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Where to buy and download Morning Show Radio Imaging and Production Elements

Radio stations in Asia, Particularly in the South East, like in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. Stations here have unique needs when it comes to their radio imaging and production for the morning block.

It’s a multi-culture approach and there is no one size fits all imaging service that fits the needs of imaging and morning show producers.

Sure, there are several updating services out there. But often times they are tailored and more often than not, sorry to use this but “left-overs” from already aired productions in major networks.

Now what to do:

1.) Create your own sounds. Your spring board is your listeners. Whatever format you have, start with the listeners in mind.

You need a new promo or intro for your station’s morning show? You don’t need to use the most expensive production service out there. Use sounds that are relevant to your listeners. Listener clips, and use voices of your morning jocks, it’s a no brainer.

2.) But you still need FX right? Go for libraries that intended and designed for morning shows. These FX collections contain relevant audio elements that grab listeners attention. Not just bangs, the booms and the swooshes, but drops, clips and sound bytes that are morning show friendly.

One such collection of morning show imaging and production FX are the Morning Freqz Volumes 1 and 2.

Here have a listen to the demo and contact the site on how to get this for your station


Radio Broadcast Gear: TONOR Professional Studio Condenser Microphone

The XRL to 3.5mm condenser mouthpiece embraces the demanding complete electronic circuit control and gold-plate stomach case.

With a decent cardioid polar pickup design, high yield and low self-commotion work, the receiver can precisely repeat even the most unpretentious sound.

Get Tonor Microphone here

It is reasonable particularly for studios, recording,broadcasting and so forth.


1.When associate the podcasting condenser mouthpiece with workstation, please interface the PC to electrical outlet(5V Voltage or 48 volt ghost control). The amplifier could be utilized alone when associate with work station.

2.Please reduction the volume and keep an adequate separation between the mouthpiece and the speaker to abstain from yelling sound.

It would be ideal if you put the mouthpiece far from the enhancer to abstain from recording clamor because of speaker.

3.To keep up the affectability and nature of sound repeating, abstain from presenting it to dampness and extraordinary temperatures.

4.Maximum 5cm thickness for table cinch

Truly, I requested this alcoholic one night when it was on special. When it came via the post office, I was really keen on setting it up and in the wake of playing with volume settings, I am in reality entirely awed. Fresh, Clear and at a decent volume I have zero grievances over all VOIP stages and diversions alike. Easy to set up, hardest part was endeavoring to locate a decent spot around my work area for the blast arm. At the cost point, I observe this setup to be a take. Incredible quality and sound, I am satisfied with my inebriated self making this buy.

I purchased 4 add up to, one had an issue with apparition control not driving up. I returned and requested another one without issue. I utilize these to record my podcast Inventing Entrepreneurs. We’re on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and stitcher on the off chance that you need to see our sound quality or go to . I recorded with boldness (free) and utilized snappy basic channels, for example, commotion diminishment and pressure to get an astonishing sound at the cost. Incredible item and I value the administration!

This is a better than average mic set, I particularly cherish that this one accompany a work area brace, the other mic I got before did exclude that. The nature of the mic is really great, certainly miles superior to my workstation’s mic which is the reason I needed to get this. I need to have a go at making recordings for youtube with voice over work when indicating preparing formulas and a decent mic set up is an unquestionable requirement. I truly cherish how l can change the stand so l can put it away when not being used. It wasn’t difficult to put the clasp on the edge of the table either, fairly straight forward sincerely. I like that l don’t need to introduce any driver to be utilize it.All l need to do is connect it to and turn it on and it’s good to go. Everything came bundled conveniently and securely and I had no issues, I’m very satisfied with this mic set.

I don’t know how why this mic has such a large number of awful audits, presumably on the grounds that they utilize the USB it accompanies and don’t combine with a legitimate power supply. In the event that you spend the additional $20 for a power supply you won’t be baffled with this mic cherish it sounds awesome extremely clear and boisterous.

[DOWNLOAD] Sound Freqz Volume 2 Radio FX Library Now Available, Download Demo

Sound Freqz 2
Sound Freqz 2

Fresh for 2014!

The most current and affordable solution for freshening up your audio imaging comes along with the quality and usability that radio stations around the world have come to expect from Sound Freqz Audio Imaging Libraries.

A fresh, new, high energy assortment of 125 modern, audio imaging tracks, that are compatible with CHR, Urban, Hot AC, Rock, News/Sports & Talk formats!

With Sound Freqz Vol. 2, you’ll get more Breakers, Combos, :30 Loops, Impacts and More!

Message Sound Freqz on Facebook:

Sound Frez on Facebook

Download Here

StickyFX Pink Noise, Brain Freeze Libraries Now at 50% Bundle Offer

Pink Noise + Brain Freeze
Pink Noise + Brain Freeze

Now for a limited time only you get 50% discount on the bundle of Brain Freez and Pink Noise.

By now of course you’re familiar with the FX packages by the Dutch team of Sticky FX. Their libraries ‘Glide’, ‘Pink Noise’, ‘Cool Cutz’ and the latest one ‘Brain Freez’ are heard worldwide on hundreds of stations in different formats. But they’re now doing something off the hook for a limited time only, offering a gigantic discount when you order the bundle of Brain Freez and Pink Noise.

The FX stuff of Sticky FX is all highly usable but the combination of these two libraries is absolute production freedom for me!” –  Maurice Verschuuren of Novaz Media Group

What if you would combine the force of two of the libraries by Sticky FX? Would it work? Will it blend together? Will it enforce the individual strengths of each library? “If you make the right combination? Abso-freakin’-lutely” says Maurice Verschuuren of Novaz Media Group.

