Top Ten Internet Radio Announced, a leading internet radio hosting services from the UK. Recently, the company introduce a new feature highlighting the top 10  internet radio stations based on listenership.

Here is their top 10 list of popular radio stations for January 2011 :

1. Maxdance.Co.Uk (Internet Radio) 128kbps
2. Nirvana Radio – Music for Meditation and Relaxation
3. Narukami Records Radio
4. Powermix Fm
5. Ukvibes.Net
6. Chillout Dreams
7. Dublins Abc (94fm)
8. Dubthugz Radio
9. Shakedown Fm

“We would like to congratulate the top 10 radio stations. This is a new feature we are thinking of doing each month. The information is gathered from our database of tune-in requests for each station. We are interested to know what you think of this and wether we should continue and post one each month ?” — Internet Radio

Asked about how they choose the list, here is what the company replied:

“Our radio stations have been chosen by the number of tune-in’s on our site. We are planning on tweaking this in the future to include more variables. We will announce the methods with the months Top 10 lists to clarify where the data comes from.”

For more information about the list, go to

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Internet Radio Announced”

  1. Hello master hans birthday ko January 22 1999 ano po lagay nang lovelife ko tska mga mang yayari saken ngayon taon
    Replaaay po master nakikinig po ako


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