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EU Country Awards Billie Eilish with Top Record of the Year

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I feel sad when you are sad. I feel happy when she is happy. I feel angry when she is angry, ”writes a fan of Billie Eilish, 13-year-old Amelia, on Instagram. The hard core of the fans of the eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter are the Gen Z-ers, teenagers between 13 and 17 years, for the majority girls, much more mature than the age can reveal. A bit like their heroine, who at 17 made her debut with “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”.

The album, released last March, reached number one in America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It has become the best-selling debut album in America in the last ten years (both among men, women and groups) with over 313 thousand copies in the first week of publication. To date it has totaled over 24 billion streams worldwide. Not only that: Billie Eilish is officially the first artist born in this millennium to have reached both position n. 1 of the records that of the singles and is the third female artist in the last 31 years with more songs on the top of the Billboard Alternative Songsairplay chart (together with Alanis Morrissette and Sinead O’Connor).

To understand this fulminating rise, just peek through the letters of the fans. “Billie’s songs often tell stories or express feelings that I had difficulty understanding,” writes Saima, a 13-year-old Danish woman, who said that the music of the singer-songwriter from Los Angeles helped her to overcome a difficult moment. This emotional connection is a common thread between all fans who send messages from Italy to Australia.

“Her lyrics are so raw and true, they help me get through good and bad times,” writes 15-year-old Australian Joelie. “I am a warm hug and they taught me not to worry about what others think and instead of being myself.” Because the girl from “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Not only reinvented pop with her threatening rap, but also upset the pop star’s canons. Fluo, oversize, baggie, exaggerated, “without gender”, it has torn down the combination of the good girl-bad girl of pop, giving life to a generation of young female stars who have no intention of conforming to the ideas of adults on models for Young people. She, like Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana, belongs to that rare kind of artist who every two-three decades redefines the rules of the game and the collective imagination, crumbling the certainties of music marketing. The first rule that Billie has subverted in a handful of months is that to break through at 17 it is not essential to be a sexy teenager with the silhouette of an ordinance, perhaps branded from head to toe and covered with make up.

“It represents the antithesis of the pop generation that many kids grew up with,” says designer Samantha Burkhart. From the total lack of sexuality in its aesthetic to the heavy use of horror visual elements in its music videos, Eilish is ushering in a new era in pop.

“Billie doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion,” writes a 13-year-old Belgian fan. “Wear what you want and don’t care about people who speak badly of you.” “I love Billie’s style,” adds Megan, a seventeen-year-old from Michigan. “It invites me to be myself and wear what I want.” In her lyrics, the singer-songwriter seems to touch the collective desire of the generation of post #MeToo girls, to take control and be directors of their creativity.

Billie Eilish’s music – full of contradictions: sweet but dramatic, childish and mature at the same time – is the soundtrack of this complicated new millennium. Appointment for July 17, 2020 at the MIND Milano Innovation District – Expo Area, when the world tour of the new pop star will also stop in Italy with a single event.


1.Billie Eilish – “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

2. Nick Cave – “Ghosteen”
A masterpiece of poetry and music with which the artist elaborates mourning through the imagination.

3. La Municipàl – “Bellissimi Difetti”
The Apulian band formed by the brothers Carmine and Isabella Tundo is the Italian surprise. Ivan’s funeral leave their mark.

4. Giovanni Truppi – “Poetry and civilization”
As in the case of La Municipàl, this album is also a demonstration that you can make music without being banal, addressing social and political issues.

5. Bruce Springsteen – “Western Stars”
Some critics have “branded” him as a cowboy record. Mistaken. It is unquestionably one of Bruce’s most intimate, intense and reflective. As in his 1982 masterpiece, “Nebraska”, Springsteen focuses more on the voice. And on words.

6. Sam Fender – “Hypersonic Missiles”
The 24-year-old from the working-class is a rare talent. The rock America of the Boss and Tom Petty moved to Newcastle.

7. Cesare Basile – “Cummeddia” Difficult
songs, Basile continues the process of drying up the music. The eleven tracks are talkin ‘blues that mix Sicily with desert blues and Mississippi blues, bluegrass and electronics.

8. Big Thief – “Two hands”
The Brooklyn band’s second album of the year is more earthly than “UFOF”, the bright collection that arrived in the spring. Here they sing about death and illness, elementary concerns that nevertheless reach a sort of upper level thanks to the tenacious, cracked songwriting that is rapidly affirming them as Brooklyn’s answer to Crazy Horse.

