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Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards Malaki Na Ang Naipon Para Sa Future

Despite what is happening now with the health emergency the world is facing, Maine Mendoza remains to be resilient and in fact she is very hands on with helping those who are in need in these times of crisis.

Much can also be said for Alden Richards, who also spearheads and is active in many relief efforts.

Image from The Maine Channel subscribe to their channel and watch their video here

However many are worried about the career future of Maine and Alden because they are really dependent on showbizness. Well, that is where they are wrong, in fact Maine and Alden are not so dependent on showbiz that they have already invested in various businesses. They both have McDonalds franchises. Alden has Conchas which is now a chain of restaurants. Maine has many investments too and her family owns gasoline station franchises.

With the huge amount of return from their blockbuster movies and projects, for sure Maine and Alden already have substantial savings that will make them sustainable in the future even if they decide to raise a family soonest.

For now the two are focused on provide aid to those who are in need.

Maine and Alden Iisa Pa Rin; Wake Up Call Sa Kanila ang Home Sheltering Ngayon

Hindi talaga maikakaila na eye opener talaga ang nangyayari ngayong health crisis sa lahat ng tao. Even more so para sa phenomenal couple na sina Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. Lessons such as giving more importance and time to family, health and that dapat magprepare for the future.

Image by Team Salvador Vlog watch the video here

Which is why Maine and Alden in terms of finances have invested early in business by franchising McDonalds. Sa kanila hindi lahat ng panahon ay may project sa showbizness kaya mainam na mag save and prepare for the future.

One area that Maine and Alden are also preparing are in their health. We are approaching summer and although at this time we do not know if we can go in the morning, what is certain is that, as every year, the boom in diets begins and we try to lose weight at all running. Not only is this not usually effective, but it also causes us to end up falling into the arms of unhealthy diets, miracles and detoxes that promise us immediate results, but that can affect our health.

When it comes to following a healthy diet and maintaining an adequate weight, it is important that we avoid these types of diets that, in addition, do not have any type of scientific evidence. What all the useful diets have in common to achieve the weight that corresponds to us is that, in reality, they are not so much diets as eating styles, they do not promise miracles and they have scientific endorsement .

Well-made Mediterranean diet

Sometimes we believe that, since we live in a Mediterranean country, all we currently eat is a Mediterranean diet. However, this is not the case. Currently, our eating style has been westernized, including many precooked, fried, ultra-processed foods, pastries and what is called “junk food” in our diet.

Diet does not prevent or cure coronavirus, although it can be of great help in protecting health from the pandemic

Diet does not prevent or cure coronavirus, although it can be of great help in protecting health from the pandemic
The original Mediterranean diet – which seems to be able to help us to have the healthy weight that corresponds to us – is based, however, mainly on the consumption of vegetables, fresh and seasonal foods, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats such as olive oil. olive, as well as the reduction of meat consumption and the elimination of ultra-processed foods . Also, it is important that we add physical activity to our life.

DASH diet

The DASH diet appeared at the time as a feeding protocol for people with hypertension . However, over time it was found that it could help us maintain a healthy weight. Not because it is some kind of miracle diet, but because it introduces us to the habit of basing our diet on vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, lean meat – from fish or poultry – or skimmed dairy products.

It offers a high content of fiber, potassium, calcium and magnesium . Not only that, but like most eating styles that can help us, this diet completely avoids ultra-processed foods, refined sugars or saturated fats, in addition to reducing the consumption of red meat and salt.

Real food

Real food or food based on real food has been gaining strength in recent years. The main thing about this style of eating is to completely move away from ultra-processed foods and base our diet on food that they call “real” because they can be purchased in the original way in which it arises. That is, without having undergone any processing, not even refining or minimal processing.

For this reason, fruit and vegetables – which may be frozen -, fish and meat, preferably lean, wholemeal flours and cereals that have not been refined, oils such as extra virgin olive oil with minimal refining, seeds, legumes, dairy products, would be consumed. or nuts. Also, it is important to avoid added sugars, which are usually a processing signal .

