NU 107 Hosts Independence Day Rock Concerts

Indie Bands Gather to Celebrate Independence Day

NU107 Cebu, Home of New Rock and The Outpost bring you the Indie Days Year 2 – The best of Cebu Indie Music on Independence Day.

Two nights of rock out celebration, on June 11, greet the Independence Day with bands like Cattski, Chisca, Zara Smith, Undercover Grasshoppers, Cuarenta, LUi, Juress, Frontline, Lowela, Pandora, Outerlid Break Off and Sefyla, Broke.

On June 12, shout freedom with Shuffled, Skunky Muggles, Santing Scalawags, Skankin’ Brews, Mungkanghan, Zafra, Purple Helmets, Bethany, Who’s Next, Fervent, God Save Me, Rescue A Hero, Aggressive Audio, Uno, PG-18, Missing Filemon, The Line Divides, Still, Happy Days, Powerspoonz, Smooth Friction, The Insects and Sheila.

Show up at The Outpost Lahug before 7 pm. No tickets necessary, entrance is free, dude! This event is sponsored by Soundballoon.

This 2 night event aims to pay tribute to Filipino bands who have given awesome contribution to the local music industry, a salute to bands like E-heads, Rivermaya, and more.

Indie Days Promo produced by Mikey Bond


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