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Download Free Radio Jingles: Radio Online Loader (3 Cuts)

Download this free radio imaging package consisting of 3 cuts.

This includes 1 ID jingle matrix, fully produced with FX, intro and music background, all you need to do is add your station name.

This is great for podcasters, online streaming stations that would like to showcase their website and the latest buzz in the world of pop culture.

Also comes with 1 ID stager or without the voice with the bed and FX and the stripped down version of 1 sweeper version, just add your station liner.

Download this free radio jingle from the link here

Click to download here



Free Radio Jingle “Playing The Top” Looped, Request Free Link Below


“If it’s on top, we’re surely playing it. ”

Download the mixouts from the links below

Send us your script/copy of your free voiceover now at :

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Free Radio Jingles – Artist Drops and Music Intro for Nick Jonas

Free radio jingle featuring artist IDs and new music power intro for Nick Jonas’ new song called Levels.

Download 4 radio IDs, plus a new music intro.

What are power intros? Power intros are also called song intros. It’s a time tested radio production and imaging element for station producers that let’s stations put their identity or branding at the intro of a song.

The analogy is the signature at the bottom of the painting, the plate number of a car, or just basically ID card for a song.

Other power intros are sung, meaning custom vocals are made in such a way that lyrics with sing the station’s branding, increasing name recall for market’s that use the old survey method.

Most power intros are voice produced.

Download here

ReelWorld Announces New Radio Scoop Jingle Package for 2014

Radio Scoop (Left : Laurent Ripoll /   Center : David Tartar   / Right : Alain Liberty : General director of the program)
Radio Scoop (Left : Laurent Ripoll / Center : David Tartar / Right : Alain Liberty : General director of the program)

Got the taste for ReelWorld Jingles? Help yourself to another Scoop!

After last year’s new ReelWorld jingle package, France’s Radio Scoop this month welcomed another 10 custom themes to their on air sound.

Having already catered to the tastes and playlists of European programmers with the original package, the 10 theme Radio Scoop 2 update builds upon the foundation for a more dynamic sound — incorporating pop rock and softer melodies into the production.

Radio Scoop’s Director of Music and Programming Laurent Ripoll is happy – “Working with Reelworld is always a pleasure! To evolve our sound I wanted something more organic, more pop driven. We’re playing tunes like Lorde, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Ellie Goulding which are less about upbeat dance music.

It was like a big slap in the face when I heard the first instrumentals!

This package is strong and powerful – thank you ReelWorld once again.”

ReelWorld Europe’s Managing Director Anthony Gay: “Our team spent time getting inside the heads of the guys at Radio Scoop to make sure the jingles really nailed the sound they’re looking for.”

ReelWorld’s David Tartar has worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to help French stations meet their imaging needs and is delighted to hear more ReelWorld’s jingles on Scoop.

NRJ, Fun Radio, Radio FG, Totem, 100%, Sweet FM and Blackbox are amongst the other radio stations that ReelWorld work with in France.

You can hear a taster of the jingle package here and follow the ReelWorld Europe story on Twitter @reelworldeurope

To find out how ReelWorld could support your brand visit or contact

In addition, the ReelWorld team will be at the Radiodays conference in Dublin this Monday showing off their new jingles and imaging.

StickyFX Pink Noise, Brain Freeze Libraries Now at 50% Bundle Offer

Pink Noise + Brain Freeze
Pink Noise + Brain Freeze

Now for a limited time only you get 50% discount on the bundle of Brain Freez and Pink Noise.

By now of course you’re familiar with the FX packages by the Dutch team of Sticky FX. Their libraries ‘Glide’, ‘Pink Noise’, ‘Cool Cutz’ and the latest one ‘Brain Freez’ are heard worldwide on hundreds of stations in different formats. But they’re now doing something off the hook for a limited time only, offering a gigantic discount when you order the bundle of Brain Freez and Pink Noise.

The FX stuff of Sticky FX is all highly usable but the combination of these two libraries is absolute production freedom for me!” –  Maurice Verschuuren of Novaz Media Group

What if you would combine the force of two of the libraries by Sticky FX? Would it work? Will it blend together? Will it enforce the individual strengths of each library? “If you make the right combination? Abso-freakin’-lutely” says Maurice Verschuuren of Novaz Media Group.

For one of his last productions he combined the force of ‘Pink Noise’ with the more subtle CHR sound of ‘Brain Freez’ and the result is stunning. Verschuuren tells: “The FX stuff of Sticky FX is all highly usable but the combination of these two libraries is absolute production freedom for me! When I do production for great Dance Radio Shows like The Davies Twinz and Brennan Heart’s Harder, I just love the incredible force of ‘Pink Noise’ and ‘Brain Freez’ by Sticky FX.

A while back at we featured his production work for Brennan Heart who’s one of the leading brands in international hardstyle music. NOVAZ produced the imaging for his worldwide radio show “We are hardstyle” and the SLAM!FM adaption called: “SLAM! Harder”. Voiced by award winning top dog Dave Foxx.

Maurice Verschuuren continuous: “Producing these ID’s was made a lot easier by having ‘Brain Freez’ and ‘Pink Noise’ both in my imaging arsenal. The brute force of ‘Pink Noise’ really gives you the ability to make the ID’s slam hard at the start, while the more gentle sweeps and high pitched FX of ‘Brain Freez’ compliment the production at the tail of the production. These sounds really cut through and blend well together with the dance music.”

In this audio compilation you’ll hear the ID’s he did for Brennan Heart’s worldwide radioshow but also some new really nice imaging work he did for The Davies Twinz radioshow. All jam packed with the FX of ‘Brain Freez’ and ‘Pink Noise’.

Inspired by the great work of Novaz Media Group combining two of Sticky FX’s libraries, the Dutch production FX company decided to offer you a giant discount on two of their packages when you just like Maurice Verschuuren combine Brain Freez with Pink Noise. Now for a limited time only you get 50% discount on the bundle of Brain Freez and Pink Noise.

See for details.