These foods can be complemented with what they call “good processed” in which the processing is minimal, such as canned fish, frozen vegetables, crushed natural tomato without added sugars, etc. In addition, increased physical activity is also recommended.

Paleo diet

A few years ago the paleo diet was very fashionable and, currently, there are still many followers of this style of eating. It is not surprising considering that this diet, well done, can help us achieve and maintain a healthy weight . Of course, we must know that quite a few myths have emerged regarding this diet and not all of them are real.

Specifically, the paleo diet is based on a specific eating style followed during the Paleolithic – since there were several – and we say well, “it is based”. And the idea is not to eat exactly the same, but to adapt that style of eating to our current needs. The idea, as in many of the previous ones, is that we eat food and not products.

Therefore, what we will consume the most in this diet are vegetables . Also fish, lean meats, fruit, seeds, nuts and carbohydrates from tubers . In this case, no legumes or dairy are consumed.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is on everyone’s lips. Even Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth admit to following this type of diet . In this case it is not a diet either, but a feeding protocol . In this case we must bear in mind that it is a form of food that is not made for everyone and that will have to adapt to each one of us.

If we are going to follow it, it is recommended that we consult with a nutritionist who can help us. The idea is that we calculate the number of calories we need to consume based on our needs. We will consume these calories during the hours in which it is possible to eat and the rest of the hours we will only consume non-caloric drinks such as tea or coffee.

There are different fasting plans, one of the best known is the 8/16 in which all the calories of the day are consumed in the eight hours in which it is allowed to consume food, and the other 16 are fasted . Doing this can be difficult for some people, so we will have to find the formula that works best for us . In any case, what we should know is that not only does it matter the hours we eat, but the food we eat.

Ideally, during that the calories we consume are not empty , but provide us with the necessary nutrients. We will achieve this by consuming good food and moving away from products.

Atlantic diet

The Atlantic diet is based on the typical and traditional eating style of Galicia and Portugal . It is based on the consumption of seasonal and local food, assorted fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, legumes, potatoes, vegetables and whole grains.

Daily dairy consumption is also recommended , as well as moderation in meat consumption, but it can be varied. The consumption of liquids such as water is recommended to be high and food is recommended to be cooked in stews, grilled or grilled.

Change of habits

In general, one of the things that works best when it comes to losing weight when it comes to eating is to change your habits . A diet that helps us to have a healthy weight will be one that is based on an increase in the consumption of vegetables, fruit and vegetables.

Spending more calories is more effective in not gaining weight than restricting what we eat, according to the latest study

Spending more calories is more effective in not gaining weight than restricting what we eat, according to the latest study
It is also recommended that we change the consumption of cereals and refined flours for other whole grains . We can also increase the consumption of legumes, seeds and nuts. But it does not only matter what we increase, but what we reduce: therefore, reducing the consumption of ultra-processed foods, added sugars, industrial pastries, junk food, etc., is important.

Of course, it will help us to change other habits such as increasing water consumption and reducing alcohol consumption , avoiding tobacco and doing more sports and physical activity. In other words, not only do more sports, but also move more in general.

Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards Sikretong Nag uusap Dahil sa Pangungulila? Single still hot on charts

Maine Mendoza’s latest single is still running on music charts. Parang Kailan Lang debuted this year on iTunes and other digital stores and soared high immediately joining the ranks of big shot singles from KPOP giants such as BTS.

Photo from PINASSHOWBIZ NEWS NGAYON Watch video here

Eto na nga siempre ang mga naging fanfiction na topic ng maraming ADNs ngayon sa socmed. Paano kaya ngayon ang mga bibis, nag eexchange ng messages sa phone and messenger. Kasi sobrang tagal na hindi sila nag uusap. Well, this could be a possibility or not, tanging sila lang ang nakakaalam.

One thing is for sure, busy sina Alden and Maine sa pamimigay ng tulong sa mga apektado ng health crisis.

Buhos ang mga donasyon mula sa mga kompanya. Siempre si Maine galing din mismo sa kanyang bulsa ang mga tulong niya. Maine is blessed for the past few years because of the big endorsements from brands like MAC.

