Listen to Idol Lily Gaya for the program Music and i from 12pm to 3pm on iFM 93.9 Manila

Listen to Idol Lily Gaya for the program Music and i from 12pm to 3pm on iFM 93.9 Manila

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Complete List of MOR 101.9 DJs

MOR 101.9 DJs

  •  Chacha
  •  Ana Ramsey
  •  Bea
  •  Biboy Bwenas
  •  Bob Zilla
  •  Chinapaps
  •  Digong Dantes
  •  Eva Ronda
  •  Inday Yumi
  •  Jasmin
  •  Jhai Ho
  •  Joco Loco
  •  Kisses
  •  Maki Rena
  •  Mr. Right
  •  Onse
  •  Popoy
  •  Reggie V
  •  Rico Romantico
  •  Toni

Last July 8, 2013 at midnight, 101.9 FM changed its monicker to MOR 101.9 My Only Radio For Life! The station’s main programming started at 5:00am, with Joco Loco, Maki Rena and Eva Ronda as the principal muscle heads to get onto. The personalities from formerly WRR 101.9 For Life! (Martin D, Reggie Valdez, Toni, China Heart, what’s more, Geri) were still piece of the on-air group, and in addition DJs from the previous Tambayan 101.9 list (ChaCha and Jasmin, Onse Charlie, Arnold Rei, Bea,). The rebranding of this station made a brought together brand for ABS-CBN’s FM radio stations across the country, which are under the MOR station mark. This additionally returns the trademark of the station’s second incarnation of “Forever” which was first utilized amid the WRR 101.9 For Life! time. In the meantime, the station spearheaded the substance of show broadcasting on the FM band by propelling the day by day dramatization treasury program Dear MOR.

The rebranding turned out to be tremendously fruitful, as the live show of the station amid the Grand Kapamilya Weekend on October 5– 6 as a major aspect of ABS-CBN’s 60th commemoration was swarmed by numerous individuals, and with the rebranding, the station acted like intense rivalry to numerous masa stations in the Mega Manila showcase. Inside the initial a half year from July to December 2013 and as of late in the principal quarter of 2017, the station positioned as the official top rated radio station in Mega Manila as this was rated using the Kantar Media and KBP Radio Research Council review, doing combating contender networks– including radio opponent 101.1 Yes The Best 90.7 and Love Radio are steady pioneers in the evaluations); and friends equal RGMA’s Barangay LS 97.1 (who as of late asserted as No. 1 in the market in view of information from Kantar’s information organization match Nielsen Radio Research)– into the best FM stations in the market. Accordingly, the station has turned out to be one of the nation’s most grounded MOR advertises in its organization portfolio.

MOR has additionally sorted out uncommon occasions, including the MOR Pinoy Music Awards and propelling new books as promoted by MOR’s best evaluating programs Dear MOR with Popoy and Jasmin (which turned into the main radio show collection to be circulated on FM radio, and setting the pattern of broadcasting radio dramatizations on the FM band) and Heartbeats with Chacha.

New Music: EMDN – Thirteen (New For Stations)


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And excited of course to find out that there is a new song from this artist EMDN and of course the song is just the bomb.

This tune, sweetness, is titled Thirteen . (thats it)

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Please stop bootlegging songs. Make sure to download only on iTunes or, yes serious here, Amazon MP3. EMDN – Thirteen (New Music) Get This On Your Playlist

EMDN – Thirteen

I can’t stand a day without a shower, yes sweetheart, weather is really hot.

Anyway, speaking of hot, here is what is really hot now. New music here from EMDN and we here at the office thinks its superb.

The title, sweetness, is Thirteen . (thats it)

Expect there will be mp3 download search for this on website named after a zipper, site that wants to share monsters, site that claims to have exclusive rhythm and blue tracks or site that is named after a feline and site that is named after a feline. But please only get it legit from Amazon MP3, yes serious here, and iTunes.

[8.10 MB] Download EMDN – Thirteen iTunes MP3 M4A AAC

How to Apply for Radio DJ at MOR 101.9 Manila

The number 1 station in Metro Manila MOR 101.9 has launched this month the 2018 DJ Hunt Hashtag BuhayKaMORKadangDJ.

Basically, the station is looking for a new DJ and with the popularity of social media stars, the Kapamilya Network’s FM division flagship radio is turning to YouTube for their next radio superstar, how?

1.) First, create your own YouTube account
2.) Record a one minute video that according to their page is described as (yung feel na feel mo!) In short a video that shows your kwela, fun, authentic, entertaining side.
3.) Then visit and register at
4.) Submit the YouTube link of your video there
5.) Just make sure that the video’s privacy settings it turned to unlisted. Of course, they are doing this so that competiting stations will not be able to take hold of the list of applicants.

The station is doing this because there is so much talent on social media and video platforms like YouTube. Lloyd Cardena Cafe for instance was hired by RMN iFM 93.9 and now he is a mainstay at Love Radio 97.9, at the same timeslot that used to be Papa Jack who is now currently on board 106.7 Energy FM.

And yes you must be 18 to 25 years old. Hahaha (Let’s check with DOLE if this is considered discrimination, but the station can get away with this because they are essentially holding a talent search and not a direct hiring method). So there!

But usually here is how MOR 101.9 (and other FM network flagship station practice) hire new DJs. There are occasions when they import talents from their regional stations. (Example, Carlos Santino used to be from MOR Cebu, and now Papa Charlz, and now he is at iFM 93.9)

MOR 101.9 is really beefing up their on air roster because rivals like Love Radio, Yes FM, even iFM have strong and dynamic radio personalities.

Below is the link to the video of DJ Hunt 2018

Papi Charlz of MOR 101.9 Moves to iFM 93.9 as Papa Churlz

Also known as Carlo Santino formerly of MOR 97.1 and MOR Cagayan de Oro, Papi Charlz is now on the air at DWKC FM iFM 93.9.

DWRR announced previously that the DJ is no longer part of MOR Manila.

The reason was that he is going to be focusing on his restaurant business.

On iFM, Papa Churlz is now handling the one of a kind on air confession show called i To i hotseater & i-Confessions

You can also follow Papi Churlz on his Official Facebook Page

Call Papa Churlz on telephone number 025841014

Former ABS-CBN, RMN Radio DJ Launches Online Station From Bangkok

DJ Don is a former disc jockey at ABS-CBN Visayas and RMN. Now based in Bangkok, Thailand, the Don has launched CH19 FM serving Filipinos in Bangkok and the world.

Now working as a professional in Thailand, Dondon Valles Jr Pisenable launched the station back in 2012 to cater to the needs of the Filipinos in the country for OPM music and Pinoy content.

Aside from Original Pilipino Music, he also formatted the station to be more familiar to the radio tastes of Filipinos now working and living in Bangkok with programs like late night mellow songs.

On weekends, CH19 showcases the biggest hits of the week with the Big Ten and OPM Top Ten Weekly.

His passion for music and radio fuels the station. He studies mass media at Divine World University in Tacloban and Leyte Normal University.

Tune in and download the CH19 mobile now via Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store

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