102.7 Easy Rock Website On-Going

102.7 Easy Rock Cebu has an on-going website construction

I can’t help but compare WROCK 96.3 and 102.7 Easy Rock Cebu. They both sport similar format, but there are times when WRock goes upbeat, especially in the morning. I still like the variety of WRock than Easy. Easy is more youthful. Nothing still beats the original.

Listen to Easy Rock 96.3 Here 

Listen to Easy Rock 96.3

26 thoughts on “102.7 Easy Rock Website On-Going”

      1. you’re about spot on wrock needing to implement improvements. it seems like they’ve been doing the same stuff for decades. as to their personalities, i just think that they’re saying practically the same things, or maybe that’s just me. they also sound monotone-y, if you know what i mean. even so, i find their 3-peat unique. maybe they can come up with such distinct segments, or whatever they’re called. indeed, easy rock has an advantage today.


  1. what’s happening to your signal? i am from Cebu and it’s been days that your signal’s been on and off. one moment you’re on the air then the next you’re off again. pls feedback or update us of your status.


  2. can anyone please tell me who sang that version of it might be you which is live and have great falsetto voice. the guy above is wrong, it absolutely not patti austin. ive been looking for him but i havent found the right artist same in your playlist. thank you.


  3. I like 102.7 Easy Rock especially in the morning with Ms. Summer on board. i like her voice, its so captivating..102.7 have the same format as 96.3 Wrock / LiteRock of Manila. Too bad my task there in Cebu is done so back to home base now here in Laguna / Manila. Someday if we have projects again in Cebu I would be glad to be assign there so I can hear Ms. Summer..kampai


  4. I thought u’re just playing english old songs but i was amazed when you play some opm tagalog hits and some popular hits nowadays..cool
    Sana dagdagan mo pa ng mga kantang pinoy
    I really love easy rock unlike wrock.. wrock rely only on one genre at the same time and it keeps me boring


  5. Good day! I’m a regular WRock listener but it always got out of range in my radio. I was so glad when I happen to run through on this station 102.7, and it had the same music that i used to listen esp. at night until i fell asleep..
    Thank you so much.
    I just like to know the title of the song that goes..”can’t you see.. this is all a big mistake.. I should cry and walk away..” I really love the song.. I would appreciate if u could give me a the title and the artist.
    More power EasyRock!


  6. good day. pls. let me know the title of the song that has a lyrics like this : you’re always be my beautiful. i really love that song… thanks.

    Kadison Joshua – Beautiful In My Eyes


  7. Hi,

    I would like to ask. Who sang that version of IT MIGHT BE YOU who sounds like a Black Woman and sounds live? This song is always played sometime in the afternoon here @ EAY ROCK. I would really like to know. GREAT Version.


  8. They got more or less similar formats, with EasyRock being on the upbeat side. I used to be regular WROCK listener, even when I was in the northern part of the country. Whenever I tune in to them today, I notice that they still play the same songs I heard almost twenty years ago. I guess I got somewhat bored.

    Between the two, I prefer 102.7, especially in the mornings because they sprinkle the program with some alternative music, albeit the slower/milder ones. Or maybe it’s just because I love the alternative genre. Also, upbeat songs in the morning tend to get me more awake. 🙂


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