MAC has been increasing its sales not just here in the Philippines dahil sa success ng products ni Maine but worldwide because of the corporate social responsibility.

More news about MAC worldwide:

For a limited edition, MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Mattel to imagine a lipstick with the image of the famous Barbie doll. Unlike the clichés, the choice of shade is far from the neon pink long associated with the Barbie look.

After Rihanna, Mariah Carey or more recently Aya Nakamura, MAC Cosmetics is collaborating with a new influencer of size: the famous Barbie by Mattel! The iconic doll that has just turned 61 on March 9, now has its own shade of red lips of record at MAC . The color in question? A rosewood with a comfortable mat finish, designed to flatter all skin tones. Far from resembling the neon pink bubble gum that has long characterized the lips of the original Barbie , this sober and chic shade is much easier to wear on a daily basis. If it is ideal for a nude make-up during the day, the most daring can pimp thelipstick by combining it with a shiny or glittery lip gloss for evening makeup . On the packaging side, its bling bling golden case is stored in a flashy pink box that does not go unnoticed in the handbag. A cult object to collect, both for fans of make-up and the legendary Barbie doll !

Long criticized for its stereotypical plastic and considered far from reality, for some time now Barbie has diversified thanks to the “Fashionistas” line created in 2016. The blonde Barbie with original blue eyes is now available in 4 morphologies, 7 skin tones, 22 colors and 24 different hairstyles. In line with the “body positive” movement , exclusive doll models are inspired by celebrities encouraging diversity, such as the top Ashley Graham or the French footballer Amandine Henry.

Maine Mendoza Nagwagi Sa Kanyang Contribution sa Industriyang Ito

Congratulations sa nagiisang Maine Mendoza dahil of course she never fails to wow us again with the release of her new products from MAC. In fact maraming cosmetics experts and enthusiasts are now raving for Maine’s new items and because of this winner si Maine sa industry ng beauty.

Panooring ang naging review ni Raf below

In other Mac related news, dahil sa continued success and effectiveness ni Maine, MAC continues its partnership and collaboration with Maine.

In fact in many markets around the world like US, in Europe, MAC continues to rely on word of mouth and of course social media influencing.

The American cosmetics brand Mac has established itself as the market leader. But the competition is approaching with new concepts and social media strategies. The group has to rethink. How can this be achieved and why are white shops important for this?

Mac Cosmetics Instagram account has almost 22 million followers. This makes the US make-up brand the world’s largest account dedicated to decorative cosmetics. Yet. Because Kylie Jenner almost caught up with Mac with her own beauty label and 20.6 million followers. And even smaller labels are gaining more and more popularity with innovative products, millennial packaging design and pink shops and are pushing for shares in the beauty market.

Today Mac Cosmetics, which once started as an independent brand, belongs to the Estée Lauder group. The label is now reinventing itself not only in the German market – here in Germany one is trying, for example, with TV cooperations (the “Perfect Shot” show is running on Pro Sieben), “Influencer” collections and redesigned shops that have been specially adapted for older target groups become.

Linda Höck, managing director of Mac Cosmetics Germany, talks about what the new concept looks like in an interview.

Anyone who has ever been backstage at a fashion show or is interested in beauty cannot avoid the Mac myth and its products. How did the brand manage to assert itself as the market leader in the prestige segment?

Linda Höck: This is because the brand was specially developed for backstage . In 1994, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo mixed their products in their garage because they missed certain colors and actually only to use these products for their catwalk shows and photo shoots. Until they noticed that models stole the make-up because they were so excited. So they sold their products. In shops that only sold this one brand, were darkly decorated and played loud music. Like a parasite in the big beauty market.

Höck: Yes. Because the German woman is rather reserved about make-up. But with “Word of Mouth” and backstage looks , we’ve become number one in twenty years. Even though we never spent a cent on advertising. Not like other brands that advertise the entire country with a new product.

A large advertising budget is also hyped Beauty newcomers, such as the Blogger brand glossier from New York or Fenty Beauty no longer necessary. How is Mac responding to these new trends and independent brands today?

