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Radio Jingles for Number 1 Rated Stations

Radio jingles or radio imaging, for the technical people imaging is the keyword, but mind you.

Most of the lay people in the industry are most used to the term radio jingles and they refer both to sung and spoken radio imaging.

But whatever term you use, imaging is essential. If you are a top rated, number 1 radio station, how many times can you say number 1?

In fact, when you just say “WERE THE NUMBER 1 STATION” on your sweepers, eventually it will lose it’s meaning.

That is why at some point in timer, WHTZ Z100 New York dropped the slogan NEW YORKS NUMBER 1 HIT MUSIC STATION in favor with New Yorks Hit Music Station.

Here are a few other ways to say you are number 1

  1.  Number 1 means you are always on top, your number 1 radio
  2.  The music just feels good, your on the number 1
  3.  Hit music belongs here, on your number 1 station

“But you still mentioned the phrase number 1”?

Stay calm! You can replace that with your station name.

They point here is to use phrases to build up to the number 1 positioning. Explain in simple terms why your station is number 1.

It does not have to be about your station, it can be about your listeners, your music.

That is the secret of effective radio imaging, don’t repeat the same words, the same message. Be creative and find new ways to say the same thought.

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Download Free Radio Jingles – High Energy Jingles, DJ Drops, Artist IDs, Power Intros

Check out these free radio jingles download. Great to use as intro for radio shows or music mixes, or as breaks from and to commercials.



Number 1 for Todays Hits and Online Favorites

Number one (robot FX)

On the radio (vocal effects)

Ladies Gents here it is, the most listened to radio show on the planet, even the other stations are tuned in too.

Check the systems we’re online (music ramp)

Yo Whats Up, Let’s Go (urban music ramp)

Welcome to our website, we got loads of info, but first here’s a song

Artist identification

This is your radio, your station.

Drone and special effects

This is your radio, your station (music sweeper)

Your online radio, that makes you happy (sweeper)

Free Radio Jingles for Habbo Stations

Habbo Bravo: Jingles for Habbo Radio Stations
Habbo Bravo: Jingles for Habbo Radio Stations

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Meantime, RadioJinglesVIP.com gives away 3 free radio jingle shells to all Habbo radio stations. With the increasing number of Habbo fan sites, VIP also launches a new service for Habbo radio stations, jingles that are made for Habbo based web stations. It’s called Habbo Bravo

For Habbo Radio Jingles you can visit:

Download your free Habbo Jingles here