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Free Radio One Jingles with Morning, Day, Afternoon Drive Home and Night Radio IDs

6 FREE RADIO IDS for stations that are unique and number 1 in their market. For stations that airs fun and entertaining format, inspired by the greatest radio station in the planet. If your station is the one, then these radio IDs are the ONE!

These are 6 useful radio IDs great for on air contests, after commercials or segue to commercial stops.

Also comes with breakfast jingle, at work day part jingle, an afternoon drive home jingle and night time jingle.

This is the one, the one for fun and entertainment, the one
This is the one, the one in the morning when you wake up, the one
The one, the one you listen to all day, this is the one
The one, the one radio you tune in on your way home, this is the one
This is the one, the only one that makes you feel good all night long, the one
This is the one, the one for fun, music and more, the one

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Download Free Radio Jingles 6 Soft Rock Radio IDs

Get this free radio IDs for Adult Contemporary Stations that play soft rock music.

Using the following copy.

Your favorite Soft rock hits from yesterday and today, keep it here on your favorite radio station

Soft rock all day long the number 1 songs from yesterday and today play here on your no 1 station

Soft rock means soft but not too mushy, rock but not too hard, just the soft rock on your radio

Better music variety with soft rock favorites playing all day thanks for making us your no 1 choice

Always the no 1 choice when it comes to soft rock music, your no 1 soft rock station

Not too loud, but not too lite, just fresh and familiar music on your soft rock radio

To download use the link below

Listen to TM Century Jingles on Red Hot Mix FM 105.9 Davao City DXMX based on WKTI WPLJ Jingles Logo

Listen to the Hot AC jingles created for DXMX FM 105.9 as they used to be called Red Hot Mix FM back in the early 2000s.

These jingles were based out of Dallas Texas by the jingle company called TM Century now known as TM Studios.

The jingles to many anoraks in the UK and US will sound familiar as they were based on the WPLJ jingle logo and syndicated from the WKTI jingle package.

The voiceover heard here is the voice of Sonny B who happens to be the voice on Wild FM and in Play FM Manila (DYRT 99.5 RT)

105.9 in Davao is occupied by a franchisee and now broadcasts as Balita FM managed and owned by Oriental Mindoro Management Resources Corporation / Real Radio Network.

The jingle cuts here are from various packages like that of the WKTI package and the Rhythm of the City.

The station manager is a huge fan and avid subscriber of TM Century products and services, including their Hit Disc and a few imaging libraries.

Bagong Radio Jingles Para sa BBC Radio 2

Bilang bahagi ng malaking pagbabago sa iskedyul ng BBC Radio 2, ipinagmamalaki ng Wisebuddah na ipakita ang mga jingle na hinihiling nilang isulat para sa mga bagong palabas. Nagtatampok ang bagong palabas na Drivetime show ni Jo Whiley at Simon Mayo ng isang bagong tema ng palabas at All Request Friday. Ang paglipat ni Sara Cox sa mga panggabing sked ay nakikita ang isang bagong tema para sa kanyang show , tulad ng ginagawa ni Cerys Matthews para sa Monday night blues. Ang Good Morning Sunday ay nakatanggap din ng bagong tema para sa mga bagong host na sina Kate Botley at Jason Mohammad.

Ang Creative Director ng Wisebuddah Jingles na si Jem Godfrey ay nagsabi: “Ang koponan sa Radio 2 ay isang kasiyahang makatrabaho. Ang bagong Radio 2 line-up ay i-refresh ng tunog ng Radio 2 at nalulugod kami na maging bahagi nito ”

Kamakailan ay nakumpleto ng Wisebuddah ang produksyon ng maraming mga bagong proyekto, kabilang ang paglikha ng mga bagong package para sa Virgin Radio Canada, Kiss FM ng Berlin at Radio 10 sa Holland, na maaaring marinig sa

Download Free Radio Jingles – High Energy Jingles, DJ Drops, Artist IDs, Power Intros

Check out these free radio jingles download. Great to use as intro for radio shows or music mixes, or as breaks from and to commercials.



Number 1 for Todays Hits and Online Favorites

Number one (robot FX)

On the radio (vocal effects)

Ladies Gents here it is, the most listened to radio show on the planet, even the other stations are tuned in too.

Check the systems we’re online (music ramp)

Yo Whats Up, Let’s Go (urban music ramp)

Welcome to our website, we got loads of info, but first here’s a song

Artist identification

This is your radio, your station.

Drone and special effects

This is your radio, your station (music sweeper)

Your online radio, that makes you happy (sweeper)

Download Free Radio Jingles: Radio Online Loader (3 Cuts)

Download this free radio imaging package consisting of 3 cuts.

This includes 1 ID jingle matrix, fully produced with FX, intro and music background, all you need to do is add your station name.

This is great for podcasters, online streaming stations that would like to showcase their website and the latest buzz in the world of pop culture.

Also comes with 1 ID stager or without the voice with the bed and FX and the stripped down version of 1 sweeper version, just add your station liner.

Download this free radio jingle from the link here

Click to download here


Free Radio Jingle “Playing The Top” Looped, Request Free Link Below


“If it’s on top, we’re surely playing it. ”

Download the mixouts from the links below

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Download Free Radio Jingle “Locked On”


“He knows your music, he speaks your mind and he’s got you locked on. ”

Download the mixouts from the links below

Send us your script/copy of your free voiceover now at :

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SingShots and Dave Foxx Gives Hi FM A New Radio Imaging High

Hi FM SingShots
Hi FM SingShots

More and more stations around the globe are starting to recognize the full potential of the trademark SingShots on Floyd Media.

They are affordable, punchy, and cut through way to shape the sound of your station. Singshots are produced in multiple formats and are guaranteed to give you the edge in a competitive market.

Play them out of breaks, between songs….just about anywhere in the playlist to give you the right punch.

This time Hi FM decided to go with full custom made SingShots package and picked up best of both worlds.

Blending world-class voiceover by Z100’s Dave Foxx with our powerful CHR vocals, gave Hi FM the edge in Oman over the other stations.

Additionally Floyd Media produced tailor-made vocal workparts in order to help Hi FM’s in-house production team to extend their possibilities even further, to add the extra zing to everything from a Top of Hour, to a Power Intro.

Get in touch with Floyd Media to find out how custom made SingShots can work for you.

You can listen to the individual cuts on Floyd Media website:

This package is available for re-sing and customization with your station’s name and slogan and/or sonic logo

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