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The Struggle Between Traditional Radio and Podcast

Will terrestrial radio survive a future that is increasingly assumed to be podcast? If so, how?

Two central questions in the debate on the relationship between radio and podcast, which a journalist present at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 2018 Podcast Upfront , on September 6 in New York, has posed to Bob Pittman and Jarl Mohn, friends in life and real experts in the field : the first is the CEO and Chairman of iHeartMedia , the largest radio broadcast but also an American commercial radio podcast service ; the second CEO of National Public Radio (NPR), an expression of the US public service.

Both respondents started from the assumption that the success of a medium is largely determined by chance and luck, but that an approach that follows what the consumer prefers is fundamental.

Mohn called it “pattern recognition”: it involves doing research, collecting as much data as possible to understand what the consumer likes and packaging products based on these preferences. In this way it would be possible to build quality content, the only way – in the opinion of the exponent of NPR – to ensure that users continue to enjoy the public network, via radio, podcast and the Internet. According to the CEO of the largest independent non-profit radio network in the United States, therefore, podcasts and terrestrial radios can coexist thanks to quality. And, indeed, the podcast can provide an appeal for new advertisers who until now had not been interested in radio.

More cynical, Pittman, who does not try to deny possible cannibalization, talks about it as an opportunity: “Steve Jobs, father of the iPod, understood that the future of listening would be the telephone. Instead of trying to defend the iPod, he built the phones. Good idea, eh? ” Commented the representative of the largest US broadcast group, suggesting that probably terrestrial radios and podcasts are two forms of conflicting audio communication, but that the winning approach for companies like iHeartMedia must always be that of follow the evolution of consumer habits, to provide them with favorite content in the best way.


Sony Car Audio System Makes Listening to Music via Car Play or Android Auto More Fun

Among the many new products brought by Sony to IFA 2018 there are also the unpublished XAV-AX3005DB and XAV-AX1000 . If the names do not help you much to decipher their characteristics, know that these are special smart displays for cars, with compatibility for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay .

The devices are made up of large panels of 6.95 and 6.2 inches respectively, with Clear Responsive Touchscreen technology that allows a comfortable and pleasant interface management. By connecting your smartphone Android or iOS you can access all the services related to the desired car platform, using apps and streaming services for road navigation, listening to music and radio or voice calls.

XAV-AX3005DB has some interesting technical highlights, such as support for the DAB / DAB + radio standard , the EXTRA BASS function and the ability to play FLAC files . The EXTRA BASS function is missing on the XAV-AX1000 and, as mentioned, the screen is slightly smaller.

Radio Directory App FM-World Radio Launches to Help Owners Promote Their Internet Radio

Radio is an ancient medium , on this there are no discussions. And as such, in the perspective of constant progress, it should be dead and buried by what came later. Instead, never as in recent years has proved a channel of communication alive and effective . Surely more than the “younger sister”, the generalist TV that has represented its evolution and that should have relegated the radio into oblivion.

The faithful followers and fans are not lacking and certainly if the best passes the TV now undermined by the streaming . Those who love to listen to the radio nowadays, however, must often rely on a special device, when it is far from the car, because the new technologies in smartphones and tablets rarely include support for FM radio .

If you want to use your phone, however, there are several alternative solutions : you can download podcasts of your favorite broadcast or visit the website of the broadcaster and listen to live. Both these possibilities, however, have obvious limitations, unlike apps like FM-World Radio .

The app turns your smartphone / tablet into a real digital radio
The application is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone , it does not contain advertising , and allows you to listen not all, but many FM stations using the data connection in 4G or via Wi-Fi (the developer promises a low consumption of data ). The stations available according to geolocation are organized in a simple grid with logos or can be searched by frequency for each region and province.

During listening, in some cases the name of the current program or musician and title of the song being played is also shown , depending on the compatibility with the broadcaster. The various channels can be saved as favorites and in this case they are positioned at the top of the list to be always at hand.

