay, and others). But in May 2007, Heart 103.5 sponsored “The Best Damn Thing” Contest where they sent one of their loyal listeners to Hong Kong to meet Avril Lavigne in person for a special Asian Launch of her album “The Best Damn Thing” at the Hong Kong Convention Center.


Also in May 2005, Heart 103.5 won the award for Caltex Fastbreak to the NBA Promo as “The Best Radio Station in Execution of a Promo” beating out other competing radio stations (Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, Hit 99.5, and Cross Over 105.1).


On June 18th, 2007, the Heart personalities made their final broadcast as a group.


Though Heart lasted for only six months, due to management & other issues it was reformatted as “103 1/2 Max”.


103 1/2 Max FM (2007)


“At exactly 9:00 p.m. of June 19, 2007 (originally planned 12:00am July 2nd, 2007), Manila was surprised as 103.5 presented a new format that sounds more mature. Music covers both old and new his but with a new station name: 103 1/2 MAX FM. Their slogan is “In Tune with Manila!!!”


Disc Jockeys, Newscasters, Hosts


as K-Lite (1995-2006)


“The Right Kind of Lite”


* Joe Schmoe

* Martin Gil

* Paul Reno

* Dick Rees

* Joshua

* Don Henry

* Jinji

* Monica

* Jay Latin

* Lannie Chan

* The Blade

* Li’l David

* Lindy

* Sonny B.

* Billy

* Vince

* Amy Godinez

* Jessica Zafra

* Anthony Suntay



“Manila’s Lite Alternative”


* Vitto Lazatin

* Ron South

* Janice Racelis

* Micky Deles

* Mylinda

* Anjanette

* Melissa

* Hilary

* Karen

* Alan Ranch

* Carl

* Carlo Tirona

* Eric

* Nigel

* Borgy Manotoc



as Heart FM (2007)


* Claudine Najera (formerly Jam 88.3)

* Janice Racelis (formerly K-Lite)

* Micky Deles (formerly K-Lite)

* Tanya Hotchkiss

* Migz Anzures


Past Heart FM DJs


* Lia Cruz

* Mikey Preysler


as Max FM (2007)


* The Sarge (former Magic 89.9 Station Manager)

* King DJ Logan (from Magic 89.9)

* Tetta News (from Magic 89.9)

* Bryan Scott (from 99.5RT/HIT FM 99.5)

* Drei Ball (from Magic 89.9/commercial model and actor)

* Johnny Z

* Chris Riley

* Carl McFly (from K-Lite 103.5/Killer Bee/Mellow 94.7)

* Micky (from K-Lite 103.5/Heart 103.5)

* and many more…

Reelworld Jingles Invade Christian Contemporary Music Stations 

CCM or Christian Contemporary Music formatted FM stations were only limited to the leftovers of some AC and Hot AC jingles. In recent years however, times have changed. Now you get to hear Christian Contemporary Music stations using CHRish jingle package.

The latest of which is the Hallam FM package from Reelworld. Christian FM sounds really perfect with the Hallam FM and their slogan “the station that loves you” fits well with the Hallam FM’s original slogan “your station, your music”. Before hand Hallam FM, another Christian Contemporary Music station also commissioned Reelworld to do their jingle imaging. Pulse FM turned to the KIIS LA 2004 package and is now frequently aired at Pulse FM.

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