Radio Gives Tribute to Michael Jackson

The World Remembers Michael Jackson and Radio
The World Remembers Michael Jackson and Radio

Mixed emotions, moments of mourning, an unexpected loss, some call it the death of music. The passing away of Michael Jackson was mourned by the whole world. As quickly as the news spread, media – TV, print and radio responded.

TV coverage here and there, headlines hug almost all dailies, viral emails, videos, and Tweets rapidly spread, but it was radio who did amazingly. Right after the announcement of his death, radio stations across the globe quickly turned their regular programming into an all Michael Jackson radio show.

Listeners phoned in their radio station, confirming the news, on air personalities gave the public an up-to-the-minute report of the tragic news. The world once again turned to radio. Proof only, that there are things  only radio can do.

A Montage of Radio Promos Stations Use In Remembering The King of Pop, Produced by Production Vault

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