9. Caleidø – “Make silence”
The Misterbianco band rides the indie-pop wave: between the lines you can see the portrait of a generation poised between melancholy and despair, a sense of confusion and emptiness.

10. Mario Venuti – “Soyuz 10”
Nostalgia for a new world, made of sounds, words and feelings of the past. The album is a sort of manifesto of an artist who can perhaps be called the last of the old and the first of the new songwriters.

11. Luca Madonia – “The pyramid”
Among the echoes of the Denovo and the Beatles, it is a dip in the musical atmospheres of the sixties in the company of many friends. A sound journey with great class and elegance.

12. Felice Marsili De Medici – “Aut de Gamme”
Battisti and Luigi Tenco, the songwriter-indie and Ennio Morricone, Manu Chao and South America, blues and waltzes, Cesare Basile and punk folk, cowboys and Indians. There is all this in Felice Briguglio’s album in Catania, aka “Felice Marsili De Medici”.

13. Partinico Rose – “Songs for Sad and Angry People”
After talented nuns and meteors, a voice out of the chorus finally arrives from Ragusa. A powerful wall of guitars, a voice that recalls Robert Smith of Cure, an explicit language (English), strong-colored interpretations, a rock album played with grit and cleanliness.

14. Fontaines DC – “Dogrel”
The image of the Dublin band is as vivid and impetuous as Joyce’s visions. Songs of a rude, swaggering and cheerful beauty, but even the ballads are equally good, with a piano-pub sadness.

15. The Murder Capital – “When I Have Fears”
The other post-punk success story of Dublin with Fontaines DC, in The Murder Capital there is still a touch of lyricism. Beyond the metronome garage-rock, frontman James McGovern seems to be writing a Gothic novel.

16. Iggy Pop – “Free”
The sensational turn of the Iguana, which flirts with jazz like the David Bowie of “Blackstar” and with the poetry of Lou Reed. A melancholic, bitter, twilight disc for the survivor of the “sacred triangle” of rock

17. Mannequin Pussy – “Patience”
For their first album with the legendary pop-punk label Epitaph Records, the Philadelphia quartet blends punk trash with melodic, great hymns of anguish and regret. Listening to the singer Marisa Dabice grinning, crying, wincing and roaring in “Drunk II” means entering her shattered psyche. He sings with a ferocity rarely listened to in the easy listening playlist of the current indie; his presence practically vibrates the whole band.

18. Purple Mountains – Purple Mountains
Stories of depression and despair are easier to take with full knowledge of the happy ending. “Purple Mountains”, ” David Berman’s latest album, released twenty-six days before taking his own life at the age of 52, does not offer this luxury. Several songs – “The dead know what they are doing when they leave this world behind”, from “Nights That Won’t Happen”, or “There is no way to last here so long” from “All My Happiness Is Gone” – seem to point to what would have happened. Hearing them now is emotionally overwhelmed.

19. FKA Twigs – “Magdalene”
The British singer-songwriter, musician and dancer alternates between a painful falsetto and a tight, scratchy voice, full of regret. “Cellophane” is an extraordinary song.

20. Celeste – “Compilation 1.1”
Jamaican blood, born in Brighton, in his voice full of feeling and moving we hear those of Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Paul Weller called her to his court. His name is Celeste, the rising star of British new wave jazz.

Billie Eilish Gets Top 5 Songs Recognition

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From the planetary success of ” Bad Guy ” to the overwhelming ” You Should See Me in a Crown “, let’s discover together the five most beautiful songs of Billie Eilish , great record revelation of the last year.

Billie Eilish is the great international musical revelation of the past year. The young singer, born in 2001, has established herself worldwide by dominating the charts in every corner of the planet.