Höck: Exactly. Today it is possible again that brands from the garage become known. Only that this garage is Instagram. If you take a closer look at the trend and the competition, it is much more a question of what these brands copied from us. Not that they copied Mac, but what they translated into their brand language. Fenty Beauty relies on “diversity” , but Mac has always stood for the right color for every skin tone with its huge color selection. We only focus better now on communicating correctly. The same applies when a young brand comes and says: Hey, we have “ Social Responsibility” invented. The lipsticks in our Viva Glam series are already donated 100 percent of the proceeds. We’ve been pretty introverted so far, we didn’t want to overwhelm customers with our information. Today you have to rethink.

In contrast to the friendly, bright glossy store, where you feel like you are having a coffee gossip with friends.

Höck: We want to go there. But we develop new concepts for every target group. Smaller shops with personal advice, also in smaller cities like Flensburg and Paderborn for the older target group and on the other hand insta shopping and the availability at Zalando for the young generation Z.

Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards Uulitin ang Kanilang Nasimulan

Congratulations Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, as both of them have cemented their status in Philippine showbiz as certified big stars in their own right.

Listeners of Barangay LS expressed their excitement for their idols. In fact, the two already very big stars even during their early days as a love team. But you cannot deny it that not only in their home network, but in various industries such as endorsement, business and more, the two are definitely magnets of influence.

Maine Mendoza is scheduled to appear in an MPK episode and gaining more and more major brand endorsements, while Alden Richards continue to do projects on TV that he is really passionate about.

Meanwhile, there is not truth to the news that Maine is being axed as an endorser of Mac. In fact, she had released new products under the cosmetic brand.

The two right now maybe doing individual projects but fans hope someday they will return to what they started. Big love teams like Nora and Tirso, have made comeback projects before, so it would not be different with Maine and Alden.

For MAC fans abroad, here are some tips.

No matter whether the lipstick “Ruby Woo” or the foundation “Next to Nothing” – hardly any brand for decorative cosmetics has as many bestsellers as MAC.

But thanks to Instagram, many smaller brands are now able to offer products that everyone just wants. The US market in particular is now very competitive.

MAC often cheaper in the US and UK
That is why MAC offers many products in the UK and the USA at cheaper prices. In Germany, however, we have not yet been able to benefit from this.

But beauty blogger Magi now reveals a trick on how to get the products cheaper – you can simply order from the Look Fantastic UK shop .

From an order value of 20 euros, this shop sends free postage via DHL Express (delivery time approx. 4 working days).

Order via UK – and save up to 75 percent!
Another advantage: the customer service also answers inquiries that are sent in German. If something goes wrong, you have a contact person.

The price comparison is particularly worthwhile for MAC eyeshadows and their empty palettes. An example: The empty pallet costs 10 euros in Germany – you can get it for just 2.50 euros via Look Fantastic.

Our tip: It is not yet clear what will happen after the Brexit. So you shouldn’t hesitate too long to order in the British online shops …



Malaking Kompanya Nagpasalamat Kay Maine Mendoza Sa Malaking Tulong

You can really tell na malaki ang naitulong mo sa kompanya kung ikaw ay kukunin muli sa iyong serbisyo. Yan ang nangyari kay Maine Mendoza who once again is the face of Vivo for the launch of their new smartphone VIVO V17 PRO.

Ang nangungunang pandaigdigang kumpanya ng teknolohiya, si Vivo, ay nagbukas ng pangalawang set na midrange na smartphone para sa taon sa pamamagitan ng isang kaganapan na nagpapagana sa mga panauhin upang matuklasan at makaranas ng mga makabagong teknolohiya na nagbibigay-daan sa kanila na kumuka ng mga magagaling na larawan.

Sa pangunguna ni Vivo Philippines Vice President for Channel Sales, Hazel Bascon, at mga kilalang tao tulad ng TV at pelikula na artista na si Maine Mendoza, ang grand launch ng Vivo V17 Pro ay ginanap sa Shangri-La Hotel sa The Fort sa Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

V17 Pro na Knight Black at Crystal White ang iprinisinta.

