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[iOS] iPhone mobile radio station App, Radio.tw allows you to listen to Taiwan Radio FM online for free

Still wondering how to make the iPhone directly receive radio stations in Taiwan? In fact, you don’t need to buy other plug-ins or change your mobile phone. You can listen to Internet radio as long as you have an Internet connection on your iPhone or iPad. Many of the current radio apps have their own characteristics, but today I’m going to introduce this “Radio” “.tw-Online Taiwan Radio FM” allows you to instantly listen to Taiwan’s local radio stations and Apple Line stations. It also supports iPhone X resolution, automatic timer countdown, Apple Watch, background playback and other functions.

Radio.tw-Online listening to Taiwan Radio FM App The biggest feature is that you can listen to it immediately when you open it. It really does not need to wait for seconds to open, and it supports radio stations including UFO UFO radio, Hit FM, Kiss Radio, Apple Line, Pop Radio , ICRT, Philharmonic, China Radio and other well-known radio stations. You can also click “i” to learn about the current program information, so that we can know when there will be special broadcast programs.

In addition, background playback is also supported. Even if you launch the App and return to the main screen or enter the standby mode, you can still play and broadcast.

If some stations are frequently listened to, you can “long press” the station name and it will be automatically added to the favorite list and placed at the top.

In addition, you can turn on the timer switch in the settings, and automatically stop playing the radio station after a few minutes of customizing, which is very suitable for users who like to listen to music before going to bed.

In addition, widgets are also supported, and the favorites list can be played directly from the widget.

In the settings in the lower right corner, there are also past playback history, alarm clock, automatic playback, and notification center. If you feel that the advertisement is a bit annoying, you may click to remove the advertisement and it can be removed at a cost of 90 yuan. By the way, sponsor the author to launch such a high-quality App.

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Radio Directory App FM-World Radio Launches to Help Owners Promote Their Internet Radio

Radio is an ancient medium , on this there are no discussions. And as such, in the perspective of constant progress, it should be dead and buried by what came later. Instead, never as in recent years has proved a channel of communication alive and effective . Surely more than the “younger sister”, the generalist TV that has represented its evolution and that should have relegated the radio into oblivion.

The faithful followers and fans are not lacking and certainly if the best passes the TV now undermined by the streaming . Those who love to listen to the radio nowadays, however, must often rely on a special device, when it is far from the car, because the new technologies in smartphones and tablets rarely include support for FM radio .

If you want to use your phone, however, there are several alternative solutions : you can download podcasts of your favorite broadcast or visit the website of the broadcaster and listen to live. Both these possibilities, however, have obvious limitations, unlike apps like FM-World Radio .

The app turns your smartphone / tablet into a real digital radio
The application is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone , it does not contain advertising , and allows you to listen not all, but many FM stations using the data connection in 4G or via Wi-Fi (the developer promises a low consumption of data ). The stations available according to geolocation are organized in a simple grid with logos or can be searched by frequency for each region and province.

During listening, in some cases the name of the current program or musician and title of the song being played is also shown , depending on the compatibility with the broadcaster. The various channels can be saved as favorites and in this case they are positioned at the top of the list to be always at hand.

The most curious can also explore the frequencies assigned to a given station for each location in which it is present. A function that will come back to those who are used to falling asleep with the radio in their ears is the auto – switch off , programmable even if unfortunately only with pre – established intervals of 1, 10 and 15 minutes .

The application in general has a simple and intuitive interface and contains, in addition to the settings – really reduced to the bone – a section with news from the radio world. Listening can also be done via a speaker connected in Bluetooth or by connecting to the car radio with AirPlay , in any case continuous playback in the background while using other applications. Finally, if you notice the absence of a radio station, you can report to the development team using the integrated function directly in the app.

Download for free – FM-World Radio App


Nonstop Music On Internet Radio Stations

At the point when something great worn and well known slams into something new and developing a considerable measure of progressive things can happen. Also, that is decisively what’s happening as radio comes into contact with the web and is definitely rebuilt.

