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New Cherry Americas Microphone Products for Podcasters, Streamers offer Function, Fair Pricing

Cherry Americas, a division of the global leader in computer input devices, today announced the debut of the CHERRY UM Microphone Series, an innovative new portfolio of computer microphones and companion items for streaming and office usage. The introduction of the new product line signifies a significant extension of CHERRY’s product range into the field of sound and microphones.

CHERRY, the global leader in mechanical key switches and a pioneer and pacesetter in computer, office, and gaming input devices and accessories, is expanding its audio offering with three sleek new microphones for work and leisure. The CHERRY UM Microphone Series allows everyone, from novices to pro streamers, to expand their setups with distinctive designs and the highest audio recording quality available. The new product range is ideal for today’s computing environments, where communication and collaboration take place remotely and podcasts and live streaming are commonplace.

“We’re launching the CHERRY UM Microphone Series on Valentine’s Day because we’re confident people will love the exceptional quality, ease of use, and sleek design of these new audio products,” said Richard Simone, CEO of Cherry Americas. “CHERRY is recognized globally for high-quality products and innovation in computer input devices and components. We’re excited to bring those same enduring qualities to computer audio and microphones.”

Richard Simone, CEO of Cherry Americas

Three Fantastic New Microphones
The UM 3.0, UM 6.0 ADVANCED, and UM 9.0 PRO RGB USB microphones are ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from the office to the professional streaming studio. The microphones, which are made of high-quality components, provide ideal sound for virtual meetings.

These USB mics in the UM series are made to last and have appealing features that make them extremely easy to use. The microphones come with a solid metal stand, touch-to-mute feature, volume control right on the microphone, an integrated headphone port, and Plug & Play compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5.

The Office Microphone, CHERRY UM 3.0
The UM 3.0 has a scanning rate of 96 KHz and a bit depth of 24 bits and is intended for single-person use due to its directional cardioid capsule. It is ideal for home usage and produces great sound during video conferencing. The CHERRY UM 3.0 can also record podcasts, voiceovers, and musical instruments.

CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED – A Flexible Option
The UM 6.0 ADVANCED has a choice of ‘cardioid’ or ‘omnidirectional’ polar patterns and can record inputs from two directions at 96 KHz and 24 bits. A shock mount function prevents sound distortion caused by vibrations by entirely decoupling the mic from the metal stand through robust rubber bands.

The Ultimate in Sound and Color Effects with the CHERRY UM 9.0 PRO RGB
With a scanning rate of 192 KHz and 24 bits, the UM 9.0 PRO RGB is the microphone for anybody who wants to get the most out of their recordings. With the stroke of a button, users may choose between the “cardioid,” “omnidirectional,” “bidirectional,” and “stereo” polar patterns, capturing audio sources exactly out of any desired direction.

More information is available online at:


Rewind is App Made for Zoomers but Needed by Z Gens

Rewind is a brand-new software that aims to make it simpler for music lovers to discover the most popular songs from decades past. Rewind lets users “time travel” across the pop charts from 1960 throughout 2010 to learn about how past songs have affected today’s hits, in an effort to meet consumer desire for nostalgic musical experiences.

Developer Ziad Al Halabi, whose day job is developing mobile apps for music streaming provider TIDAL, created the app. The creator claims he likes creating music applications; he previously released Backtrackit, an audio player for artists, which had almost 2 million installations.

The purpose of Rewind, which started as a weekend project, is to provide a conduit for discovering older songs that formerly dominated the top charts.

Those queries could be simpler to address for more experienced music lovers. However, Gen Z introduces a fresh set of customers who discover music via services like TikTok, where a song’s release date isn’t always relevant. Younger people have already benefited from TikTok’s success in introducing them to well-known songs from earlier generations, such as Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” both of which gained popularity on the video app and reached the top charts years after their initial release. They are not alone either.

This taste in vintage music fits in with other Gen Z “nostalgia” tendencies like their acceptance of flip phones, Y2K style, wired headphones, throwaway cameras, 90s music (which is really a preference across generations), and of course, vinyl.

But using the software doesn’t only mean looking over old charts. It advances the situation and even adds some contemporary twists.