His debut album ” When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? “, Released in March 2019, has received extraordinary acclaim from the public and critics who praised the talent and originality of the artist. Let’s discover together the five most beautiful singles of Billie Eilish.
“Ocean Eyes” (2015)
They begin this journey in the singer’s discography with the single “Ocean Eyes”. The song, released in 2015, immediately makes it clear that the singer is one of the new stars of international discography. Great success also for the official video which currently boasts more than 180,000,000 views on YouTube .
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“You Should See Me in a Crown” (2018)
“You Should See Me in a Crown” is launched as the first excerpt of his debut album. The song immediately catches the audience’s attention thanks to a mix of captivating arrangements and direct lyrics, the song gets platinum in the United States of America for selling more than a million copies.
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“When the Party’s Over” (2018)
Now let’s move on to “When the Party’s Over”, launched after “You Should See Me in a Crown”. The song has the task of repeating the success of the previous single, the results are not long in coming. Billie Eilish proves once again that she doesn’t having rivals of its kind thanks to a visual setting with attention to the smallest details.
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“Bury a Friend” (2019)
We arrive in 2019 when Billie Eilish increases her popularity even more thanks to the single “Bury a Friend” which becomes a hit all over the world. The song obtained numerous certifications , including three platinum discs in Canada and Mexico, two platinum discs in Australia and one platinum disc in Italy, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
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Bad Guy (2019)
We close with “Bad Guy”, the single most iconic and loved the singer . The song becomes one of the best sellers of the year also earning three nominations at the prestigious Grammy Awards in the categories of “Record of the Year”, “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Solo Performance”.

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Billie Eilish Achieves Another Record for the Decade, Grats Girl!

The 2019 was the year of  Billie Eilish . She released her debut album ” When We All Sleep Where Do We Go? ” Which consecrated her as an international music star, she held a sold out world tour (which also made a stop in Milan ), with her magnetic personality she became an  icon of style , she got six Grammy Awards 2020 nominations and she turned 18. And the list is still long!

Yet another proof that this is about to end was an incredible vintage for Billie there is this last record: his Wikipedia page is the most viewed of all 2019 by a living singer . In the musical environment, only Freddie Mercury did better than her.

The list of the most viewed pages of Wikipedia in 2019 was compiled by the user Andrew G. West, who put together a series of raw data that the portal makes available to the community. Andrew has not taken into consideration the Wikipedia home page , which has always been the one visited here.

Billie recently explained in an interview why she doesn’t want to collaborate with other artists.

Listen Live MOR 101.9 Manila Video Streaming

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Other related news. It revolutionized music and introduced the concept of streaming, a different path for the sector already opened by Apple with iTunes a few years earlier. Spotify, the platform launched in Sweden on 10 October 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon , who came from the tech world, is 10 years old . In addition to the convenience of accessing an infinite music library on the move and playing through playlists, Spotify has opened the great debate on the just compensation to the artists, with controversies and defections such as the strenuous one of Prince until he was alive.

The company actually was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, the platform was developed and launched two years later. In the United States it arrived in 2011, in Italy in 2013. The intuition of Spotify was to take inspiration from the piracy and the Napster phenomenon, but to make the music legally accessible thanks to agreements with record companies. In short, he emphasized the importance of the concept of access against the concept of possession, always legal, brought forward by iTunes instead. And a series of competitors such as Deezer, YouTube Music and Amazon Music were born, while Apple with its music service is fighting hard, especially in the United States. Spotify currently has a community of 180 million users, of which 83 million pay a subscription, is present in 65 markets and has been listed on Wall Street for a few months. The method of listening in streaming has disrupted the music industry becoming a driving force for the growth of the sector which was given up for dead with only CDs. In Italy the hit parades also take into account artists’ paid streams. And the music streaming mode has also opened the doors to video streaming, another hen with the golden eggs of the big names in technology and more. Just mention Netflix. And the music streaming mode has also opened the doors to video streaming, another hen with the golden eggs of the big names in technology and more. Just mention Netflix. And the music streaming mode has also opened the doors to video streaming, another hen with the golden eggs of the big names in technology and more. Just mention Netflix.
Spotify therefore offered musicians another chance to make money and also played the talent scout for the less famous ones. But not without controversy. For years, in fact, there has been a debate on the final compensation that comes to the artists for each song or disc put on streaming, judged to be too low.

Controversy carried out by Thom Yorke of Radiohead (in alternate phases he then laid down his arms) and by Prince . The Minneapolis goblin was the most obstinate in rejecting Spotify and other forms of disclosure of its music on the Internet, a stubbornness sent off by its heirs.

Another critique of the critics is the algorithm that chooses the songs for us, even for some types of playlists. A comfortable way of fruition, but judged passive. “There are debates on the earnings of musicians and on which artists they choose to promote but the free and total access of Spotify essentially makes the platform utopian”, observes the Guardian in the article with the emblematic title: “Ten years of Spotify have ruined music? “.