Radio on the web shows in an organization called gushing which implies that you don’t need to download or spare any records and the sound plays as it is gotten over the web. It can be the spilling administration of a radio station that typically telecasts over the wireless transmissions and you hear the station complete with music, declarations, news, and promoting. The other sort is a radio station that telecasts just on the web.

To locate a radio station to listen to on your PC or cell phone you could go to Google and begin looking. Be that as it may, it’s much less demanding on the off chance that you download an application or visit a particular site on your PC. The RadioTower webpage (http://radiotower.com) has the connections to more than 6000 free web radio stations though TuneIn Radio (http://tunein.com) brags more than 100,000 stations spilling over the web and you can look by nation, kind, dialect or scan through the classes.

You’ll likewise discover a lot of free or ease applications for tablets and cell phones at the Apple App Store or Google Play that are a radio sweetheart’s blessing from heaven. I’ve downloaded a few including the TuneIn Radio application which has superb arrangements of radio stations or you can hunt and see what you get. My rundown of top picks incorporates Venice Classic Radio which streams established music throughout the day without ads. The verging on compulsory application in Canada is CBC Music which has 50 business free spilling music stations and I likewise like the CBC Radio application which gives me a chance to listen to CBC radio from anyplace on the planet and spare radio show podcasts for listening when I’m logged off.

In any case, it shows signs of improvement. Onrad.io, and observe the strange spelling, is a site (http://onrad.io) and an application for your tablet or cell phone which is basically splendid. Look for a tune, craftsman, or tune and you’ll see a rundown of radio stations far and wide that are playing the choice comfortable minute. Click on the connection to listen and afterward scan for another melody or listen to what is playing next.

The web is additionally re-characterizing the entire idea of a radio station. Various online administrations will permit you to scan types and listen to melodies or tunes in pre-chosen playlists for nothing, much like the radio applications. Notwithstanding, for about $10 every month you’ll have the capacity to make altered playlists of what you need to listen, have entry on a few gadgets, and download music to listen to when you’re not on the web, for example, on a plane.

You can discover a rundown of the different gushing administrations accessible in Canada at Music Canada (http://musiccanada.com/computerized music) in spite of the fact that the choice is continually evolving. Rdio, which was exceptionally well known, was obtained by Pandora and close down, despite the fact that Pandora is not accessible in Canada.

I’ve attempted a few administrations yet return to Spotify (www.spotify.com) which cases to have 20 million melodies playable on cell phones or a PC. It’s free administration is awesome and in the various classifications of kinds and states of mind you’ll discover entrancing playlists including The Beatles, and music for voyaging or nodding off. The Word class has book recordings, contemplation, dialect lessons, unnerving stories, radio wrongdoing dramatizations, without any end in sight.

The one drawback is transmission capacity. Listening to gushing radio or music for three hours for each day could utilize very nearly 3 gigabytes of information for every month. This is insignificant on a wi-fi association, yet will pile on some costly additional expenses in the event that you just have a 200 megabyte information limit on your phone arrangement. Check your telephone’s information restricts and alter your listening in like manner or, if accessible, download music from the gushing source, for example, Spotify when you’re associated with wi-fi so you can listen on your cell phone later without utilizing your information arrangement.


Nimaxy Updates Internet Radio Stations Android App

A one-man studio of an internet radio station
A one-man studio of an internet radio station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nimaxy Studio announced the relaunch of an Android radio app, Internet Radio Stations, update of which is now available to all users who want to explore the different music genres and to have them all in one app. As it was the case with the previous version, updated version of Internet Radio Stations App can be found on Google Play Store for free.

If you want to relax with the music of different genres, this radio for android is addressed to you. This free app allows you to enjoy countless hours of hits and popular songs wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live radio comes with the diversity of stations available on the web from different genres such as Jazz, Rock, House, so you are sure to find something that is quite to your taste.

