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The best thing about MOR 101.9 is how they integrate their video broadcast. So you not only hear them but also see them, hence their Kinig Nood catchphrase or listen and watch.

Unlike other stations though they do away with the popular free live streaming services like Ustream and instead they use B2B streaming or professional services such as BrightCove. This means that to see them live, you have to visit their website.

This is unlike the social media streamers like Twitter and Facebook live which has more capture.

Although some of their DJs do Facebook live.

Dear MOR on MOR 101.9

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Station has changed face once again for the 6th time since it started using the call letters in past years. After sporting the new monicker, it finally gave in to unifying its national FM network of all stations.

May this year, the calls dropped using the logo and aired only dials as its station ID, the same thing they did when they transitioned in 2009.


The decision of changing brand name is not clear as the new brand was a hit and gained significant ratings. It’s website is among the most visited online radio stations.

The radio division adaptation of its regional branding which has been used for years now, is clever and cost effective

Click here to listen live (related streaming)

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487 thoughts on “Listen to MOR 101.9 Manila For Live Online Streaming”

  1. Ate DJ aqo pakibati lng po mga kapatid qoh sa Cabakan Nort Cotaba2 si Ate Noria..c koya at Muhaymen at si nanay at tatay i miss you all mga family qoh at wagkayong mag alala ok lng nman aqo d2 sa ibang bansa i miss you ina at ama

  2. playlist segment is okay but boy are the jokes of the DJ is always ever so CORNY… as in mais!! there was a time that I just couldn’t take anymore of his jokes and had to change stations….

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