Users may first browse the top albums and music videos from a certain year, as well as the expanding top Billboard charts, to learn more about the music from that year. It also explores pertinent patterns from a specific time frame. For instance, searching 1991 yields a number of “grunge-defining tracks,” including, among others, Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and Pearl Jam’s “Ten.” Other sections feature songs that had significant radio play that year, eagerly awaited albums, freshly formed bands, etc.

Rewind also has a “news” segment that highlights significant occasions and occasions from the year in question. It also has advertisements that give it a vintage vibe. Ads for the first distortion guitar pedal, for instance, may be seen by listeners in 1965, while advertisements for new synthesizer devices that contributed create the sounds of the 1980s may be seen by users browsing the 1980s.

The app, which was released last month, saw a few thousand downloads over its first weekend and is now gradually expanding. It may be downloaded for free on iOS and Android and doesn’t presently make money.

Download it here

The Latest on YouTube Music App, Widget and Google Play Store Access

YouTube Music, widget and integration with Waze in development on Android

Having recently improved the transition from a music video to the audio version only , YouTube Music is preparing to receive new and interesting features, as revealed by the decompilation of the latest version 3.27, already available on Play Store.

To analyze the version were as always the boys of APK Insight , the goal and look for lines of code not yet active, which describe features still in development and that could arrive in future versions. Youtube Music 3.27 highlights two possible novelties, the first refers to the integration with Waze , the GPS navigation application that already operates in a very similar way when used with Spotify. The strighe describes a “Waze-nav-bar” able to provide basic directions about routes while listening to audio content. There are also several icons related to navigation and the user interface, which we offer in the image below.

The second new arrival could be a widget for the home screen of Android phones , a new “app_widget_info.xml” resource describes a rather standard set of controls. The description defines the presence of the cover on the left side, flanked by the title of the song and the name of the artist, while below are the control buttons. The layout looks very similar to that of the Play Music widget, of course it is not yet active and it is not possible to describe it in great detail.

These possible novelties emerged from the decompilation of version 3.27, of course these functions are currently not available and it is not possible to define a possible date of arrival.

Here is how to know what voice recordings Amazon gets from your Alexa device

Don’t you want Amazon to listen to recordings collected by Alexa? You can revoke the permission with a click.

News of Google and Apple’s turnaround on listening to voice messages collected by Assistant and Siri during interactions with users, after the controversy on the matter was taking effect. Since even Amazon was no stranger to the controversial practice, he decided to run for cover by clarifying more explicitly – in the section of his website dedicated to privacy – the way in which he treats the data collected by Alexa, leaving the user the right to grant or not allowed .

In particular, as reported by Bloomberg , Amazon has now included a postscript explaining the possibility that the recordings are  “manually reviewed” , in order to contribute over time to improving the service offered by Alexa, clarifying immediately after that “only one extremely small fraction of vocal recordings is manually reviewed ».

As mentioned, on the same page (which you find at this link ) users can revoke the permission to manually listen to their recordings. In other words, Alexa will continue to save voice recordings from various daily interactions, but will no longer use them that way. However, it should be remembered that Amazon expects users to be able to delete recordings stored on its servers, so if you want to be sure that there is no trace of what you say, you will have to delete them periodically on your behalf.

Symphonisk, the smart speaker from Ikea and Sonos is finally here

Sonos is definitely a brand known by audiophiles: its speakers are famous for their construction quality and sound quality in the same way. The US company has decided to collaborate with Ikea for the development and marketing of a new speaker for the house, which will take the name of Symfonisk. According to the two giants, this new series of smart speakers will have the quality of Sonos without renouncing the more affordable price offered by Ikea .

The new Symfonisk will have different designs, and can be applied either to the walls (by support) or placed on flat surfaces. The goal is to create a multi-user network able to offer smart functionality to all users. The price of this new line of loudspeakers is not yet known, but they should arrive in all Ikea stores starting next August. In short, high quality audio at a low price. Will it really be like that?

In other news


This Lenovo smart speaker has a detachable screen and Amazon Alexa

Among the innovations presented by Lenovo here at CES in Las Vegas we find Lenovo Smart Tab with Amazon Alexa : a hybrid device a bit ‘tablet and a little’ smart speaker. Here’s how this curious but useful s mart speaker with detachable screen works .

Lenovo Smart Tab is a two-part device: a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa assistant with a 10-inch Lenovo tablet (which will be launched in two different versions).