Ang modelo at aktres na si Chienna Filomeno ay sumayaw sa medley ng Don’t Call Me, Taki-Taki at Señorita upang buksan ang kaganapan at pagbuo ng paghihintay para sa malaking paghahayag ng V17 Pro.

Ang Vivo Philippines Trade Marketing Supervisor, si Jomarie Morales ay nag-uusap tungkol sa mga pangunahing tampok ng Vivo V17 Pro, kasama ang pangkalahatang disenyo nito at hindi pa nakaraan na hanay ng 6 na mga camera. Ang bantog na litratista, si Xander Angeles, ay nagbahagi kung paano niya ginagamit ang iba’t ibang lente ng smartphone habang ipinapakita ang ilang mga imahe na kanyang nakuha.

Ang pinakatampok ng engrandeng paglulunsad ay ang pag-unlite ng kauna-unahang lokal na TVC ng smartphone, presyo ng tingi at mga detalye ng pre-order na nagbubunyag ng P21,999 na tag ng presyo sa pinakabagong midrange.

About the phone

Vivo V17 Pro is the new mid-range smartphone from the Chinese company announced in recent hours in India. With the official presentation it is possible to confirm the list of technical specifications and the aesthetics of the terminal several times anticipated in recent weeks . One technical solution stands out until now: it is in fact the first smartphone with a dual front popup camera .

As stated, V17 Pro is in fact equipped with a display with 6.44-inch Super AMOLED technology and FHD + resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC , 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The multimedia sector is worthy of attention, composed of 6 cameras : a rear camera with 48 + 8 + 13 + 2MP and the aforementioned double front with retractable mechanism and 32 + 8MP sensors, combined respectively with wide and ultra-wide optics. -wide (105 °).

The remaining hardware features include a 4,100 mAh battery with 18W Dual-Engine fast charge and a sensor for fingerprint recognition below the display.

6.44 “Super AMOLED display with FHD + resolution (2400 × 1080 pixels) in a 20: 9 ratio
SoC Octa-Core Snapdragon 675 with 11nm production process
Adreno 612 GPU
8GB of RAM memory
128GB of storage
Quadruple rear camera with 48 + 8 + 13 + 2MP (main f / 1.78 + ultra-wide f / 2.2 with Super Macro up to 2.5cm + Telephoto with 2x optical zoom and 10x digital f / 2.5 apertures + f / 2.4 depth)
Double front 32 + 8MP camera (f / 2.0 + f / 2.2)
Integrated fingerprint sensor on the display
Android 9.0 (Pie) operating system with Funtouch OS 9 software customization
3.5 mm audio jack, FM Radio
Connectivity: Dual 4G VoLTE, dual-band 802.11 ac WiFi, Bluetooth 5, GPS / GLONASS, USB Type-C
4.100mAh battery with 18W Dual-Engine fast charge

Congratulations Maine Mendoza International Achievement Na Naman Ang Nakuha

Maine Mendoza has another feather in the cap dahil kamakailan lang ay inannounce na nga ang multiple, yes multiple hindi lang isa kundi multiple international block screenings for IsaPa.

The playdates are October 17 in Papua New Guinea, October 18 for Saipan, October 24 for Middle East, October 25 for US and Canada, Oct 26 for UK, October 31 for Australia and New Zealand, and November 3 for Norway.


Sobrang proud ni Maine sa masterpiece nila ni Carlo Aquino because this is a such a quality film, not hindi lang puro pampakilig but with important lessons.

Recently ay Maine shared her experience working with Carlo Aquino, kasi meron pinakita na weird actions si Carlo during their shooting.

Related video

Tinalakay ni Maine Mendoza ang kakaibang pag-uugali ni Carlo Aquino habang kinukunan ang kanilang pelikula

Ayon kay Maine, naisip ng kawani na si Carlo ay nahaharap sa mga personal na problema sa paggawa ng pelikula dahil hindi nila ito makausap minsan

Gayunman, ipinaliwanag ni Maine na kumilos si Carlo nang ganoon dahil siya ay nag iinternalize ng mga eksena.