MiddleGame Ventures is a boost for fintech in Europe and North America

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MiddleGame Ventures (MGV) , a company specializing in investments in the fintech world, has announced that it has collected a new fund focusing on the main post-seed investments, series A and B, in Europe and North America.

As reported by an ANSA statement, MGV’s Venture Fund 1 has therefore reached its first closure, with a final order target of 150 million euros. The investments will be finalized in B2B and B2C startups, startups, in order to carry out the transformation of financial services from analog to digital, and from centralized to decentralized.

Pascal Bouvier , co-founder of MGV together with Michael Meyer and Patrick Pinschmidt, said he was pleased to have new capital from major investors, to support large companies in Europe and the United States are experiencing a period of transformation, and to be able to launch a highly focused fund. “Our investors agree that specialized funds with entrepreneurs, financial institutions and regulatory authorities are best suited to thrive in an environment characterized by crossed financial and technological currents and significant regulatory constraints,” said Bouvier.

We recall that in the last decade the MGV partners have invested over 300 million dollars in early stage financial services companies, including Ripple, Tandem Bank, SimpleSurance, Coverhound and CompareAsia. The new MGV fund has already made three representative investments in Nivaura, Railsbank and Gardenia Technologies.

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Other related industry news. After the introduction of the routines in the alarm clock , Google now adds another piece to ensure that every morning we get up in time from the bed: the alarms selected by YouTube Music or Spotify .

The new option is present in the Google clock, and as you can see from the screenshots below it is really simple to use. Instead of just the default set of ringtones, there are now two additional tabs through which you can choose the melody from YouTube Music (but only if you are a Premium user ) or from Spotify (in this case you don’t need to be a subscriber).

Musicians , producers and songwriters are lining up against Spotify and Amazon ‘s plans to ” sue the songwriters ” for the increase in streaming royalties . But indignation stems from misinformation: Spotify and Amazon are technically not suing songwriters, they are trying to appeal to last year ‘s Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decision to try to raise their rates by 44% over the next five years, as reported by Variety .

The CRB ruling , signed in January last year, which was sided by the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and the Nashville Songwriters Association International , was just published in February and opened up the opportunity for companies to appeal the decision with a 30 day time window . Now, Spotify , Google , Pandora and Amazon have all appealed.

All the result of a misunderstanding?
While the four technology giants plan to fight the sentence, Apple Music is the only streaming service that will not appeal. In a statement released on the appeal, NMPA president David Israelite praised Apple Music for ” continuing to be friends with songwriters” , but blew away Spotify and Amazon for their decision to ” sue the songwriters in a shameful attempt to cut their payments by almost a third. ”

It is not known whether the NMPA declaration was released before David knew that Google and Pandora were planning to file an appeal, as it does not mention the latter. But David’s quote also made music publications credible, sparking outrage among the artists against the two companies on Twitter.

Malaking Kompanya Nagpasalamat Kay Maine Mendoza Sa Malaking Tulong

You can really tell na malaki ang naitulong mo sa kompanya kung ikaw ay kukunin muli sa iyong serbisyo. Yan ang nangyari kay Maine Mendoza who once again is the face of Vivo for the launch of their new smartphone VIVO V17 PRO.

Ang nangungunang pandaigdigang kumpanya ng teknolohiya, si Vivo, ay nagbukas ng pangalawang set na midrange na smartphone para sa taon sa pamamagitan ng isang kaganapan na nagpapagana sa mga panauhin upang matuklasan at makaranas ng mga makabagong teknolohiya na nagbibigay-daan sa kanila na kumuka ng mga magagaling na larawan.

Sa pangunguna ni Vivo Philippines Vice President for Channel Sales, Hazel Bascon, at mga kilalang tao tulad ng TV at pelikula na artista na si Maine Mendoza, ang grand launch ng Vivo V17 Pro ay ginanap sa Shangri-La Hotel sa The Fort sa Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

V17 Pro na Knight Black at Crystal White ang iprinisinta.

Ang modelo at aktres na si Chienna Filomeno ay sumayaw sa medley ng Don’t Call Me, Taki-Taki at Señorita upang buksan ang kaganapan at pagbuo ng paghihintay para sa malaking paghahayag ng V17 Pro.

