Bagong Radio Jingles Para sa BBC Radio 2

Bilang bahagi ng malaking pagbabago sa iskedyul ng BBC Radio 2, ipinagmamalaki ng Wisebuddah na ipakita ang mga jingle na hinihiling nilang isulat para sa mga bagong palabas. Nagtatampok ang bagong palabas na Drivetime show ni Jo Whiley at Simon Mayo ng isang bagong tema ng palabas at All Request Friday. Ang paglipat ni Sara Cox sa mga panggabing sked ay nakikita ang isang bagong tema para sa kanyang show , tulad ng ginagawa ni Cerys Matthews para sa Monday night blues. Ang Good Morning Sunday ay nakatanggap din ng bagong tema para sa mga bagong host na sina Kate Botley at Jason Mohammad.

Ang Creative Director ng Wisebuddah Jingles na si Jem Godfrey ay nagsabi: “Ang koponan sa Radio 2 ay isang kasiyahang makatrabaho. Ang bagong Radio 2 line-up ay i-refresh ng tunog ng Radio 2 at nalulugod kami na maging bahagi nito ”

Kamakailan ay nakumpleto ng Wisebuddah ang produksyon ng maraming mga bagong proyekto, kabilang ang paglikha ng mga bagong package para sa Virgin Radio Canada, Kiss FM ng Berlin at Radio 10 sa Holland, na maaaring marinig sa


Radio Jingles for Number 1 Rated Stations

Radio jingles or radio imaging, for the technical people imaging is the keyword, but mind you.

Most of the lay people in the industry are most used to the term radio jingles and they refer both to sung and spoken radio imaging.

But whatever term you use, imaging is essential. If you are a top rated, number 1 radio station, how many times can you say number 1?

In fact, when you just say “WERE THE NUMBER 1 STATION” on your sweepers, eventually it will lose it’s meaning.

That is why at some point in timer, WHTZ Z100 New York dropped the slogan NEW YORKS NUMBER 1 HIT MUSIC STATION in favor with New Yorks Hit Music Station.

Here are a few other ways to say you are number 1

  1.  Number 1 means you are always on top, your number 1 radio
  2.  The music just feels good, your on the number 1
  3.  Hit music belongs here, on your number 1 station

“But you still mentioned the phrase number 1”?

Stay calm! You can replace that with your station name.

They point here is to use phrases to build up to the number 1 positioning. Explain in simple terms why your station is number 1.

It does not have to be about your station, it can be about your listeners, your music.

That is the secret of effective radio imaging, don’t repeat the same words, the same message. Be creative and find new ways to say the same thought.

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Papa Dudut of Barangay LS 97.1 Manila Started Doing This On His YouTube Channel Because of This

People nowadays listen to radio, not just on radio apps, forget cellphonse. Well yes, in the provinces they are a staple.

But online, especially among OFWs, it’s not all about websites and apps.

They listen to radio on YouTube!

The most popular content on radio is no longer music, when you are talking about the internet domain. It’s those non-music based content, the talk based shows like love letters, on air callins and what not.

And if your radio station does not provide that kind of content to your online audience, people will find a way.

To be fair, Barangay LS 97.1 has on its website an RSS or podcast of its latest episodes of their talk based shows.

They also have mobile apps for iOS and Android. But who wants to have an app for every station? When you can listen to them in one place?

YouTube is that place. People upload recorded radio shows especially the Barangay Love Stories and Wanted Sweetheart.

They become so popular, that these YouTube contents have more views than those from official radio station channels.

So Papa Dudut, anchor of Barangay Love Stories decided to upload episodes of his shows on his YouTube channel.

It’s tricky though, there is a reason why fm stations don’t even bother live streaming or uploading their on air content to YouTube.

It is because of the copyright ID protection of the platform.

Shows like Barangay Love Stories while it is mostly talk based, also plays music in the background, that mushy sentimental background music will get copyright IDed by YouTube and will be reported to authorities and as a result the video will be taken down.

Which is why radio DJs, take it upon themselves to post it and but clear them out first of any potential copyright problems.

It is time consuming, radio stations don’t have much manpower to do it.