Ayon kay Maine, akala niila ay malubha at malungkot si Carlo habang nagtatrabaho sa proyekto. May mga oras din na naisip ng cast at crew na si Carlo ay nahaharap sa mga personal na problema dahil hindi nila ito makausap.

Gayunman, ipinaliwanag ni Maine na ganoon ang gawi ni Carlo habang nagpe prepare sa kanilang scenes..

“What surprised me most about Carlo was that there were times when he has to internalize scenes.

“I feel like we all needed it but not expecting from him because he has been in the business for so long.

“We really thought he is going through something tough because we really cant talk to him sometimes on the set.

“I was surprised that there was a time when we couldn’t really talk to him. We thought he had a problem.

“Turns out, he’s just preparing for the scene,”

Si Maine Mendoza, o si Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza sa totoong buhay, ay isang tanyag na Filipina showbiz personality. Nakakuha siya ng katanyagan pagkatapos ng kanyang mga “dubsmash” na video ay nag-viral sa online.

Maine Mendoza Binonggahan ang Career Sa Bagong Nakuhang Contrata

Maine Mendoza continues to be the country’s top most influential celebrity endorser. At patunay diyan ang sunud-sunod na mga offers and endorsements. Mind you hindi lang local kundi international.

Opisyal na inihayag ni Vivo si Maine Mendoza bilang pinakabagong ambasador, kasama ang isang bagong teaser ng paparating na V17 Pro.

Sa isang video screengrab mula sa account sa YouTube, ang phenomenal star ay makikitang nakahawak sa bagong phone na Vivo V17 Pro.

View the list of Maine Mendoza Endorsements below

Plano ng Vivo Philippines na i-highlight si Maine bilang pinakabagong ambassador hindi lamang sa pamamagitan ng pagtaguyod ng bagong telepono kundi pati na rin ang masayang brand sa Vivo at mga tagahanga nito. Makikita si Maine sa mga sa mga videos na nakumpleto ang wacky fan-tweet ng 17-segundong mga hamon tulad ng pagkain ng polvoron habang binabanggit ang alpabeto, o pinupuno ang mga marshmallow sa kanyang bibig. Panoorin ang higit pang mga video habang ipinapakita ang mga ito sa mga social media channel ng Vivo sa mga darating na araw.

Suggested video by YouTube (Pinashowbiz News Ngayon)

Narito ang ilan pang details for the new smartphone of Vivo.

The 2019 is a year dedicated to the search for novelties regarding the front camera, one of the options that probably had more positive feedback from the users is the pop-up camera , which companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi have implemented in their own leading smartphone.

This type of technology however requires a lot of space in the body of the smartphone, so it is complicated to see a double front camera with a pop-up implementation, but as they say: never say never. In fact, Vivo has in mind to propose a dual pop-up photographic sensor with its future smartphone, this is the Vivo V17 Pro which could therefore have the primacy of the double pop-up sensor. The camera will therefore allow you to implement a display without holes or notches and, unlike as we saw on OnePlus and Xiaomi, it will be centered.

However, the leaked image does not show the entire smartphone and therefore we cannot give the kind of cameras that will be implemented, let alone the rear sensors; experts however assume a configuration with 3 or even 4 sensors. This suggests that it is a smartphone mainly focused on the photo department and therefore wants to carve out its own space between camera phones.

Even Vivo Nex 3 could implement a pop-up technology of this size, but it will probably have a sensor of another type than the Vivo V17 Pro. If so, as anticipated, the Vivo V17 Pro would become the first device with two objectives in a pop-up system . The leaked Vivo V17 Pro could be presented at the end of this month, but probably there will not be a global version.

Maine Mendoza Pinipilahan na ng Maraming Movie Producers Dahil sa Positive Impact ng Acting Skills

Trailer pa lang yan ha, pero tila marami na talaga at hindi mo madedeny na malakas ang impact ng acting skills ni Maine para sa movie na ISAPA with Carlo Aquino.

