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Where to buy and download Morning Show Radio Imaging and Production Elements

Radio stations in Asia, Particularly in the South East, like in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. Stations here have unique needs when it comes to their radio imaging and production for the morning block.

It’s a multi-culture approach and there is no one size fits all imaging service that fits the needs of imaging and morning show producers.

Sure, there are several updating services out there. But often times they are tailored and more often than not, sorry to use this but “left-overs” from already aired productions in major networks.

Now what to do:

1.) Create your own sounds. Your spring board is your listeners. Whatever format you have, start with the listeners in mind.

You need a new promo or intro for your station’s morning show? You don’t need to use the most expensive production service out there. Use sounds that are relevant to your listeners. Listener clips, and use voices of your morning jocks, it’s a no brainer.

2.) But you still need FX right? Go for libraries that intended and designed for morning shows. These FX collections contain relevant audio elements that grab listeners attention. Not just bangs, the booms and the swooshes, but drops, clips and sound bytes that are morning show friendly.

One such collection of morning show imaging and production FX are the Morning Freqz Volumes 1 and 2.

Here have a listen to the demo and contact the site on how to get this for your station



Download Free Radio Production FX from Black Noise FX

Black Noise FREE FX
Black Noise FREE FX

Black Noise is a new library containing 101 elements that aims to deliver radio production into a new level.

All audio content are designed with the highest quality engineering from the team at Litium Producciones (Productions).

It is time to sound unique, it is time to sound big.

Black Noise 2014 from Litium contains , separators , beds ,drones, shorts, digits and radio friendly FX.

It’s introduction price in the market is 99 USD:

Find out more or inquire about the package by visiting the link below: Continue reading Download Free Radio Production FX from Black Noise FX

How To Make Sweepers & Liners That Jump Out Of The Speaker

How to Make Sweepers & Liners That Jump Out Of The Speaker

One of the biggest challenges of producing a station liner is how to effectively turn a 3 seconder into a memorable station imaging piece. Recently, I made some liners for DJ Sky of Sky FM Online, the task is to make a series of liners with just a simple copy, bearing only the words “DJ Sky on Sky FM”.

Since it’s short, the produced ID should be made quick and tight, yet audible enough for the listener to digest the message. When it came time to record the liners, I made different reads and takes. I went from fast to slow and choose only the best voice tracks.

When it was time to enhance the raw voice over, I needed to apply industry-standard tweakings to make the liners pop out of the speakers. On the illustration below, you’ll see the original waveform of the raw voice track.

Download the mixouts from the links below

Send us your script/copy of your free voiceover now at :

iFM Reveals Secrets to Production Success

iFM Reveals Secrets to Production SuccessiFM may not be the top rated FM radio station in Metro Manila, Philippines, but it is without question one, if not the best, produced, imaged and air staffed radio station in the whole archipelago. One of iFM�s secrets of success, well, he is a secret weapon, so I cannot name him, but his one heck of a talent.

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