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Radio Jingles for Number 1 Rated Stations


Radio jingles or radio imaging, for the technical people imaging is the keyword, but mind you.

Most of the lay people in the industry are most used to the term radio jingles and they refer both to sung and spoken radio imaging.

But whatever term you use, imaging is essential. If you are a top rated, number 1 radio station, how many times can you say number 1?

In fact, when you just say “WERE THE NUMBER 1 STATION” on your sweepers, eventually it will lose it’s meaning.

That is why at some point in timer, WHTZ Z100 New York dropped the slogan NEW YORKS NUMBER 1 HIT MUSIC STATION in favor with New Yorks Hit Music Station.

Here are a few other ways to say you are number 1

  1.  Number 1 means you are always on top, your number 1 radio
  2.  The music just feels good, your on the number 1
  3.  Hit music belongs here, on your number 1 station

“But you still mentioned the phrase number 1”?

Stay calm! You can replace that with your station name.

They point here is to use phrases to build up to the number 1 positioning. Explain in simple terms why your station is number 1.

It does not have to be about your station, it can be about your listeners, your music.

That is the secret of effective radio imaging, don’t repeat the same words, the same message. Be creative and find new ways to say the same thought.

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Free Radio Jingle “Playing The Top” Looped, Request Free Link Below


“If it’s on top, we’re surely playing it. ”

Download the mixouts from the links below

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Download Free Radio Jingle “Locked On”


“He knows your music, he speaks your mind and he’s got you locked on. ”

Download the mixouts from the links below

Send us your script/copy of your free voiceover now at :

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Free Radio Jingles – Artist Drops and Music Intro for Nick Jonas

Free radio jingle featuring artist IDs and new music power intro for Nick Jonas’ new song called Levels.

Download 4 radio IDs, plus a new music intro.

What are power intros? Power intros are also called song intros. It’s a time tested radio production and imaging element for station producers that let’s stations put their identity or branding at the intro of a song.

The analogy is the signature at the bottom of the painting, the plate number of a car, or just basically ID card for a song.

Other power intros are sung, meaning custom vocals are made in such a way that lyrics with sing the station’s branding, increasing name recall for market’s that use the old survey method.

Most power intros are voice produced.

Download here

[DOWNLOAD] Sound Freqz Volume 2 Radio FX Library Now Available, Download Demo

Sound Freqz 2
Sound Freqz 2

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New Holiday IDs Uploaded by Imaging Blueprint Library

Imaging Blueprint
Imaging Blueprint

Adam and the rest of the team at Imaging Blueprint have dropped Holiday cheery IDs for the month of December.

And above is a bite-sized demonstration of the Christmas audio uploads.

Created and designed by the directors at Contraband Media Ltd, Imaging Blueprint is an innovative, online database featuring thousands of audio files containing sound design, music beds, artist-imaging work parts, vocal work parts and topical elements.

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Free Download of Plastic Surgery FX 1 Library at Peak Media

For a limited time only, PEAK MEDIA is giving away its complete sound design package: Plastic Surgery I. Your production needs a lift? So give your promos a fresh and shiny look!

Get 300 elements absolutely FREE, including workparts, starters, drones, impacts, scapes, and beds among others. Used by many radio stations and TV all around the world, Plastic Surgery was created by the renowned sound engineers of PEAK MEDIA. Continue reading Free Download of Plastic Surgery FX 1 Library at Peak Media

TRIL for July 2013 Gives Producers More Thrill

The Radio Imaging Library
The Radio Imaging Library

The latest delivery from The Radio Imaging Library for July of 2013.

The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL) is the first custom, online FX-library. A team of FX-producers from all over Europe have worked relentlessly to create this revolutionary new way to create radio imaging.

Founder of Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers: Continue reading TRIL for July 2013 Gives Producers More Thrill

XMAS Grab Bag Giveaway

Win An XMAS FX Library from Sound Freqz and Sound Freqz bring you the “XMAS Grab Bag Giveaway”
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Details and mechanics:
1. This is open to terrestrial or internet radio stations, commercial or non-profit.
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