Free Jingle Cart App Now On Apple iPad

i-Jingle iPad App

The new i-Jingle for iPad cart-wall-jingle-player is now available for free.

For a limited time only i-Jingle is available for free download including a complementary starters account* that allows you to store up to 10 MB of audio files on the servers.

i-Jingle is the first free jinglepad cart player that allows you to instantly start, stop, fade in/out, cross fade and re-start jingles, station ID’s, name jingles, commercials, promos, talk over beds, sound effects and music tracks on your iPad and manage a multitude of categories and audio files trough an easy to use web interface.

User-friendliness, intuitive operation, speed, stability and sound quality where the focus points when designing and developing i-Jingle. The result is a jingle player that will satisfy both the professional and amateur DJ. Whether you’re presenting a radio show on earth radio or online station, a podcast or your own “secret” radio show, this free jingle player has what it takes to create a professional sound.

Due to hardware performance requirements this App does not always work on first generation iPads (iPad1).
* Registration and email validation required to receive a free subscription.

Click here to download


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