Listen to TM Century Jingles on Red Hot Mix FM 105.9 Davao City DXMX based on WKTI WPLJ Jingles Logo

Listen to the Hot AC jingles created for DXMX FM 105.9 as they used to be called Red Hot Mix FM back in the early 2000s.

These jingles were based out of Dallas Texas by the jingle company called TM Century now known as TM Studios.

The jingles to many anoraks in the UK and US will sound familiar as they were based on the WPLJ jingle logo and syndicated from the WKTI jingle package.

The voiceover heard here is the voice of Sonny B who happens to be the voice on Wild FM and in Play FM Manila (DYRT 99.5 RT)

105.9 in Davao is occupied by a franchisee and now broadcasts as Balita FM managed and owned by Oriental Mindoro Management Resources Corporation / Real Radio Network.

The jingle cuts here are from various packages like that of the WKTI package and the Rhythm of the City.

The station manager is a huge fan and avid subscriber of TM Century products and services, including their Hit Disc and a few imaging libraries.


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