This fm and am radio is a collection of the best channels on the internet and it is the collection of free music online. As far as genres of music are concerned, in this app you will find Hip Hop, Latino, Dubstep etc. Whatever is that you prefer, you will find it in Internet Radio app.

To download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nimaxy.internetradiostations

Google And Apple Struggle To Be King of Internet Radio

Internet Radio
Internet Radio

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) launched its haphazardly named streaming radio service, Google Play Music All Access, in May for a $10 a month subscription price. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) launched its free iTunes Radio in September, although the service requires a $25 annual subscription to iTunes Match. While iTunes Radio has gotten a fair amount of traction, Google Play Music All Access has not, and a rumored introduction of a YouTube-branded radio and video service probably spells the end of the ill-named service

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Sirius XM CEO: Music Not Designed To Be Listened To With Commercials

English: Jordan Harbinger hosting "Game O...
English: Jordan Harbinger hosting “Game On” On Sirius XM Satellite Radio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was the statement of Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius XM.

During the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference earlier this week, Karmazin said traditional radio should do something and invest in technology and programming.

“Ten years ago radio revenue was $20 billion and satellite and Internet radio were zero. Today, radio is a 14-15 billion dollar market, Satellite radio gets $3.4 billion, and Internet radio gets between a half and one billion. In the future, terrestrial radio’s share will go down and satellite and Internet radio will go up.” Continue reading Sirius XM CEO: Music Not Designed To Be Listened To With Commercials

Traditional Radio Advertisers Migrate to Pandora


In a recent report released by Edison Research, traditional radio advertisers were channeling their budgets to Pandora as their preferred media.

The recent report published this week revealed that the internet radio service has become major radio markets targeted to listeners aged 18 to 34 years old.

“We’re seeing a growing wave of local advertisers shifting their terrestrial broadcast budgets to internet radio”, says Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora.

He further revealed that advertisers like hotels, car dealers, supermarkets, real estate dealers and universities are switching to Pandora for advertising.

Top 6 Things That Pandora Cannot Do, Click Here

View full report here http://www.sacbee.com/2011/09/27/3942994/pandora-releases-latest-local.html

What Is The Most Listened To Internet Radio Content?

Internet Radio

The advertising revenue for internet radio increased 21% in 2011 against revenues in 2010. This, according to a new report by the IAB or Interactive Advertising Bureau. But which internet radio content do advertisers pour in most of their money?

The IAB data mentioned Edison Research and Arbitron as sources for its report and revealed that 89 million web users have been tuning in to internet radio.

A bulk of the advertising spending came from the major businesses such as automakers, restaurants and retailers.

Mobile online radio listening has now become an increasing trend, says IAB, with 45% of listeners tuned in using smart phones.

Music, talks and sports are the primary formats. What Is The Most Listened To Internet Radio Content? Click here

Top Ten Internet Radio Announced


Internet-Radio.org.uk, a leading internet radio hosting services from the UK. Recently, the company introduce a new feature highlighting the top 10  internet radio stations based on listenership.

Here is their top 10 list of popular radio stations for January 2011 :

1. Maxdance.Co.Uk (Internet Radio) 128kbps
2. Nirvana Radio – Music for Meditation and Relaxation
3. Narukami Records Radio
4. Powermix Fm
5. Ukvibes.Net
6. Chillout Dreams
7. Dublins Abc (94fm)
8. Dubthugz Radio
9. Shakedown Fm

“We would like to congratulate the top 10 radio stations. This is a new feature we are thinking of doing each month. The information is gathered from our database of tune-in requests for each station. We are interested to know what you think of this and wether we should continue and post one each month ?” — Internet Radio

Asked about how they choose the list, here is what the company replied:

“Our radio stations have been chosen by the number of tune-in’s on our site. We are planning on tweaking this in the future to include more variables. We will announce the methods with the months Top 10 lists to clarify where the data comes from.”

For more information about the list, go to http://forum.internet-radio.org.uk/news/1120-top-10-radio-stations-january-2011-a.html