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Radio Directory App FM-World Radio Launches to Help Owners Promote Their Internet Radio

Radio is an ancient medium , on this there are no discussions. And as such, in the perspective of constant progress, it should be dead and buried by what came later. Instead, never as in recent years has proved a channel of communication alive and effective . Surely more than the “younger sister”, the generalist TV that has represented its evolution and that should have relegated the radio into oblivion.

The faithful followers and fans are not lacking and certainly if the best passes the TV now undermined by the streaming . Those who love to listen to the radio nowadays, however, must often rely on a special device, when it is far from the car, because the new technologies in smartphones and tablets rarely include support for FM radio .

If you want to use your phone, however, there are several alternative solutions : you can download podcasts of your favorite broadcast or visit the website of the broadcaster and listen to live. Both these possibilities, however, have obvious limitations, unlike apps like FM-World Radio .

The app turns your smartphone / tablet into a real digital radio
The application is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone , it does not contain advertising , and allows you to listen not all, but many FM stations using the data connection in 4G or via Wi-Fi (the developer promises a low consumption of data ). The stations available according to geolocation are organized in a simple grid with logos or can be searched by frequency for each region and province.

During listening, in some cases the name of the current program or musician and title of the song being played is also shown , depending on the compatibility with the broadcaster. The various channels can be saved as favorites and in this case they are positioned at the top of the list to be always at hand.

The most curious can also explore the frequencies assigned to a given station for each location in which it is present. A function that will come back to those who are used to falling asleep with the radio in their ears is the auto – switch off , programmable even if unfortunately only with pre – established intervals of 1, 10 and 15 minutes .

The application in general has a simple and intuitive interface and contains, in addition to the settings – really reduced to the bone – a section with news from the radio world. Listening can also be done via a speaker connected in Bluetooth or by connecting to the car radio with AirPlay , in any case continuous playback in the background while using other applications. Finally, if you notice the absence of a radio station, you can report to the development team using the integrated function directly in the app.

Download for free – FM-World Radio App