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What is Digital Radio and DAB?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting

Digital Radio is the name chosen by the marketing to launch the broadcast of the transmissions made with the Eureka 147 standard, better known as Dab + . The Dab (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is actually quite mature stuff: it’s a European project that dates back to the eighties. Nearly 20 years ago, in 1995, Norway and the United Kingdom activated the first DAB digital radio channels. In 2007 the evolution was born, the Dab +. And it is with this standard that broadcasters today also broadcast in Italy. To receive a digital program you need to equip yourself with a special receiver, either home or car.

The development of audio compression codings: the DAB + is born

Take advantage of the efficiency and performance of MPEG-4 (AAC) with the result of having the same audio quality at a lower bitrates.
Another major innovation was the addition of video / multimedia capabilities for Digital Audio Broadcasting, allowing DAB to become a digital DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) mobile TV platform as well as a digital multimedia radio platform.
DMB and DAB + are extensions of the DAB technical base.

More than half a billion people around the world today are able to receive over 1,000 radio stations and DAB data services. Most of these contents have gone from the experimental to the regulated phase, and the use of the Eureka 147 standard has been confirmed throughout Europe, the Far East and Australia.

Radio is changing, not being left behind, going digital

It is a digital broadcasting system. DAB is the transmission technology designed to integrate the analog FM radio band in the medium term.
The DAB system was developed in Europe as part of the EUREKA 147 project and is currently operational in many countries. The DAB family of standards includes DAB and DAB + for digital radio and DMB for mobile TV. They are global and open standards, the perfect medium for transmitting terrestrial digital radio signals.

At its birth in the late 1980s, the original DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) was based on MPEG Audio Layer II, which was also the object of investment and experimentation for EuroDab Italy, today it is still commonly used in some European countries. due to a large number of receivers on the market.


HD Digital Radio Going Strong in Philippine Radio, Asia and Europe Go All In on DAB

HD High Defintion Digital Radio in the Philippines

Philippines is more on HD Radio than DAB and it is going stronger in the country.

In Manila particularly, 16 radio channels  are now broadcasting in the digital radio format.

List of Stations in Manila broadcasting in HD Digital Radio are:

90.7 Love Radio
91.5 Win Radio
93.9 iFM has 3 channels
HD1, HD2 and HD3
95.5 Pinas FM
96.3 Easy Rock also has 3 channels
HD1, HD2 and HD3
98.7 Masters Touch
100.3 RJ 100
101.1  Yes FM
MRO has 3 channels
and 105.1 Crossover

In Cebu, only 1 radio station broadcasts in HD and that is 101.1 DYIO with 3 radio HD channels.

In Davao, there is 92.3 Wild FM.

Although all stations by the government are planning to broadcast in high definition including FM1 and FM2 stations.

DAB Radio in Asia and Switzerland

In Brunei especially, following quite a while of preliminary currently has 5 DAB stations under their administration drove Radio Television Brunei.

In China, after the achievement of DAB as the communicate innovation utilized as a part of the scope of the Olympics ten years prior now have major computerized stations beginning from Shanghai and Beijing.

The main event obviously is Indonesia, just like the greatest nation as far as populace in South East Asia with more than 240 million, the nation intends to totally change to DAB in addition to this year on July 15.

Malaysia is additionally presently directing across the board investigation of the capability of DAB.

The special cases anyway are Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. In HK, 3 business stations and 1 government station used to be on DAB however ceased the tasks in 2017. The reasons were poor listenership and income for the business administrators.

Singapore has favored web based gushing over DAB and the Philippines adjusted HD Radio rather than DAB. Among stations broadcasting in HD are iFM by RMN, Barangay Stations by GMA and MOR.

Real Switch in Swiss Radio by 2021

In the interim, in Switzerland, Radio rendition 4.0 will produce results in 2021 prompting the shutdown of conventional FM towers, 3 years sooner than the first arrangement of 2024.

This was declared by Ufcom (Ufficio Federale Delle Comunicazioni) in a report of the Digital Migration Working Group (Gruppo di lavoro Migrazione Digitale), dated 5 June 2018.

At introduce, the change from simple to computerized dispersion will happen in two stages: one is switch-over, the other is turn off.

The first is that before the finish of 2019 all FM projects should be dispersed in advanced mode on a DAB + stage.

The second is “the exit from the FM in 2021 to be finished in 2022”.

The procedure is designated to the Digital Migration Working Group (GL DigiMig), framed in 2013 with the point of building up a typical system went for the radio division for the planned progress of simple to advanced radio projects and uniting delegates of the SSR, the Swiss Association of Private Radios (ASRP), the Union Romande des Radios Régionales (RRR), the Union of non-business radio stations (UNIKOM) and the Federal Office of Communications (UFCOM).

Toward the finish of 2017, 39% of the radio projects in Switzerland will in any case communicate by means of FM.

Presently computerized radio gathering is accessible by means of DAB +, link systems and IP TV  (the procedure of radio and TV hybridization is clearly under route there) and, obviously, IP. 85% of new autos sold in Switzerland are furnished with DAB +. Most nations in Europe are now getting ready for computerized.

Digital Radio Now Heard In Indonesia

Open telecaster Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) has dispatched DAB+ computerized radio in Jakarta.

Chief General of Communications and Public Information of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ms Niken Widiastuti reported the dispatch in Jakarta.

The Indonesian radio industry and controller have cooperated to move Indonesian radio onto the computerized stage.

Business Radio Australia CEO and WorldDAB Asia Pacific Chair, Ms Joan Warner saluted RRI on the dispatch.

With a populace of more than 250 million individuals the selection of DAB+ in Indonesia makes it one of the biggest DAB+ markets on the planet. Touch/DAB+ computerized radio is presently accessible in more than 40 nations.

Herman Zuhdi, Head of LPP RRI Jakarta, said that this change is to demonstrate to the media that RRI radio is not obsolete.

Indonesian radio supporters have beforehand ventured out to Australia to hold specialized and arrangement gatherings with key advanced radio partners and went to the DAB+ Darwin trial to see how the innovation worked under comparative climatic conditions to Indonesia.