Ang Vivo Philippines Trade Marketing Supervisor, si Jomarie Morales ay nag-uusap tungkol sa mga pangunahing tampok ng Vivo V17 Pro, kasama ang pangkalahatang disenyo nito at hindi pa nakaraan na hanay ng 6 na mga camera. Ang bantog na litratista, si Xander Angeles, ay nagbahagi kung paano niya ginagamit ang iba’t ibang lente ng smartphone habang ipinapakita ang ilang mga imahe na kanyang nakuha.

Ang pinakatampok ng engrandeng paglulunsad ay ang pag-unlite ng kauna-unahang lokal na TVC ng smartphone, presyo ng tingi at mga detalye ng pre-order na nagbubunyag ng P21,999 na tag ng presyo sa pinakabagong midrange.

About the phone

Vivo V17 Pro is the new mid-range smartphone from the Chinese company announced in recent hours in India. With the official presentation it is possible to confirm the list of technical specifications and the aesthetics of the terminal several times anticipated in recent weeks . One technical solution stands out until now: it is in fact the first smartphone with a dual front popup camera .

As stated, V17 Pro is in fact equipped with a display with 6.44-inch Super AMOLED technology and FHD + resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC , 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The multimedia sector is worthy of attention, composed of 6 cameras : a rear camera with 48 + 8 + 13 + 2MP and the aforementioned double front with retractable mechanism and 32 + 8MP sensors, combined respectively with wide and ultra-wide optics. -wide (105 °).

The remaining hardware features include a 4,100 mAh battery with 18W Dual-Engine fast charge and a sensor for fingerprint recognition below the display.

6.44 “Super AMOLED display with FHD + resolution (2400 × 1080 pixels) in a 20: 9 ratio
SoC Octa-Core Snapdragon 675 with 11nm production process
Adreno 612 GPU
8GB of RAM memory
128GB of storage
Quadruple rear camera with 48 + 8 + 13 + 2MP (main f / 1.78 + ultra-wide f / 2.2 with Super Macro up to 2.5cm + Telephoto with 2x optical zoom and 10x digital f / 2.5 apertures + f / 2.4 depth)
Double front 32 + 8MP camera (f / 2.0 + f / 2.2)
Integrated fingerprint sensor on the display
Android 9.0 (Pie) operating system with Funtouch OS 9 software customization
3.5 mm audio jack, FM Radio
Connectivity: Dual 4G VoLTE, dual-band 802.11 ac WiFi, Bluetooth 5, GPS / GLONASS, USB Type-C
4.100mAh battery with 18W Dual-Engine fast charge

Congratulations Maine Mendoza International Achievement Na Naman Ang Nakuha

Maine Mendoza has another feather in the cap dahil kamakailan lang ay inannounce na nga ang multiple, yes multiple hindi lang isa kundi multiple international block screenings for IsaPa.

The playdates are October 17 in Papua New Guinea, October 18 for Saipan, October 24 for Middle East, October 25 for US and Canada, Oct 26 for UK, October 31 for Australia and New Zealand, and November 3 for Norway.


Sobrang proud ni Maine sa masterpiece nila ni Carlo Aquino because this is a such a quality film, not hindi lang puro pampakilig but with important lessons.

Recently ay Maine shared her experience working with Carlo Aquino, kasi meron pinakita na weird actions si Carlo during their shooting.

Related video

Tinalakay ni Maine Mendoza ang kakaibang pag-uugali ni Carlo Aquino habang kinukunan ang kanilang pelikula

Ayon kay Maine, naisip ng kawani na si Carlo ay nahaharap sa mga personal na problema sa paggawa ng pelikula dahil hindi nila ito makausap minsan

Gayunman, ipinaliwanag ni Maine na kumilos si Carlo nang ganoon dahil siya ay nag iinternalize ng mga eksena.

Ayon kay Maine, akala niila ay malubha at malungkot si Carlo habang nagtatrabaho sa proyekto. May mga oras din na naisip ng cast at crew na si Carlo ay nahaharap sa mga personal na problema dahil hindi nila ito makausap.

Gayunman, ipinaliwanag ni Maine na ganoon ang gawi ni Carlo habang nagpe prepare sa kanilang scenes..

“What surprised me most about Carlo was that there were times when he has to internalize scenes.

“I feel like we all needed it but not expecting from him because he has been in the business for so long.

“We really thought he is going through something tough because we really cant talk to him sometimes on the set.

“I was surprised that there was a time when we couldn’t really talk to him. We thought he had a problem.

