New FX Library Now On The Air At 95-5 PLJ NY

WPLJ New York
WPLJ New York

The newest library by Sticky FX called Brain Freez is just released a couple of weeks ago and already finds its way to the airwaves of the biggest stations on the planet. For example New York’s legendary WPLJ – 95-5 PLJ was one of the first to put this new razor sharp library on the air.

Creative Services Director Dan Kelly of PLJ tells us why: “I really like these fx! It’s modern, it’s cool sounding without being crazy in your face. The 290 FX in Brain Freez are aggressive but CHR friendly while also good for Hot AC, even AC if used properly.”

There’s of course loads of Breakers, Hits, Slams and Impacts but it also includes Beat Starters which are super short filler type FX that make starting or ending a promo incredibly easy. And of course lots of Sweeps with long tails that help you smooth out your production and make your imaging sound more cohesive.

Dan Kelly continuous: “These FX announce that you’re a hip station without hitting the listeners over the head with it. Really cool stuff! It’s a very multi-use package that has everything you need from Drones to sharp short stuff.”

So check out this audio demo of Brain Freez being used in PLJ’s latest imaging now on the air in New York. Or get Brain Freez right now for your station! It’s available for immediate download as buy out for your station at

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