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iFM 93.9 Breaks The Mold Once Again with Unique Evening Programming – Horror!

Yes, while other stations are cashing on the love advice format, which saturates most of the afternoon and late evening blocks on radio, DWKC iFM and its nationwide network breaks from the pack.

Their take on the primetime evening is not the mushy, cheese give your listeners advice attack, instead they adopt a horror format.

With the program-segment Takutin Mo Ako – anchor personality Pakito Jones reads letters from listeners that share their horrifying experiences.

The program is sprinkled-complete with production value, special effects, scoring, it’s a one-man band and Pakito Jones pulls it off.

Hats off again to iFM for innovating.

Great job to Van Omega and the rest of the RMN FM Division.


iFM Manila’s Tiyo Paeng and Idol Dagol Goes Duel with Jokes on Klasik Segment

iFM DJs Tiyo Paeng and Idol Dagol face off in rounds of joke battle in segment called Klasik.

IFM is known for their innovative programming.

As well as for their out of the box radio production and imaging.

Jokes are a staple now in mainstream masa stations, if done right is an effective tool in capturing new and retaining solid listenership.

In other stations, jokes are most of the time canned or preproduced. 

iFM however performs their comic skits live.

They even incorporate it in their radio imaging.

For as long as people still laugh at them, jokes will still be a mainstay in pang masa radio in the Philippines.

Radio Jingle Ad for Milo is LSS Hit, Brand Reveals Reason for Choosing James Reid as Endorser

Basta energy, energy gap …

This line is very among teens and grade schoolers.  

The new radio ad jingle for Milo featuring James Reid, a popular actor in the Philippines induces last song syndrome.

Asked by consumer, Milo explained why they chose James Reid as ensorser.

Aluqah: Why did you choose James Reid as endorser?

Hi, Alucaq! Thanks for your interest in MILO®. We saw James Reid as a fit MILO® ambassador for many reasons. He was an athlete in Australia before moving to the Philippines. He enjoyed swimming and competed in gymnastics. Despite his hectic career schedule, James remains fit by doing regular exercise in different forms including dance, which he loves. We hope this answers your question!

Barangay LS 97.1 Is Number 1 in Mega Manila Based on Recent Survey

DWLS FM 97.1 Barangay LS is number 1 station in Mega Manila.

This is based on data released by Nielsen as of May 2017.

DWLS beat DZMB 90.7 Love Radio under Manila Broadcasting Company and DwRR 101.9 My Only Radio For Life under EBS ZBN.

Wanted Sweetheart and Barangay Love Stories are among the most listened to radio shows of the station which are also simulcast nationwide in sister stations under the Barangay brand.

The Chainsmokers React To Critics of New “Pop” Album

So confused this is anything but pop, its a ballad, and the two songs you are saying you miss from us are the MOST POP songs we have ever written… that stuff was over 4 years ago now, we have evolved

 and grown, its frustrating to read stuff like this… our music is so much more mature and just better now… 

if you cant live with us growing as artists and challenging ourselves and you just label us ‘pop’ cause youre not feeling it thats really lame. 

We never made promises to anyone that we would make the 128 bpm forever, we are gonna make we want to make and that will always change and you should be grateful for that because then in 5 years you wont ever be saying damn I wish alex and drew switched it up, cause we will always be making moves…. 

We love yall, and there are ballads, there is hard stuff, there is soft stuff, there is poppy stuff and there is dark stuff on this album… youre gonna get your bangers and youre gonna get your late night cruise songs… 

and we no doubt will have the idiots who say oh this is too pop and oh it sounds like there other songs, but try and let us be the artists we want to grow into and stop asking us to travel back in time and be artists we simply arent anymore… 

we appreciate everyones opinions and day one fans the most but hopefully after you read this you understand our direction a little bit better 🙂

What Radio Automation is used at 91.5 FM Win Radio Manila ?

DJ Tess is seen her during her board work at 91.5 Win Radio.

Win Radio used to be the branding on the 107.5 frequency but later moved to 91.5. 107.5 is now Wish FM, a hybrid masa slash CHR station which now competes with Home Radio.

91.5 used to be Energy FM but is now at 106.7 Energy FM.

Now the software used as with many radio stations since the 2000s is OTS Media.

They employ two workstations. 1 for music and the other for commercials.

OTS Media is undoubtedly good for music segues but in commercials it will tend to overlap voices, not all the time. So it is better that commercial spots have tails to allow for a better segue.