I Am Using The Php 31,000 Peso Sennheiser HD700 for Radio Broadcast and Here’s My Experience

The Sennheiser HD700 headphones are really classy, ​​able to produce a sound that is at the same time elegant, soft but also rich in depth, very precise in the acute range, without excesses, and by the excellent spatialization of the sound planes.

The HD700 is a headset that stands in the middle between the Hd650 and the Hd800, both as a price that, in part, as a sound.

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It sounds airy and open almost like the HD800, but the general frequency response has been turned to warmer hues with the bass plus an evidence (though less defined and “impactful”). Despite this, the Hd700 still sounds very detailed and present on the sharp, with the voices still very present, if anything, sometimes backwards as “perspective” than as a presence of sound.

This sonority was obtained with a slightly waning response from low to high, but with a drop in the mid-range followed by a peak in the 5-6 kHz zone that gives articulated air to the whole presentation of the sound event. Backside of the coin, some timbres sometimes a bit.

If this problem does not bother too much (the thing is subjective), the Sennheiser HD700 headphones repays with a strange and pleasant combination of airiness and warmth, for relaxed and, for me, extremely pleasant listening, in particular with the symphony with a “sense” auditorium “very remarkable, but not only.

Extension to extremes optimal, low warm and present but with a capacity of relative impact (the Hd800 has more impact), sound scene less wide than the Hd800 but with better scanning in depth. Average impedance, with a dependency of the low response from the output impedance of the non-negligible amplifier.

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Excellent construction, stratospheric comfort: probably the most comfortable headset I’ve ever tried.

At 31,163.12 Philippine Peso a great headset, but must like its very special setting.

In short, an excellent product, which makes it better if associated with a large amplifier, but that provides excellent performance even connected to a trivial mobile device. The cap is also beautiful and extremely comfortable. So I am satisfied with this 31,000 peso Sennheiser HD700 headphones.


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