The most curious can also explore the frequencies assigned to a given station for each location in which it is present. A function that will come back to those who are used to falling asleep with the radio in their ears is the auto – switch off , programmable even if unfortunately only with pre – established intervals of 1, 10 and 15 minutes .

The application in general has a simple and intuitive interface and contains, in addition to the settings – really reduced to the bone – a section with news from the radio world. Listening can also be done via a speaker connected in Bluetooth or by connecting to the car radio with AirPlay , in any case continuous playback in the background while using other applications. Finally, if you notice the absence of a radio station, you can report to the development team using the integrated function directly in the app.

Download for free – FM-World Radio App


MOR 101.9 DJ Releases Own Hit Single Collaboration for Radio Airplay

Siguradong swabeng kilig ang ipaparamdam sa’yo ng bagong kanta ni baby boy JOCO LOCO kasama ang 50 Killaz!
Mapapakinggan na mamaya sa programang #PlaylistMo! Abangan mo, KaMORkada

DJ Joco Loco of MOR 101.9 has released alongside a collaboration with the group 50 Killaz the song Swabe.

This will have its world premiere via the radio show Playlist Mo with DJ Joco Loco.

This is not definitely the first that radio DJs release their own singles.

The most famous one was the Lets Talk About Love track that became anthem in the late 90s recorded by Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1.

XiaoKoa Podcasting Microphone for Beginners


XiaoKoa Podcasting Microphone for Beginners

Without a doubt an economic microphone but of a certain level, just to not use those of the cameras or headphones with the inevitable noise and background noise.

The tripod has the elastic suspenders to avoid the classic table noises.

The microphone / headphone splitter cable is also very convenient.
I would say that to start is more than good, then if one makes a profession can switch to higher-end products but definitely to other pieces.

Purchased at the request of a nephew to complete his animator equipment, and used so far for the 18th celebrated with friends, but all are enthusiastic about the performance and ease of use. Compatible with all the different types of laptops and devices used by various friends, while I have been ordered another, this time from the family girls, who are delighted to publish videos on Youtube, and have found the convenience of use, they have me explained that the elastic suspensions are particularly useful etc .. In short, all satisfied with the purchase and surely others will follow

Practical, light and functional. great gadget with professional appearance in small at least in appearance. Nice because it can be connected to different mobile devices. The materials seem to be of fair quality and the quality is in line with the price for this I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase and I can not wait to play a bit in the evening when I return from work.

Absolutely recommended

I was not convinced of the quality for the price I had spent, but I have to say that it deserves a 5-star rating.

It works very well, the sound is clean and feels pretty good even at a distance of 1-2 meters. Surely 100% better than a microphone built into a laptop.

Nice idea to keep the microphone with the rubber bands in this way the piece that keeps the microphone can not be broken.

Congratulations to McCoy De Leon & Elisse Joson for being Number 1 on the Top 10 Hits on

The follow are the results of the Top 10 Songs on

These are based on votes provided by radio listeners at the said website. To vote just go to and click on the Vote link on the top menu.

1 Para Lang Sa’yo – McCoy De Leon & Elisse Joson
2 Shanawa – Maymay Entrata
3 Ikaw Lang Sapat Na – Maris Racal
4 Panaginip – Morissette
5 Poison – Darren Espanto
6 Buwan – juan karlos
7 Clueless – Sam Mangubat
8 That Hero – Inigo Pascual
9 BMG – Edward Barber
10 Tanging Ikaw – Tony Labrusca


X Factor Winner Marlisa Punzalan Returns With 2 New Music

2 new singles of Marlisa Punzalan or better known as MARLISA has been launched this week.

She’s the Fil-Australian teener who won the X-Factor Australia Season 6 (year 2014).

She’s just 15 years old that time (the youngest ever winner of X-Factor history). Now, she’s 18 years old & back with brand new singles.

Marlisa’s 1st single, "STEEL", is her own composition & featuring Moophs. This is released by TARSIER RECORDS.

The 2nd single is entitled "THANK YOU", produced by Kidwolf & released under STAR MUSIC.

Both singles are available now for digital downloading / streaming in all major digital platforms.

Visit the link below to check out her music