The display / tablet rests above the smart speaker with an interlocking and magnetic system called the LenovoSmart Dock. It is a new category of 2-in-1 tablets that turn into smart screens with Amazon Alexa.

The commands of Alexa will work only if smart speakers and tablets will be connected, otherwise it will not give you any kind of indications. The indications reproduced will be of audio type but also visual. We tried to ask the Lenovo Smart Tab “what a long time ago in Las Vegas” and we were informed of the memeteorological conditions both by the voice of Amazon Alexa and the information appeared on the display.

If necessary, however, you will be free to decide to detach the display from the base to use it as a real tablet with Android operating system Oreo in stock version.

This smart speaker with detachable screen can of course control your devices for the smart home as any other smart speaker would do, but it does it with an extra gear: visual information that never hurts.

In short, this Lenovo Smart Tab created in collaboration with Amazon Alexa opens the door to new hybrid and multi-functional devices that will enrich your home.

Review of the Samson Go Portable Podcast Microphone


I purchased the Go Mic samson for voiceover recordings, commentary for gameplay videos and expressive readings. For the price that has recorded sound quality is impressive. The clip with input for the screw (rods or clips) as well as the spring is very convenient.

It has 3 recording modes: direct, omnidirectional and -10 dB to attenuate the noise.

The microphone has a small and light case.

The box is big enough, I expected a product of other dimensions. It’s very small !!!! connected to the mac (Yosemite) and recognized on the fly, immediately made a screen recording test with quick time and proven the difference with the Logitech HD C525 webcam, it is like switching from a panda 30 to an Audi A6. wonderful voice (despite my heavy Genoese cadence) does not require audio production (for what I need, if you record an instrument or sing it is another matter).

I did not read the manual (I did not have the time) but I noticed that the green LED turns red when it is clipped, which is very convenient;)

Last but not least, I do not know how Winzoz works, but it is absolutely not true that connecting to the Mac becomes the main sound card and you have to attach the speakers to the mic: just go to System Preferences and select the correct output to continue listen through the speakers connected to the headphone output of the Mac;) (I enclose screenshots to show where to put your hands).

In short, a product of excellent construction, beautiful solid, provided with a nice long USB cable and practical case: for what I need (record the screen to make tutorials) goes beyond perfection;)

After a thousand calculations, I bought this microphone and I must say that the final choice I got it right in full. I recommend it without any doubt.
1) Brand of great quality
2) Very small size and weight (it is in the palm of my hand, which is already small of its own), therefore portable and not only table
3) Three different settings of audio directionality, therefore not it’s just omnidirectional, but you can exclude the back of the microphone practically, or not.
4) What for me is fundamental: It is compatible with iPhone and smartphone, that is if I wanted, I buy an adapter and connect it directly to the phone without the need for external power supply via hub (which serves other microphones)
5) The clamp acts as a microphone case when it is closed, but also has feet underneath and acts as a support base for the microphone when you want to use it by placing it on the table, but also the same clamp is used to position the microphone above the video of your laptop. How to say: designed very well.
6) Excellent sound, without background noise. Driver that installs very well automatically and without having given the slightest problem.
7) Long USB cable and not as often happens … supercorto. This allows you to connect it without problems to a PC tower, to understand, and not just a laptop.
8) The supplied zippered case is strabella (see photo)
9) Impeccable packaging, ditto instructions (English only).
10) Possibility to connect the headphones to the microphone (the only thing I have not tried and that at the moment I do not need).
11) Good value for money when compared to microphones that cost 4 or 5 times as much, without offering 4 or 5 times the quality of this.
Nothing at all!

The Rise of Home Speakers with Built In Radio 4.0 Compatibility (Google Home, Apple HomePod)

A new search for Adobe Analytics offers further revelations on smart speakers. The analysis showed an increase in the number of users: to date, in fact, 43 million Americans have already bought at least one smart speaker. This figure is the result of the increase in the last few months, but this time no major new events have been presented to those already analyzed on NL.

If sales have increased without any significant commercial event, such as black friday or the purchase of Christmas gifts, it means that these numbers are destined to grow. The survey also focused on this: in fact, out of the total number of users examined, about half (45%) already owns a smart speaker and expressed a willingness to buy another one during the festivities of 25 December, while the 23% said they wanted to buy one to give as gifts.

