AudioWAV, David’s Salon Partner For In-store Radio


Multi-media production audioWAV has partnered with David’s Salon for its in-store radio.

The international company, who has also helped set and image Red Ribbon Radio, Greenwhich Radio and Robinson’s Radio to name a few, announced the new deal last July 29, 2012.

“I think audio marketing is like TV marketing, putting on billboards, adverts on newspapers. (With David’s Salon Radio) clients hear our music, all of the time, they hear our jingles all of the time, they hear my little spiels every now and then, and I think it works really well.” says David Charlton, CEO of David’s Salon on his thoughts about in-store radio.

In-store radio has been employed by many establishments already in the country. The idea is that instead of relaying and broadcasting live terrestrial FM stations by businesses such as department stores, beauty shops and restaurants to their customers, they build their own custom radio station, thus, strengthening the brand.

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About audioWAV

 is a global company and is the Asian leader and choice partner in non-traditional cutting-edge advertising and marketing services.


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