For one of his last productions he combined the force of ‘Pink Noise’ with the more subtle CHR sound of ‘Brain Freez’ and the result is stunning. Verschuuren tells: “The FX stuff of Sticky FX is all highly usable but the combination of these two libraries is absolute production freedom for me! When I do production for great Dance Radio Shows like The Davies Twinz and Brennan Heart’s Harder, I just love the incredible force of ‘Pink Noise’ and ‘Brain Freez’ by Sticky FX.

A while back at we featured his production work for Brennan Heart who’s one of the leading brands in international hardstyle music. NOVAZ produced the imaging for his worldwide radio show “We are hardstyle” and the SLAM!FM adaption called: “SLAM! Harder”. Voiced by award winning top dog Dave Foxx.

Maurice Verschuuren continuous: “Producing these ID’s was made a lot easier by having ‘Brain Freez’ and ‘Pink Noise’ both in my imaging arsenal. The brute force of ‘Pink Noise’ really gives you the ability to make the ID’s slam hard at the start, while the more gentle sweeps and high pitched FX of ‘Brain Freez’ compliment the production at the tail of the production. These sounds really cut through and blend well together with the dance music.”

In this audio compilation you’ll hear the ID’s he did for Brennan Heart’s worldwide radioshow but also some new really nice imaging work he did for The Davies Twinz radioshow. All jam packed with the FX of ‘Brain Freez’ and ‘Pink Noise’.

Inspired by the great work of Novaz Media Group combining two of Sticky FX’s libraries, the Dutch production FX company decided to offer you a giant discount on two of their packages when you just like Maurice Verschuuren combine Brain Freez with Pink Noise. Now for a limited time only you get 50% discount on the bundle of Brain Freez and Pink Noise.

See for details.

Where To Download TV & Radio Beds

TV & Radio Beds
TV & Radio Beds

TV and Radio Beds is home to hundreds of production music compositions for use on TV, Radio and Global Media which is searchable in seconds!

Some of the team have spent the last decade producing commercials and content for TV and Radio, others have written music all over the world for some of the biggest multimedia conglomerates, films, chart music, TV shows and radio, some have been ‘Head of Music’ for commercial agencies and others have racked up 100,000s of hours of presentation broadcast.

Together they have created a fresh, diverse music library with brand new, never seen before search engines to make your experience easier.

They have been ruthless with music selection; there are NO filler tracks here. Continue reading Where To Download TV & Radio Beds

New FX Library Now On The Air At 95-5 PLJ NY

WPLJ New York
WPLJ New York

The newest library by Sticky FX called Brain Freez is just released a couple of weeks ago and already finds its way to the airwaves of the biggest stations on the planet. For example New York’s legendary WPLJ – 95-5 PLJ was one of the first to put this new razor sharp library on the air.

Creative Services Director Dan Kelly of PLJ tells us why: “I really like these fx! It’s modern, it’s cool sounding without being crazy in your face. The 290 FX in Brain Freez are aggressive but CHR friendly while also good for Hot AC, even AC if used properly.”

There’s of course loads of Breakers, Hits, Slams and Impacts but it also includes Beat Starters which are super short filler type FX that make starting or ending a promo incredibly easy. And of course lots of Sweeps with long tails that help you smooth out your production and make your imaging sound more cohesive.

Dan Kelly continuous: “These FX announce that you’re a hip station without hitting the listeners over the head with it. Really cool stuff! It’s a very multi-use package that has everything you need from Drones to sharp short stuff.”

So check out this audio demo of Brain Freez being used in PLJ’s latest imaging now on the air in New York. Or get Brain Freez right now for your station! It’s available for immediate download as buy out for your station at

TRIL for July 2013 Gives Producers More Thrill

The Radio Imaging Library
The Radio Imaging Library

The latest delivery from The Radio Imaging Library for July of 2013.

The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL) is the first custom, online FX-library. A team of FX-producers from all over Europe have worked relentlessly to create this revolutionary new way to create radio imaging.

Founder of Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers: Continue reading TRIL for July 2013 Gives Producers More Thrill

Magic 89.9 Pop 30 Countdown October 18, 2012

Magic 89.9 Pop 30 Countdown October 18, 2012

Here is the latest countdown results on Magic 89.9 Pop 30 Countdown October 18, 2012

On top this week is We Are Never Ever Gettong Back Together by Taylor Swift .

Number 2 is She’s So Mean by Matchbox Twenty.

At Number 3 is it’s Time by Imagine Dragons.

While Settle Down by No Doubt is at number 4.

And to complete the Top 5 is Blow Me One Last Kiss by Pink.

Check out the complete list below and check back this site for more of the latest chart results. Continue reading Magic 89.9 Pop 30 Countdown October 18, 2012

Radio, Music Industry Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The news of the death of Apple ex-CEO stunned the world.

Innovator, visionary, and tough leader Steve Jobs passed away October 5, 2011 with cause still not revealed.

Fellow Apple workers were shocked but fans were kind of expecting after Steve himself announced his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and liver transplant.

The cancer was miraculously cured though but report has it that his liver transplant, which Jobs kept secret to his co-board members at Apple, made him weaker.

Free Download 30+ Steve Jobs Sound Clips for Radio Production, Click Here

The music industry who are grateful to him for innovations such as the iPod and iTunes are remembering him through social media and possibly a musical tribute. Continue reading Radio, Music Industry Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs