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TBS FM ratings dip after Kim Eo-joon left as presenter

TBS FM showed a noticeable decline in recent survey following the departuer of host Kim E-joon .

As a result of Hankook Research’s 2023 round 1 listening survey, SBS Power FM ranked first with 9.2% . In the morning current affairs radio program, it ranked first with 5.6%, and CBS Standard FM ranked second with 3.8%. In the afternoon current affairs radio programs, KBS 1 Radio took first place with 3.8%, and MBC Standard FM took second place with 3.6%.

Previously, in the 2022 round 4 survey, TBS FM ranked first in all programs with a 13.1% listening rate. Since the first round in 2018, it has been ranked first overall, including current affairs, for 20 consecutive quarters. In the same survey, TBS FM’s ranked first in the afternoon current affairs program with a 4.9% listening rate. However, in this survey, TBS FM current affairs programs disappeared from the main rankings.

There was also a noticeable change in the listening rate by channel. TBS FM’s listening rate, which recorded 16.2% in the 4th round in 2022, fell to 6.2% in this survey. In the midst of this, TBS’ new CEO Tae-Ik Jeong said, “We are launching a reorganization with competent in-house experts, redefining our channel’s identity, and thinking about finding suitable content.”

In terms of listening rate, SBS Power FM ranked first with 24%, followed by MBC Standard FM with 15.7% and CBS Music FM with 15%.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim Eo-jun started a YouTube channel last January with a schedule and format almost similar to his previous stint . As of February 8, the number of subscribers is 1.23 million, and the number of simultaneous views to the morning live broadcast is about 180,000 to 190,000.

The sampling error of this survey conducted by Hankook Research on 3,000 listeners between the ages of 13 and 69 in Seoul and the metropolitan area from January 4 to 17 is ± 1.8 percentage points in the 95% confidence interval.


When It Comes to Advertising Mobile Ads Are King and Radio Stations Are Falling Behind

“The mobile sector, with its huge amount of data and the growing public, is sucking up the entire advertising industry . ”

This is Davis Hebert, an analyst with the US financial services multinational Wells Fargo, during his presentation at Pillsbury Broadcast Finance breakfast at The Radio Show 2018 (an event held in Orlando last week, which has been investigating issues related to the financial status of radio industry and in which industry leaders and financial experts participate).

In the debate on economic data related to the trend of radio reported by a Radio Ink article of 09/27/2018, Hebert has launched a clear message: despite the economy is booming, the radio is receding. The heavy debt collected by the two largest owners of US radio groups , iHeart Radio ( now back in line with the financial crisis that went through it ) and Cumulus, which would have dampened the interest of investors in all the radio sector.

The result is that the digital market, driven by the mobile sector, is taking share and is destined to become the first global media category thanks mainly to the use of Search, Social and Video by users, whose consumption is moving towards the digital world.

In this scenario, according to Hebert, this year the sale of advertising space on the web (and especially mobile advertising ) is expected to increase by almost 40% and the biggest beneficiaries of these revenues will be the two global media dealerships dominating Search and Social, that is Google and Facebook; with regard to radio, on the other hand, a decrease of 2% is expected.

Despite this, a rise for the radio sector should come from the next US election campaign: Magna Global , intelligence division of IPG Mediabrands, would have predicted this political event at 2.9 billion dollars.”Most of these revenues will go to local TV, but the radio could get 5-7% of this revenue,” says Hebert.

For the radio, this could be an opportunity for regrowth, given the difficult period that is going through. “2018 is an important transition year for the radio industry,” says Wells Fargo, an analyst who identifies four rapidly expanding sectors in the world market where radio could invest to win back the public and establish itself as the main medium for audio listening: mobile streaming , podcasting , smart speakers and big data.

Media Companies Have A Big Problem with YouTube Music and Netflix

Those who do not think about their future can not have one. This is the synthesis of Ofcom’s report on BBC, according to which the worrying defection of young audiences is the fault of the ubiquity of new platforms that are opposed to those on the air, the inability to update themselves with changes in tastes and habits and renunciation. the exploitation of native content to the advantage of a nefarious alliance in co-productions with the on demand streaming platforms that are subtracting users.

The Ofcom  raises the alarm: the BBC is facing an unprecedented existential crisis due to its inability to reach a younger audience in the face of competition from commercial rivals and online offers YouTube Music(radio side) and Netflix (tv side).

The regulatory body, the Guardian explains in today’s article , has found that young people are increasingly turning away from the company’s TV and radio services and that the BBC is “not doing enough, fast enough” to reverse the situation and ensure that has a future audience for its existence.

Opcom’s research found that young people spend about an hour and 20 minutes a day consuming BBC content; about half the average for all age groups.