“Turns out, he’s just preparing for the scene,”

Si Maine Mendoza, o si Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza sa totoong buhay, ay isang tanyag na Filipina showbiz personality. Nakakuha siya ng katanyagan pagkatapos ng kanyang mga “dubsmash” na video ay nag-viral sa online.

Maine Mendoza May Pasabog Sa Pagbisita Ng Programa Ni Boy Abunda

Rebelasyon Ni Maine Mendoza Sa Show Ni Boy Abunda Alamin

Ngayong gabi na October 7 ang pinakahihintay ng lahat, ang pagbisita ni Maine Mendoza sa Tonight With Boy Abunda show kasama si Carlo Aquino.

Isa ito sa mga inaabangan ng fans dahil gusto nilang makita ang phenomenal star sa nasabing programa ng ABS.

Inaabangan din nila ang mga pasabog na katotohanan tungkol sa buhay ng dalaga.

Isa na rito ang estado ng puso ni Menggay at kung mapapaamin ba siya sa isang Boy Abunda.

Iilan na ang nagsabing super nakakakilig raw ang mga rebelasyon ni Maine.

Kasama na rito ang pagsagot ng dalaga sa ilang katanungan ng fans niya na hinimayhimay ng programa para maitanong sa kanya.

Kaya ngayon pa lang ay nakahanda na ang lahat para dito.

Maitanong kaya ni Tito Boy ang tungkol kay Alden Richards at Arjo Atayde?

Ang pagbisita ng Box Office Queen sa nasabing programa ay parte sa promosyon ng pelikula nila Carlo.

Ang Isa Pa With Feelings movie ay mapapanood na ngayong Oktubre 16 sa lahat ng sinehan.

Maine Mendoza Binonggahan ang Career Sa Bagong Nakuhang Contrata

Maine Mendoza continues to be the country’s top most influential celebrity endorser. At patunay diyan ang sunud-sunod na mga offers and endorsements. Mind you hindi lang local kundi international.

Opisyal na inihayag ni Vivo si Maine Mendoza bilang pinakabagong ambasador, kasama ang isang bagong teaser ng paparating na V17 Pro.

Sa isang video screengrab mula sa account sa YouTube, ang phenomenal star ay makikitang nakahawak sa bagong phone na Vivo V17 Pro.

View the list of Maine Mendoza Endorsements below

Plano ng Vivo Philippines na i-highlight si Maine bilang pinakabagong ambassador hindi lamang sa pamamagitan ng pagtaguyod ng bagong telepono kundi pati na rin ang masayang brand sa Vivo at mga tagahanga nito. Makikita si Maine sa mga sa mga videos na nakumpleto ang wacky fan-tweet ng 17-segundong mga hamon tulad ng pagkain ng polvoron habang binabanggit ang alpabeto, o pinupuno ang mga marshmallow sa kanyang bibig. Panoorin ang higit pang mga video habang ipinapakita ang mga ito sa mga social media channel ng Vivo sa mga darating na araw.

Suggested video by YouTube (Pinashowbiz News Ngayon)

Narito ang ilan pang details for the new smartphone of Vivo.

The 2019 is a year dedicated to the search for novelties regarding the front camera, one of the options that probably had more positive feedback from the users is the pop-up camera , which companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi have implemented in their own leading smartphone.

This type of technology however requires a lot of space in the body of the smartphone, so it is complicated to see a double front camera with a pop-up implementation, but as they say: never say never. In fact, Vivo has in mind to propose a dual pop-up photographic sensor with its future smartphone, this is the Vivo V17 Pro which could therefore have the primacy of the double pop-up sensor. The camera will therefore allow you to implement a display without holes or notches and, unlike as we saw on OnePlus and Xiaomi, it will be centered.

However, the leaked image does not show the entire smartphone and therefore we cannot give the kind of cameras that will be implemented, let alone the rear sensors; experts however assume a configuration with 3 or even 4 sensors. This suggests that it is a smartphone mainly focused on the photo department and therefore wants to carve out its own space between camera phones.

Even Vivo Nex 3 could implement a pop-up technology of this size, but it will probably have a sensor of another type than the Vivo V17 Pro. If so, as anticipated, the Vivo V17 Pro would become the first device with two objectives in a pop-up system . The leaked Vivo V17 Pro could be presented at the end of this month, but probably there will not be a global version.