What they are up against to though is the democratization of uploading content to YouTube. There are already established YouTube channels out there that post Barangay LS content with much more subscribers, so there is a lot of catching up to do.


Barangay LS starts to implement copyright protection to its radio shows, so they can take down those who upload their shows other than them.

iFM Radio Personalities Are The Most Talented in Philippine FM Radio, Here’s Why

iFM of RMN shows how FM radio DJ should be in this digital age.

Not just the looks, not just the jock cracking, and the infectious laughs.

It is all about well-roundedness talent and iFM just has it.

RMN is known in the country as the best provide of radio dramas and it is no surprise then their FM people show just as much as talent as their AM anchors.

They don’t just adlib on the air, they act and they can act.

And this is what separates them from the DJs of Love and MOR.

Sure, they also have live radio drama, but nothing beats the spontaneity and creativity of the iFM DJs.

So if you are a budding DJ, don’t just invest on clothes and make up or a book full of pooled jokes, be ready to act and act effectively.

Listen to Hulihin Mo Chacha – MOR 101.9 Manila and DJ Chacha Experiments and Succeeds with new Segment

DJ Chacha is really known for her blunt, no nonsense advise to listeners on the air.

The award-winning radio personality has another ace up her sleeve with a new segment called Hulihin Mo Chacha.

Come to think of it as a form of phone prank. Listeners usually how have problems with their partners call Chacha and make her to call the person in question.

Chacha’s aim is to somehow resolve whatever was the problem. But the idea is that if the partner is cheating, Chacha makes the person confess.

There are many instances and situations, but the premise is that DJ Chacha makes it a point to catch the fish by its mouth.

Below is the latest episode:

Where to buy and download Morning Show Radio Imaging and Production Elements

Radio stations in Asia, Particularly in the South East, like in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. Stations here have unique needs when it comes to their radio imaging and production for the morning block.

It’s a multi-culture approach and there is no one size fits all imaging service that fits the needs of imaging and morning show producers.

Sure, there are several updating services out there. But often times they are tailored and more often than not, sorry to use this but “left-overs” from already aired productions in major networks.

Now what to do:

1.) Create your own sounds. Your spring board is your listeners. Whatever format you have, start with the listeners in mind.

You need a new promo or intro for your station’s morning show? You don’t need to use the most expensive production service out there. Use sounds that are relevant to your listeners. Listener clips, and use voices of your morning jocks, it’s a no brainer.

2.) But you still need FX right? Go for libraries that intended and designed for morning shows. These FX collections contain relevant audio elements that grab listeners attention. Not just bangs, the booms and the swooshes, but drops, clips and sound bytes that are morning show friendly.

One such collection of morning show imaging and production FX are the Morning Freqz Volumes 1 and 2.

Here have a listen to the demo and contact the site on how to get this for your station

Honest Review Bluetooth Headphones Miijiaer X20 Wireless Earbuds with Microphone Noise Cancelling Earphones on Amazon

What I really like about this pair of Bluetooth Headphones Miijiaer X20 Wireless Earbuds is that it is alrelady Bluetooth 4.1 compatible. What this means is that you are ahead of the technology cycle, 5 to 10 years ahead to be exact.

So whatever new technology that comes in the next few years you are sure that your pair of tetherless ear pieces will support devices even the next iPhone.

Bluetooth 4.1 also means more sound quality, because it is able to carry more sound information from the source of your sound for example like a smartphone to your earbuds.

Now of course, you cannot talk quality without talking about battery life.

This beastie right here will only charge for 1.5 hours and it is going to be great for 6 to 8 hours.

Other earpieces take about 2 hours, I don’t know why they are called fast charging.

Now, when you say noise cancelling, what really comes to mind are those big bulk over the ear types, but this one can. Yes, you read it right.

It is possible because of the CVC 6.0 mechanism. Now, this is useful not only during music listening but for taking calls, even if you are out and about a busy street.

Not to mention of course these Bluetooth Headphones Miijiaer X20 Wireless Earbuds are comfortable to wear, using high grade materials.

And one of the important things I look into tetherless earphones, good controls. Yes, physical control are tough.

Take a look at what is inside the box.

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