More deeply, one in eight young English does not currently consume any BBC content in a week; a worrying figure, given the current financing model of the UK radio and television company, which is based on convincing the overwhelming majority of the public to pay £ 150.50 a year.

According to the Ofcom, if part of the defections can be motivated by the “ubiquity of new technologies” (the reference is to the use of streaming on demand content on the move through smartphones and tablets, as opposed to the constraint of the stable location of television and indoor receiver or car radio for broadcasting over the air), on the other it must be said that competitors The same carriers (AM, FM, UHF, VHF), ie commercial radio stations, have done comparatively better than the BBC to retain the younger audience.

“The decline in use among young people is a concern, not only because this target is less served, but also because young people are fundamental to the future of the BBC,” reads Incom’s annual report on BBC’s performance.

The regulator also pointed out that BBC Three only reaches 8% of people in this age group every week, despite being an online channel specifically designed to attract younger viewers.

In summary, BBC is a broadcaster for old people. ” According to young people, it is too tied to conventional formats”, says the report, which censors the inertia of society despite being “aware of the challenges it faced” .

Although the informational authority of the BBC is not in dispute and the company has been praised for having ” enhanced the diversity of the people it represents on the air”, Ofcom has stigmatized in its report the position of users according to which “elderly women were often represented in certain roles while middle class individuals were overrepresented in the programs “.

Earphones’ turn from Ofcom to the radio-TV player on the need to become ” more transparent in explaining why BBC made certain strategic decisions and failed to focus on the distinctive content of the United Kingdom” and strong fears about”The growing use of co-production agreements by the BBC with global streaming companies such as Netflix to subsidize the production of large-budget films, such as the upcoming adaptation of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman”.

“Third party financing allows the BBC to broadcast – and to the UK audience to enjoy – content that the BBC could otherwise not have been able to produce,” reads the report. “But funding is typically focused on programs with global appeal, rather than on content that specifically reflects the lives and problems of the British public. It is also uncertain whether the BBC can continue to rely on such agreements, given the growing attention of online streaming players to the production of their content, ” concluded Ofcom referring clearly to the renewed policies of Netflix.

HD Digital Radio Going Strong in Philippine Radio, Asia and Europe Go All In on DAB

HD High Defintion Digital Radio in the Philippines

Philippines is more on HD Radio than DAB and it is going stronger in the country.

In Manila particularly, 16 radio channels  are now broadcasting in the digital radio format.

List of Stations in Manila broadcasting in HD Digital Radio are:

90.7 Love Radio
91.5 Win Radio
93.9 iFM has 3 channels
HD1, HD2 and HD3
95.5 Pinas FM
96.3 Easy Rock also has 3 channels
HD1, HD2 and HD3
98.7 Masters Touch
100.3 RJ 100
101.1  Yes FM
MRO has 3 channels
and 105.1 Crossover

In Cebu, only 1 radio station broadcasts in HD and that is 101.1 DYIO with 3 radio HD channels.

In Davao, there is 92.3 Wild FM.

Although all stations by the government are planning to broadcast in high definition including FM1 and FM2 stations.

DAB Radio in Asia and Switzerland

In Brunei especially, following quite a while of preliminary currently has 5 DAB stations under their administration drove Radio Television Brunei.

In China, after the achievement of DAB as the communicate innovation utilized as a part of the scope of the Olympics ten years prior now have major computerized stations beginning from Shanghai and Beijing.

The main event obviously is Indonesia, just like the greatest nation as far as populace in South East Asia with more than 240 million, the nation intends to totally change to DAB in addition to this year on July 15.

Malaysia is additionally presently directing across the board investigation of the capability of DAB.

The special cases anyway are Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. In HK, 3 business stations and 1 government station used to be on DAB however ceased the tasks in 2017. The reasons were poor listenership and income for the business administrators.

Singapore has favored web based gushing over DAB and the Philippines adjusted HD Radio rather than DAB. Among stations broadcasting in HD are iFM by RMN, Barangay Stations by GMA and MOR.

Real Switch in Swiss Radio by 2021

In the interim, in Switzerland, Radio rendition 4.0 will produce results in 2021 prompting the shutdown of conventional FM towers, 3 years sooner than the first arrangement of 2024.

This was declared by Ufcom (Ufficio Federale Delle Comunicazioni) in a report of the Digital Migration Working Group (Gruppo di lavoro Migrazione Digitale), dated 5 June 2018.

At introduce, the change from simple to computerized dispersion will happen in two stages: one is switch-over, the other is turn off.

The first is that before the finish of 2019 all FM projects should be dispersed in advanced mode on a DAB + stage.

The second is “the exit from the FM in 2021 to be finished in 2022”.

