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Manila Broadcasting Company, Yes The Best 101.1 DWSS FM Widen Social Media Reach

Visit YesTheBest.com.ph – Listen Live to Yes The Best 101.1 Manila

As the leading radio network in the Philippines, Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) recognised that social media was the best way to bring better content and an enhanced experience to their millions of listeners.

But with only six content producers responsible for over 100 social media accounts across the Philippines, time was at a premium. MBC needed a solution to streamline their workflow in order to help boost awareness, drive brand loyalty, and deliver relevant social media content to their audience.

Using Hootsuite to manage their accounts and analyze data, Manila Broadcasting Company’s Yes The Best radio station ran their highly successful Yes The Guest campaign. Their team generated over 535,000 views—in just fifteen days.

Manila Broadcasting Company’s FM channel 101.1 Yes The Best is the second most listened-to radio station in the Philippines. With over 1.6 million Facebook fans, 47,300 Twitter followers, and 56,200 Instagram followers, the station wanted to boost brand loyalty, increase awareness, and grow listenership.

With the Yes The Guest campaign focused on what drives millennials to consume content on social, the radio station partnered with popular social media influencers in the Philippines to create on-air and social media content.

How they did it: Streamlined their processes: Posting content and interacting with their audience in real time was a high priority for this campaign.

Instead of spending hours trying to organize their social media team and content, Yes The Best was able to use Hootsuite to see all their posts—and audience replies—in one place.

They were also able to clearly see how the campaign was performing and how the audience was responding. Instead of having to gather performance data natively across the different social media platforms, they were able to use Hootsuite to analyze all data in one place.

Thanks to the efficient workflow, the team was able to instead focus on the events taking place so they could create better content in the moment.

Got to know their audience: Manila Broadcasting Company’s FM Programming group and New Media Department aim to make
valuable content that resonates with each unique audience group.

Yes The Best is called “The Millennials’ Choice,” so targets a younger demographic. Knowing the market and the brand voice that resonates with their audience, Yes The Best created campaign content to engage their community, “superfans,” and core listeners. Using influencers who already had large online communities made up of millennials, Yes The Best was able to tap into and connect with this core demographic.

Focused on dynamic content creation: Each Manila Broadcasting Company FM station makes sure on-air messages are in sync with their online content—but this doesn’t mean sticking to a rigid schedule. With dynamic content, the social media managers were ready to create posts based on real-time events. With their Hootsuite foundation in place, they were able to adjust quickly to whatever was happening in-studio with the Yes The Guest campaign. From there, they
could efficiently build unique content for the most fitting platform.

Established winning calls to action: The Yes The Guest campaign is one example of how Manila Broadcasting Company uses effective calls to action.

Their radio personalities regularly encourage listeners to engage with the program on social media, such as by joining the conversation on Twitter with a particular hashtag, or by sharing their thoughts on a video shared to the station’s Facebook Page. When they know what action they want their listeners to take, it’s easier to measure what content is acting as a trigger for them to engage.

The results

The Yes The Guest campaign was an enormous success for Manila Broadcasting Company.

Their main goal was to introduce Yes The Best to a larger community and grow their audience. Yes The Guest resulted in:
Over 14,300 brand-new Facebook fans for the station’s page
221 percent average increase in positive sentiment over two months
118 percent increase in engaged users
172 percent increase in video views

Not only that, but by running this campaign they saved over PHP 2,140,000 pesos, equivalent to over $42,800 U.S.
The campaign generated over 535,000 views, an average post reach of over 613,000, and more than 13,000 comments. Download the report here


Love Radio Cebu November 2010 Aircheck

Golden Peak Hotel houses Love Radio Cebu's FM Studio

97.9 Love Radio is DYBU FM, an FM station of Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC). The station’s FM studio is housed at the Golden Peak Hotel and Suites, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, along with its sister stations DYRC, DYHR, DYTC and DYXR.

DYBU initially went on the air on AM since the 1950s. However in 1975, it transferred to the FM band (its sister station DZMB in Metro Manila, also moved to the FM dial as Love Radio, the flagship station of MBC in Manila).

Listen to an aircheck recorded November 7, 2010

97.9 Love Radio Cebu Listen Online
Listen to 97.9 Love Radio Cebu Listen Online


102.7 Easy Rock Website On-Going

102.7 Easy Rock Cebu has an on-going website construction

I can’t help but compare WROCK 96.3 and 102.7 Easy Rock Cebu. They both sport similar format, but there are times when WRock goes upbeat, especially in the morning. I still like the variety of WRock than Easy. Easy is more youthful. Nothing still beats the original.

Listen to Easy Rock 96.3 Here 

Listen to Easy Rock 96.3

102.7 Easy Rock Test Broadcasts in Cebu

Logo for the New Easy Rock format of MBC
Logo for the New Easy Rock format of MBC

Just last Monday, July 6th, our housemate happened to switch the dial to 102.7 which hasn’t been operational for a while. It used to be Yes FM DYES FM here in Cebu. And here’s a telescope of what I heard.

102.7 Easy Rock test broadcast

And yes, indeed Easy Rock has come to Cebu. Just when I was about to blog this, I also learned the Easy Rock formats has already hit Davao, Iloilo,  Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro City … Will YES FM be totally dissolved?

Listen to 96.3 WRock Here

Listen to Easy Rock 96.3

Benefits of Radio Broadcasting on TV

Benefits of Radio Broadcasting on TVBroadcasting radio simulcast on cable television is a broadcast activity that is never new to us. That’s why when Manila Broadcasting Company was approached by InfoCom Technology, a subsidiary of ePLDT to provide content for their interactive cable TV channel CubeITV, the network never hesitated to say yes.

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