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Z100 New York Phone Tap March 4, 2013, Elvis Duran And The Morning Show

Z100 New York

New York’s Hit Music Station and home of Elvis Duran!

Online at

Twitter @Z100NewYork,

and listen through iHeartRadio!

WHTZ (100.3 FM) — branded Z100 — is a commercial pop/contemporary hit radio(CHR) radio station licensed to Newark, New Jersey serving the New York metropolitan area.

The station is currently owned by Clear Channel Communications. The WHTZ transmitter is located on the Empire State Building.

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DWRR 101.9 For Life 2005 and 2007 Station ID Jingles

WRR 101.9 Old Logo

I had goosebumps after reviewing an article I wrote four years ago. I thought I made a prophecy that came true, but did I? I was talking about the launch of WRR 101.9 For Life’s new jingle on September 1, 2007. The new jingle was sung by Raimund Marasigan and Yeng Constantino.

I said that the jingles were going to run for another two years or until some major changes. And some “major changes” did happen two years after 2007, WRR was re-branded as “Tambayan 101.9”.

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Love Radio Cebu November 2010 Aircheck

Golden Peak Hotel houses Love Radio Cebu's FM Studio

97.9 Love Radio is DYBU FM, an FM station of Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC). The station’s FM studio is housed at the Golden Peak Hotel and Suites, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, along with its sister stations DYRC, DYHR, DYTC and DYXR.

DYBU initially went on the air on AM since the 1950s. However in 1975, it transferred to the FM band (its sister station DZMB in Metro Manila, also moved to the FM dial as Love Radio, the flagship station of MBC in Manila).

Listen to an aircheck recorded November 7, 2010

97.9 Love Radio Cebu Listen Online
Listen to 97.9 Love Radio Cebu Listen Online


Love Radio 90.7 Aircheck Missy-Hista

Missy Hista

Love Radio 90.7 is undoubtedly the number 1 FM station in Metro Manila. In fact, it’s become the synonymous name to “Number One” as heard on its new set of promos. Speaking of promos, the MBC-owned station is gearing up for its 36th Anniversary starting this month of Valentines.

Earlier in an article at the Manila Bulletin, Love Radio announced that they will be airing their new set of jingles. The station had earlier bought a jingle package from ReelWorld.

The celebrated morning radio show “Ang Tambalan” with Chris-Tsuper and Nicole-Hyala is now being syndicated to all Love Radio affiliates in the nation. The popular late night show “True Love Conversations” and “Wild Confessions” is now heard also on its provincial FM stations.

Missy-Hista, one of the DJs, is excited for this year’s slate of activities and surprises.

Miss-Hista Aircheck, Feb 18, 2011

Listen to 97.9 Love Radio now,
Listen to Love Radio

Home Radio 106.7 Cebu Aircheck

Home Radio Cebu

Metro Cebu is among the most dynamic radio markets in the country. Hot AC (or pang-masa) formats are ruling the airwaves. However, Top 40 stations influence many consumers as well, including the young market. Killerbee 92.3, Y101, BT 105.9, WAV FM 101.1, Wild FM 103.5 and Home Radio 106.7 are among the youth-oriented stations in the Metro. That’s how upbeat the A-B and 13-24 audience in the city, that they require 6 stations to cater their needs.

Home Radio 106.7 sets itself apart from other CHR stations by coming up with programs that are both traditional and ground-breaking. The station brands itself as “Today’s Hit Music”. I should say that amongst the Top 40 stations, Home Radio is the most youthful sounding, programming wise and DJ wise.

I happened to capture the mid morning programming of the station last October 29, 2010 with DJ Duwayne. DJ Nico is also a favorite personality from Home Radio Cebu.

Mid Morning Jam on Home Radio 106.7 Cebu with DJ Duwayne

Aircheck – Home Radio 97.9

Home Radio 97.9

Home Radio 97.9 reminds of a station in the US called Jack FM. Not to compare, but the imaging approach of the station works just the same as the Jack FM format. Jackie obviously is a rip off of Jack. The Jack FM format is we-play-what-you-want. Their imaging consists of a voice guy named Jack, who does all the station liners and talking. Home Radio originally was a no-DJ format, meaning there were no DJs talking, apart from the announcer whose name is Jackie.

Jackie’s personality is very much like Jack, happy go lucky, careless, witty, funny, and sometimes sarcastic. Not everyone loves her, in fact, I learned some listeners get irritated with Jackie, but apparently a lot of listeners love the Home Radio format. In Manila, Home Radio is an adult contemporary radio station. In Cebu, the franchise sports a CHR format.

Home Radio 97.9 is operated by Aliw Broadcasting Corporation.

Here is an aircheck of the station.

103.5 Max FM Format-Flips To Wow FM

After 15 years, and 4 format flips, 103.5 gets another facelift, this time it’s nose diving as a Hot AC “pang-masa” brand – “Wow FM”. Frontlining the new format is Mr. Fu of Energy FM and Laila Chikadora of Tambayan 101.9.  This is The Radio Partner, Inc’s first radio format targeting the C-D-E market.

When it launches on August 23,  it will be Metro Manila’s 8th “masa” radio station. Listener’s response, especially those from avid Max FM followers, is diverse. There are some that don’t like reformat since it will only add to the ‘over saturation’ of masa stations in MM. Currently there are 24 commercial stations operating in the Metro, 7 of them are masa stations.

There are also those who are highly anticipating the launch. With Mr. Fu and Laila Chikadora, it will be a promising station to make. And of course, no one could be more excited than the owner. Masa stations undoubtedly are big selling formats. I humbly believe TRPI also chose 103.5 to flip format strategically. It will increase the cluster of masa stations since it is neighbor to other barriotic stations – Yes FM 101.1, Tambayan 101.9, and 102.7 Star FM.

The Wow FM brand isn’t so exciting. In the provinces, there are stations that carry “Wow” in their monickers, like RGMA’s “Wow Nindota Ah” in Davao City and Iligan City. Wow FM is a good brand, though, to compete with established names like Love Radio and Energy FM.

Not all, format flips are successful. It takes a good blend of music, a slate of talented, out of whack, original, funny, tolerable on air personalities, top notch production, imaging and programming, and of course, ratings, to pull of a successful masa station.

Good luck to Wow FM. May the listeners be Wowed.

103.5 Max FM Scoped Aircheck June 6, 2010

Wow FM 103.5 Lahveet is online. Visit their website here

Campus Radio 107.1 Bacolod Aircheck

Campus Radio 107.1 Bacolod is DYEN FM

Campus Radio 107.1 is DYEN FM, the regional FM radio branch of GMA Network. I tuned in to this station once via Ustream, I thought it was fun to listen to the DJs blabbing on their native language – “Ilonggo”. I also understand that Bacolod speaks Cebuano. But the station mixes in Tagalog on their adlibs occasionally. Overall, the station is typical of a masa format, but they do play a good variety of music. From oldies, recurrents to new ones.

Listen live at

Here is a scoped aircheck of Campus Radio 107.1 Ayos Bacolod.

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Returns to Y101 FM Cebu

Rick Dees WT40 returns to Y101 FM, DYIO FM, Cebu City, Philippines. Y101 is the market’s leading Top 40 station and the return of the Weekly Top 40 after about a five year hiatus will yet again strengthen the station’s lead in the province. The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 is set to compete with American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest which airs in the competing Killerbee FM network.

Rick Dees Returns to Y101 FM

Listen to a scoped aircheck on July 26, 2010 showcasing DJ Jiggy Junior