The procedure is designated to the Digital Migration Working Group (GL DigiMig), framed in 2013 with the point of building up a typical system went for the radio division for the planned progress of simple to advanced radio projects and uniting delegates of the SSR, the Swiss Association of Private Radios (ASRP), the Union Romande des Radios Régionales (RRR), the Union of non-business radio stations (UNIKOM) and the Federal Office of Communications (UFCOM).

Toward the finish of 2017, 39% of the radio projects in Switzerland will in any case communicate by means of FM.

Presently computerized radio gathering is accessible by means of DAB +, link systems and IP TV  (the procedure of radio and TV hybridization is clearly under route there) and, obviously, IP. 85% of new autos sold in Switzerland are furnished with DAB +. Most nations in Europe are now getting ready for computerized.

Festival for Radio A Huge Sucess, Organizers Look Forward to Year 5

As Bob Dylan would say, radio is part of the soundtrack of our lives.

That is why thousands of people last June 1 to 3 gathered at the Sempione Park to participate in “Radio City Milano”.

The fourth edition of the festival “celebrates radio, the most widespread and popular means of communication in the world, an extraordinary tool for cultural dissemination and information”, as explained by the Culture Councilor Filippo Del Corno, “who brings to the city the radio in every form reflecting the multiplicity of languages ​​used in radio, the diversity of contents and messages of the various broadcasters.

And at the Sempione, between Piazza del Cannone and the Triennale gardens, temporary studios have been set up for the most beloved Italian and international radio stations.

With the artistic direction of Filippo Solibello and the production of Punk For Business, RadioCity was a huge successful party (free and open to all) but also a nice look into Milan, because, according to Tourism Councilor Roberta Guaineri, “more than twenty radio stations were present at the show contributing to spread the knowledge of the charm and beauty that characterize the city”.

The festival reached thousands of people live and millions of listeners thanks to the connections with the most listened to stations.

From Radio Deejay to Virgin Radio, from Rmc to Radio Italia, which broadcasted from Piazza del Cannone with guests Le Vibrazioni and The Journalists.

From Radio 24 to Rds, Emma, ​​Annalisa and Dolcenera hosted a workshop focused on the role of radio.

With the success of the event, organizers are now looking forward to next year’s festival.

What is RadioCity Festival

From the RadioCity team:

RadioCity is a unique world festival of radios, with the best radio shows, the best DJs, the hosts, the speakers, the journalists, who come to Milan to broadcast live from temporary studios, for three days, to their own country, in their own language, in front of the live and international audience.

Any station can join the festival for free, as they are provided all the tech equipment and the connection they need to broadcast to their country, and organizers will also help you with technicians to be sure that the participating stations can work in the best conditions and with the best hardware and software.

Contact the team at this page

Station Announces Innovation in Radio

Yesterday at the headquarters in Via Asiago in Rome, Radio Rai presented many innovations: two new channels and a totally digital supply chain on the whole offer, which will also bring a customized radio journal.

The projects were announced with the name of “R (adio) evolution” by the director of Radio Rai Roberto Sergio, together with Rai’s Chief Digital Officer Gian Paolo Tagliavia, the Chief Technology Officer Stefano Ciccotti, the director of Radio 1 Gerardo Greco and Radio 2 Paola Marchesini.

The new proposals include Radio2 Indie , described as “the trend channel of the future, of the new independent rock and alternative scene, but also of new Italian pop music and exclusive live events”.

In short, the desire expressed byMax Casacci a few months ago about the idea that the public service should have a channel dedicated to contemporary music, even if in the desires of the producer the channel should have been television.

It will be necessary to understand how the radio channel will be able to compete with the streaming offers, given that the audience of the Italian “indie” (as Mamma Rai wants to call it) did not grow with the radio, but with the possibility of listening to everything on demand, and if this operation will serve the scene to gain public.

Radio2 Indie will start on June 21st , and the first song to be aired will be “Paracetamolo” of Calcutta , taken from his new album “Evergreen” released on May 25th.

And, as the press notes, “artists like Ghali , Iosonouncane , Liberato , Carl Brave , Marie Antoinette , Andrea Laszlo De Simone , Pop X , Sick Tamburo , Verdenaand also many international artists, in a great flow of free music, always new, trendy, all in a single channel, which has no preclusions of styles and sounds, but with a single common denominator: always offer before everything else everything that makes style.

It will also be an opportunity to propose live concerts, deepenings in the sign of music, capable of making radio listeners enter even more “.

The new channel will also be available in the Dab + bouquet of RadioRai, on the Digital Terrestre Tv and on the web and RaiPlayRadio app.

Roberto Sergio comments on the news of Radio Rai: “With these two channels (the other is Rai Radio1 Sport ed) our offer of radio increases and brings the total number to 12.

A rich offer, unthinkable only a few years ago, which positions Rai Radio among the main players in the production of audio content, whether for entertainment, information or culture “.

