102.7 Easy Rock Test Broadcasts in Cebu

Logo for the New Easy Rock format of MBC
Logo for the New Easy Rock format of MBC

Just last Monday, July 6th, our housemate happened to switch the dial to 102.7 which hasn’t been operational for a while. It used to be Yes FM DYES FM here in Cebu. And here’s a telescope of what I heard.

102.7 Easy Rock test broadcast

And yes, indeed Easy Rock has come to Cebu. Just when I was about to blog this, I also learned the Easy Rock formats has already hit Davao, Iloilo,¬† Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro City … Will YES FM be totally dissolved?

Listen to 96.3 WRock Here

Listen to Easy Rock 96.3

16 thoughts on “102.7 Easy Rock Test Broadcasts in Cebu”

  1. i so wanna be part of the cool DJ’s in easy rock for years i have spent my life playing mellow music no finally got one that i sure would be comfortable w/……


  2. and just to stay on topic….

    speaking of jingles, i loved wrock’s. then lupig sila’s. now it’s the bunch over at newbie easy rock. gotta love the melody. my fave is the one played exclusively on fridays.


    1. hello, i definitely agree with you, was what you mention about easy rock– i love the array of music they play and dj matthew who is very welcoming and friendly…by the way where is easy rock located in cebu? thanks a lot.


      1. they have same mellow format and almost similar voiceover. matthew sounds like billy, tho the latter is a bit more nasal and just as good. krishna used to be with WROCK i think.


      1. oh is it now? it used to play slow songs before. more like WROCK and Easy Rock now. but i guess that was ages ago.

        by the way, do you know of any station similar to k89.9 during its pre-jazz (alternative) days?


  3. Easy Rock Radio Network in the Philippines

    96.3 DWRK Manila (former WRocK)
    91.9 DZST Baguio (former YES FM)
    93.5 DYYS Boracay (former YES FM)
    92.3 DYST Iloilo (former YES FM)
    105.5 DYMY Bacolod (former YES FM)
    102.7 DYTC Cebu (former YES FM)
    97.9 DXCM Zamboanga (former Love Radio)
    96.9 DXKS Cagayan De Oro (former Love Radio)
    105.1 DXYS Davao (former YES FM)
    94.3 DXTS General Santos (former Hot FM)


  4. @guiengarma: OMG! I Forgot Buy The Philippine Star Last July 8.

    anyone got the copy? please send a photo instead or PEx


  5. Last July 8, I read a full-page advert in The Philippine Star, announcing the new Easy Rock Network of MBC. Even Baguio’s YES! FM and Boracay’s Radyo Natin became Easy Rock.


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