Nilalayon ng isang producer na ipares si Maine Mendoza at Daniel Padilla sa mga susunod na pelikula.

Ang tagagawa ng Filipino na si Joed Serrano, naglalayong gumawa ng isang bagong pelikula na pares ang mga aktor na sina Maine Mendoza at Daniel Padilla.

Kamakailan na ibunyag ni Serrano sa publiko ang susunod na mga bagay na nais niyang gawin sa isang panayam.

Una nang sinabi ni Serrano na nais niyang ipares sina Maine at Daniel, matapos ang tagumpay ng pelikula na “HLG” na ipinares ni Kathryn Bernardo at Alden Richards.

Sinabi pa niya na nananalangin siya para sa pagkakataon na gumawa ng isang bagong pelikula na nagtatampok ng mga kasanayan sa pag-arte nina Maine at Daniel.

“Gusto kong maipakita sina Maine at Daniel dahil sa tagumpay ng pelikula nina Kathryn Bernardo at Alden Richards na ‘Kumusta, Pag-ibig, Paalam!'”

“Bakit hindi si Daniel sa Maine naman. Sana, kung bibigyan ng isang pagkakataon, ”

Tulad ng bawat ulat, ang mga netizen ay tumugon sa pahayag ni Serrano. Habang ang ilan ay nagsabi na maaari itong maging isang box office hit, ang iba ay hindi sumasang-ayon dito.

Narito ang kanilang mga puna na nakuha:

“Hindi sa palagay ko ay ipagsapalaran ng ABS ang karera ni Daniel Padilla sa paraang iyon. Espesyal na hindi matapos ang malaking at makasaysayang tagumpay nina Alden at Kathryn’s HLG. ”

“Hindi bagay. Parang walang chemistry. Pwede pa kung Maine sa Gerald Anderson. ”

“Posible yan. Depende sa kwento. Kung maganda ang kwento at script, tiyak magh-ihit yan. ”

“Sa palagay ko ang isang aksyon na pelikula ay gagana sa kanila. Sinasabi ko lang.”

“Maganda si Maine ngunit mukhang matanda siya kay Dj. I think hindi bagay. Kung si Nadine at DJ na lang… ”

Subalit marami ang positive sa movie career ni Maine Mendoza, may DJ man o wala, alam nilang Maine can carry a movie and it will be a big hit kahit sino pa ang maka tandem or no tandem man.

Suggested related video by YouTube (Celebrity Chika Time):


Maine Mendoza Magpopromote Na Sa Movie Niya Sa Programang Ito Ng ABS Alamin

Kung noon ay naudlot ang kasiyahan ng fans sa akala nila’y paggiguest ni Maine sa TWBA ni Boy ngunit isa pala itong commercial ngayon ay matutuloy na.

Sa official account ng nasabing programa, inihayag ng kanilang Twitter na tuloy na ang pagbisita ng dalaga.

This time kasama niya si Carlo Aquino.

Simula na kasi ang pagpopromote nila sa kanilang upcoming movie na Isa Pa With Feelings.

Ngayon pa lang ay excited na ang mga fans nila lalo na ang ADN at Maine fans.

Ito kasi ang pagkakataon na makapagtanong sila sa dalaga.

At hiling lang nila ay sana maka-focus lang sa movie at karakter nila ang mga tanong hindi ‘yung mga personal na buhay.

Dagdag pa nila sana hindi din mabanggit ang pangalan ni Alden Richards o ikumpara ang pelikula na Hello Love Goodbye.

Hindi kasi ito pataasan ng gross income.

Ang importante lang kina Alden at Maine ay mapasaya ang mga manonood sa mga pinaghirapan nila magkasama man sila o hindi sa proyekto.

Sa ngayon ay hinihintay na nila kung kailan magaganap ang nasabing pagbisita ni Maine sa nasabing programa ng ABS.

Wala kasi itong exact date na nakalagay kung kailan mangyayari.

Ang pelikula nila Maine at Carlo ay mapapanood na sa mga sinehan this October 16.