Radio Broadcast Gear: TONOR Professional Studio Condenser Microphone

The XRL to 3.5mm condenser mouthpiece embraces the demanding complete electronic circuit control and gold-plate stomach case.

With a decent cardioid polar pickup design, high yield and low self-commotion work, the receiver can precisely repeat even the most unpretentious sound.

Get Tonor Microphone here

It is reasonable particularly for studios, recording,broadcasting and so forth.


1.When associate the podcasting condenser mouthpiece with workstation, please interface the PC to electrical outlet(5V Voltage or 48 volt ghost control). The amplifier could be utilized alone when associate with work station.

2.Please reduction the volume and keep an adequate separation between the mouthpiece and the speaker to abstain from yelling sound.

It would be ideal if you put the mouthpiece far from the enhancer to abstain from recording clamor because of speaker.

3.To keep up the affectability and nature of sound repeating, abstain from presenting it to dampness and extraordinary temperatures.

4.Maximum 5cm thickness for table cinch

Truly, I requested this alcoholic one night when it was on special. When it came via the post office, I was really keen on setting it up and in the wake of playing with volume settings, I am in reality entirely awed. Fresh, Clear and at a decent volume I have zero grievances over all VOIP stages and diversions alike. Easy to set up, hardest part was endeavoring to locate a decent spot around my work area for the blast arm. At the cost point, I observe this setup to be a take. Incredible quality and sound, I am satisfied with my inebriated self making this buy.

I purchased 4 add up to, one had an issue with apparition control not driving up. I returned and requested another one without issue. I utilize these to record my podcast Inventing Entrepreneurs. We’re on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and stitcher on the off chance that you need to see our sound quality or go to . I recorded with boldness (free) and utilized snappy basic channels, for example, commotion diminishment and pressure to get an astonishing sound at the cost. Incredible item and I value the administration!

This is a better than average mic set, I particularly cherish that this one accompany a work area brace, the other mic I got before did exclude that. The nature of the mic is really great, certainly miles superior to my workstation’s mic which is the reason I needed to get this. I need to have a go at making recordings for youtube with voice over work when indicating preparing formulas and a decent mic set up is an unquestionable requirement. I truly cherish how l can change the stand so l can put it away when not being used. It wasn’t difficult to put the clasp on the edge of the table either, fairly straight forward sincerely. I like that l don’t need to introduce any driver to be utilize it.All l need to do is connect it to and turn it on and it’s good to go. Everything came bundled conveniently and securely and I had no issues, I’m very satisfied with this mic set.

I don’t know how why this mic has such a large number of awful audits, presumably on the grounds that they utilize the USB it accompanies and don’t combine with a legitimate power supply. In the event that you spend the additional $20 for a power supply you won’t be baffled with this mic cherish it sounds awesome extremely clear and boisterous.

MOR 101.9 is Officially The Number 1 Station Per Survey 2017

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Results of the Radio Ratings Survey of FM Radio Stations in Metro Manila and Mega Manila as of January 2017.

  1. DWRR
  2. Love Radio
  3. DWRK
  4. IFM
  5. DWYS
  6. DWKY
  7. DWSM
  8. DWFM
  9. DWNU

DJ Jhaiho of MOR 101.9 Manila revealed details of the recent survey that DWRR remains to be the number FM radio in the Philippines.

The radio personality, who is also a TV and events host said that since they rebranded to MOR they have consistently rated as number one.

DWRR has had many re-brandings in the past, the most recent of which was Tambayan 101.9.

DWRR led the survey, followed by Love Radio, DWRK, IFM, DWYS, DWKY, DWSM, DWFM and DWNU.

The DJ posted this on his IG.

Ang latest survey!! Sa totoo lang tayo mga kapamilya 🙂 mula ng ilaunch ang MOR agad agad naman na naging NUMERO UNO 🙏🏻 Salamat mga kaMORkada 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you for making MOR 101.9 your Number 1 FM Radio Station in Metro and Mega Manila CongratulationsMOR1019Number1FMRadio‬ since 2015 tayo na ang nangunguna 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Congratulations sa buong pamilya ng MOR101.9 tuloy tuloy na to FOR LIFE!!

Listen To Brigada News FM 93.1 Cebu LIVE Online Streaming, Smash Radio Flips Format to News Talk AC Hybrid

Brigada News FM
Brigada News FM

Brigada News FM is now in Cebu City. First heard and dominating in General Santos, the new format is now heard on 93.1 where Smash FM used to air.

Brigada News FM owned by Brigada Mass Media Corporation, airs localized content, talk oriented and music based programming.

The station is the second format to be broadcasting in the city. Brigada, a major daily newspaper in Mindanao is said to only renting the license owned by Smash Radio. The station’s studio is located at Floor Mariners Court, Port Area, Barangay San Roque, Cebu City.

related streaming

The network’s website is at:

www .brigada .ph