Listen to TM Century Jingles on Red Hot Mix FM 105.9 Davao City DXMX based on WKTI WPLJ Jingles Logo

Listen to the Hot AC jingles created for DXMX FM 105.9 as they used to be called Red Hot Mix FM back in the early 2000s.

These jingles were based out of Dallas Texas by the jingle company called TM Century now known as TM Studios.

The jingles to many anoraks in the UK and US will sound familiar as they were based on the WPLJ jingle logo and syndicated from the WKTI jingle package.

The voiceover heard here is the voice of Sonny B who happens to be the voice on Wild FM and in Play FM Manila (DYRT 99.5 RT)

105.9 in Davao is occupied by a franchisee and now broadcasts as Balita FM managed and owned by Oriental Mindoro Management Resources Corporation / Real Radio Network.

The jingle cuts here are from various packages like that of the WKTI package and the Rhythm of the City.

The station manager is a huge fan and avid subscriber of TM Century products and services, including their Hit Disc and a few imaging libraries.


I Am Using The Php 31,000 Peso Sennheiser HD700 for Radio Broadcast and Here’s My Experience

The Sennheiser HD700 headphones are really classy, ​​able to produce a sound that is at the same time elegant, soft but also rich in depth, very precise in the acute range, without excesses, and by the excellent spatialization of the sound planes.

The HD700 is a headset that stands in the middle between the Hd650 and the Hd800, both as a price that, in part, as a sound.

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It sounds airy and open almost like the HD800, but the general frequency response has been turned to warmer hues with the bass plus an evidence (though less defined and “impactful”). Despite this, the Hd700 still sounds very detailed and present on the sharp, with the voices still very present, if anything, sometimes backwards as “perspective” than as a presence of sound.

This sonority was obtained with a slightly waning response from low to high, but with a drop in the mid-range followed by a peak in the 5-6 kHz zone that gives articulated air to the whole presentation of the sound event. Backside of the coin, some timbres sometimes a bit.

If this problem does not bother too much (the thing is subjective), the Sennheiser HD700 headphones repays with a strange and pleasant combination of airiness and warmth, for relaxed and, for me, extremely pleasant listening, in particular with the symphony with a “sense” auditorium “very remarkable, but not only.

Extension to extremes optimal, low warm and present but with a capacity of relative impact (the Hd800 has more impact), sound scene less wide than the Hd800 but with better scanning in depth. Average impedance, with a dependency of the low response from the output impedance of the non-negligible amplifier.

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Excellent construction, stratospheric comfort: probably the most comfortable headset I’ve ever tried.

At 31,163.12 Philippine Peso a great headset, but must like its very special setting.

In short, an excellent product, which makes it better if associated with a large amplifier, but that provides excellent performance even connected to a trivial mobile device. The cap is also beautiful and extremely comfortable. So I am satisfied with this 31,000 peso Sennheiser HD700 headphones.

Download Free 6-Hour Music Mix Radio Show Featuring Artists: NSYNC, Beastie Boys

America’s Most Trusted Mix Show has arranged an astonishing present for your station this July fourth – a FREE 6-hour Hot Mix Total Recall music blend exhibiting popular icon bands and performers like Beastie Boys, 2 Pac, Naughty By Nature, N-Sync, Tone Loc, Aqua, Baha Men, Slick Rick and way more.

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About Hot Mix

The Original Hot Mix is a creation of the most sultry hits on the radio and music charts blended beat-to-beat.

It will touch base at your radio week after week mixed and done by experts, it is customized for your fm station’s unique sound along with your station’s commercial ads and radio identification.

Enable your radio DJs to tweak Hot Mix Mainstream, they can have the show run live from your studio, or even think of a week after week on location program.

Hot Mix Mainstream is the hot choice for Z-100/New York

Show Info:
  • 4 hour weekly show
  • The music is ON POINT…utilizing MediaBase Monitoring and the hottest club tracks.
  • For over 25 years, Hot Mix has delivered consistent mixes, consistent quality, and consistent results.
  • Hot Mix Mainstream features hits from artists such as: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adele, Usher, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé & More!
  • Hot Mix Crossover features hits from artists such as: Rihanna, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Usher & More!
Delivery & Other Details:
  • No licensing fees (in the USA)
  • Hot Mix is available via FTP & CD.
  • You have the flexibility to air the show whenever you want…no restrictions to specific time slots.


HD Digital Radio Going Strong in Philippine Radio, Asia and Europe Go All In on DAB

HD High Defintion Digital Radio in the Philippines

Philippines is more on HD Radio than DAB and it is going stronger in the country.