It is not a hidden fact that most smart speaker owners would like to own another one, but the researchers also wanted to investigate the uses that users make of them. The most common activity is always the reproduction of audio of all kinds – both from the Spotify player and from radio stations (as you can also do through the FM World application and other aggregators ), which on podcasts of all kinds – followed by constant updates on the weather.

The weather forecast, in fact, together with the news from the world and concerning traffic, are the most common requests in the time slot from 5 to 9 am – if you put yourself on the side of the users – that translate into the most executed command from the side of the smart speaker. In addition, they are increasing – always taking into consideration the sample being researched and thanks to the simplification of daily activities – those related to shopping: from ordering food to the home, looking for hotels to spend the holidays, until the addition of items to shopping lists on online platforms such as Amazon, Aliexpress and Zalando, already on smart devices.

The forecast of Adobe Analytics on the increase in sales during the Christmas period could, therefore, prove to be spot on.

User Review and Answers About The Ammoon 120S-USB Audio Mixer

  • 12-channel mixing console with XLR, LINE inputs and 48V phantom power.
  • Each channel has GAIN knobs, 3-band EQ, AUX, EFFECT, PAN and volume control faders.
  • The PEL switch allows you to monitor the channel that the PEL is set to "ON".
  • Jack AUX send & return to connect all types of effects from the outside.
  • EFFECT level and MAIN Fader, REPEAT, EFF SEND, DELAY, SEND, RETURN knobs in the master section.

Buy Here Ammoon 120S-USB Audio Mixer with 12 Channels Console USB XLR Input 3-band EQ 48V Phantom Power with Power Adapter

Product quality excellent price. Unfortunately the transformer arrived broken, but after contacting the seller and have clarified what model was seen that it is a dedicated power supply and the mixer is kindly professionally is busy sending me a new and working without any additional cost.

I use the mixer at home for small jobs and I found it comfortable and versatile of course nn for semi-professional or professional use.

But who uses them knows that prices for equipment of this kind are much higher.

However, I am personally satisfied with the product and even more of the professionalism of the seller.

For home use I highly recommend it as comfortable and easy to use x who knows these products well

Question: Does it have the effects?
Answer: No, but it is very versatile and with good tone

Question: But how many microphones can you insert?
Answer: 12 MIC but then you do not have the INPUTS line … you have to use THOSE you need up to 12 regular TU or MIC or line

Question: Excuse me but the line inputs are stereo. Can I connect, for example, a CD player with an R and L channel?
Answer: I connected the laptop with an audio cable, plug from 3.5 to pc and 6.5 to the mixer in one input and then send the music in the speakers connect to the mixer, always with the ability to change the sound with the mixer, Hello

Question: can I connect it to passive speakers?
Answer: NO, you need an amplifier!

Question: Can I connect a numark party mix console?
Answer: Hello, without problems you can use two normal channels or the red white output

Question: Hi how many microphones can I connect? Can I connect the amplifier and the electric battery as well?
Answer: you have 6 mic inputs, so you can share them indifferently with inputs of different origin but only as inputs, you will need to connect an amplifier to the output of the mixer.

Question: Can I use it as a controller to drive software such as cubase, music studio, etc.?
Answer: then I advise you not to drive what you say because it is already the mixer that has many functions, like echo, repetition etc .. because I already had problems, with the active speakers that have echo, preamplification, you create the triggers, return sound, you can connect a PC, a smartphone, to send the basics, but if you put other devices that have effects already of them, conflicts are created, however, to make good music evenings, my son plays with his band I set the sounds, as price and quality and ok … hello good music displays fewer items

Radio-Podcast Tech – Logitech Now Owns Yeti and Blue Microphones

Logitech is now a real giant thanks to the numerous acquisitions that will allow it to have a range of products related to gaming ever more complete.

After acquiring Astro , the famous headphone manufacturer, Blue Microphone’s turn came.

The transition took place to the figure of 117 million dollars.

If you are wondering what Blue Microphone is, it is the company that produces some of the most commonly used condenser microphones among Twitch streamers, namely Snowball and Yeti.

We talk about very expensive products, the price of which can range from $ 60 to $ 4,000.

At this point Logitech is ready to create a line of peripherals dedicated to gamers and practically complete.

Before saying goodbye, we leave you to a short video through which the acquisition of Blue Microphone was announced.

Link to buy Blue and Yeti Microphones Below