In Manila particularly, 16 radio channels  are now broadcasting in the digital radio format.

List of Stations in Manila broadcasting in HD Digital Radio are:

90.7 Love Radio
91.5 Win Radio
93.9 iFM has 3 channels
HD1, HD2 and HD3
95.5 Pinas FM
96.3 Easy Rock also has 3 channels
HD1, HD2 and HD3
98.7 Masters Touch
100.3 RJ 100
101.1  Yes FM
MRO has 3 channels
and 105.1 Crossover

In Cebu, only 1 radio station broadcasts in HD and that is 101.1 DYIO with 3 radio HD channels.

In Davao, there is 92.3 Wild FM.

Although all stations by the government are planning to broadcast in high definition including FM1 and FM2 stations.

DAB Radio in Asia and Switzerland

In Brunei especially, following quite a while of preliminary currently has 5 DAB stations under their administration drove Radio Television Brunei.

In China, after the achievement of DAB as the communicate innovation utilized as a part of the scope of the Olympics ten years prior now have major computerized stations beginning from Shanghai and Beijing.

The main event obviously is Indonesia, just like the greatest nation as far as populace in South East Asia with more than 240 million, the nation intends to totally change to DAB in addition to this year on July 15.

Malaysia is additionally presently directing across the board investigation of the capability of DAB.

The special cases anyway are Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. In HK, 3 business stations and 1 government station used to be on DAB however ceased the tasks in 2017. The reasons were poor listenership and income for the business administrators.

Singapore has favored web based gushing over DAB and the Philippines adjusted HD Radio rather than DAB. Among stations broadcasting in HD are iFM by RMN, Barangay Stations by GMA and MOR.

Real Switch in Swiss Radio by 2021

In the interim, in Switzerland, Radio rendition 4.0 will produce results in 2021 prompting the shutdown of conventional FM towers, 3 years sooner than the first arrangement of 2024.

This was declared by Ufcom (Ufficio Federale Delle Comunicazioni) in a report of the Digital Migration Working Group (Gruppo di lavoro Migrazione Digitale), dated 5 June 2018.

At introduce, the change from simple to computerized dispersion will happen in two stages: one is switch-over, the other is turn off.

The first is that before the finish of 2019 all FM projects should be dispersed in advanced mode on a DAB + stage.

The second is “the exit from the FM in 2021 to be finished in 2022”.

The procedure is designated to the Digital Migration Working Group (GL DigiMig), framed in 2013 with the point of building up a typical system went for the radio division for the planned progress of simple to advanced radio projects and uniting delegates of the SSR, the Swiss Association of Private Radios (ASRP), the Union Romande des Radios Régionales (RRR), the Union of non-business radio stations (UNIKOM) and the Federal Office of Communications (UFCOM).

Toward the finish of 2017, 39% of the radio projects in Switzerland will in any case communicate by means of FM.

Presently computerized radio gathering is accessible by means of DAB +, link systems and IP TV  (the procedure of radio and TV hybridization is clearly under route there) and, obviously, IP. 85% of new autos sold in Switzerland are furnished with DAB +. Most nations in Europe are now getting ready for computerized.

Listen to entire album of JayZ and Beyonce Everything Is Love

Jay-Z and Beyonce, faithful to a family tradition, have released a new album without the slightest notice.

The couple released a joint album that alludes to the displeasure of the rapper for this year’s Grammy and includes a greeting from his daughter Blue Ivy to his brothers.

The nine-track album “Everything Is Love” appeared on Saturday at the live music service Tidal, of which Jay-Z is one of the owners.

The subjects in which Beyonce makes rap are more numerous than in previous albums.

In a song that includes a coarse term in the title, Jay-Z whips the Grammy. He arrived at the awards ceremony in February with the highest number of nominations and left empty-handed.

The rapper says he turned down the Super Bowl halftime show because the NFL, the football league, needs him more than he needs them.

Blue Ivy finishes the song “BOSS” with a greeting to Rumi and Sir, his brothers of one year.

In 2013, Beyonce released her self-titled album “Beyonce” without warning.

The surprise effect has now become their hallmark. Four years after their first joint tour, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were performing together again this Saturday, June 16, on the stage of the London Stadium.
But the two American artists waited until the very last seconds of their show to announce on giant screen the release of a new joint album. The news was immediately taken back on the social networks by the fans present on the spot.

A few seconds later appear in the stadium the first images of a clip broadcast on the Internet in stride. The song, titled Apeshit, is the first single from a nine-song album called Everything Is Love , only available on Tidal, the online music platform launched in 2015 by Jay-Z.

Singer Beyoncé, 36, and mother of three children with Jay-Z, immediately promoted the album to her Instagram account, followed by 115 million subscribers.

An impressive clip shot in the Louvre
The clip of Apeshit , second title of this new album, was directed by Ricky Saiz and shot in the biggest secret in the rooms of the Louvre, in Paris. For the occasion, the couple presents itself under its real name – The Carters – and stands in front of the most emblematic works of art of the Parisian museum.

Like this first song, the rest of the album allows the superstar Beyoncé, who has sold nearly 120 million albums in the world, to plunge into the world of rap. Her husband Jay-Z also settles his accounts with the record industry and especially with the Grammy’s – the most important musical award – to which he was widely nominated, but which he left empty handed last February.

The star couple does not have to worry. The former singer of the group Destiny’s Child has a habit of beating all records. His previous solo album, Lemonade , released in 2016, went straight to the top of album sales. Jay-Z, at 48, is one of the most influential rappers and a savvy businessman, with a fortune valued last year by Forbes at $ 810 million.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z will perform in France in the coming weeks, as part of their world tour On the run tour II , which will stage July 14 and 15 at the Stade de France and July 17 in Nice.

Here is tracklist;





5 713





Listen here

Review on Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone

After almost a year of use, I can finally talk about this professional Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone, which has on its side the price, very low in relation to the quality of construction and audio it offers.

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The equipment includes: the microphone; a shock mount; the jack-cannon cable and a windproof hood. Unfortunately, a
tripod is missing, I bought it apart.

The construction quality is excellent: the microphone is built entirely of metal and the assembly is not far behind. Even the shock mount is made with the same care, also made entirely of metal apart from the elastic cords that support the microphone. The jack-cannon cable is well made and the part that connects to the microphone has a locking system, to prevent it from being accidentally disconnected.

Let’s start by saying that this is a Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone, and therefore needs electricity to work well, so it is advisable to use a phantom power supply or use a self-powered sound card. In case you do not have a power supply system, it will be enough to activate the PC preamplification software.

The audio quality, as I mentioned before, is excellent: the recording returns a warm and faithful voice, provided however to stay close to the side of the microphone (ie near one of the flat parts of the head). I do not know if with the phantom power the range of action increases, but also without, provided you stay close to the microphone, the yield is very good.

To conclude, this Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone is a godsend for those who want to record vocals cover in a professional way by spending little. Absolutely recommended to those who, like me, record music covers and need a professional microphone without spending too much.

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Ex Apple Music Executive is now also an Ex-Uber Officer

The former Apple manager was one of the most famous faces of Apple Music and iTunes: now Bozoma Saint John leaves Uber after only a year in which he was responsible for the brand, charged with renewing and improving the image of Uber in the days perhaps more blinds for the rental service

Bozoma Saint John became famous during the 2015 and 2016 Apple keynote when he took the stage to present the news of the Cupertino music sector: at that time he was responsible for the global marketing of Apple Music and iTunes.

In June of last year, the news: the woman manager left Apple to become responsible for the Uber brand.

Bozoma Saint John the energetic former manager of Apple Music leaves Uber after a yearJust a year later another change of role and company: Bozoma Saint John, for friends and colleagues “Boz” becomes marketing manager of Endeavor, a company specializing in the selection of entrepreneurial talents.

Even if the position in Uber lasted only one year, it was anything but negative. When Bozoma arrived in Uber, the company was challenged in several important markets in which it operated, both by political and government representatives and by the associations of half-world taxi drivers for having distorted a service and a consolidated sector for decades.

Added to this were the scandals generated by the behavior and attitude of Travis Kalanick, co-founder and then CEO of Uber, who left his positions in the company a few days after Bozoma’s entry into the company.

For a year Bozoma was the public face of Uber in the US, not only participating in technology conferences with media and press, but also releasing numerous interviews to all the major newspapers, including Vogue, New York Magazine, Glamor and Cosmopolitan.

Also thanks to Bozoma the image of Uber has definitely improved in recent months, a work of embellishment and cleanliness that has contributed to the change at the top. The new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi who replaced Kalanick took on a much more conciliatory and responsible tone than his predecessor.

The appreciation of Bozoma’s work in Uber comes from the CEO in office “I want to thank Boz for his contributions over the past year,” says Dara Khosrowshahi. “Boz joined Uber at a time when the company he was suffering, but his energy, optimism, and creativity were a key part of our turnaround. “

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